Miner-Co.in Review – MINING SCAM!

OFFICIAL SCAM URL: miner-co.in

Miner-Co.in claims to be one of the world’s best Bitcoin and cryptocurrency cloud mining systems out there. According to the site, investors can earn some big time money by investing money with this particular cloud miner. Yes, Bitcoin and crypto mining can be quite profitable, but it needs to be done right.

The problem we have with the Miner-Co.in crypto miner is that the website is totally void of any and all information.

From what we can see, this appears to be one of the very worst websites of all time, with nearly no effort put into its design. This complete lack of useful or truthful information is a serious red flag, one which indicates that something shady and illegal is going on here. There is a reason why we are here doing this Miner-Co.in scam review, and it is definitely not because we are confident in it!


A Horrible Website

The first thing which came to our attention here is that the Miner-Co.in website itself is completely ridiculous. We say this because if you take a look at the site, you will see, well, more or less nothing at all. There is literally no useful information on the site, barely any info at all for that matter.

In terms of pure word count, this site has just a couple hundred words on the entire thing! It really looks like absolutely no effort at all was put into making this site. It looks like a 5 year old child used a free web design service to put together the world’s worst site. This definitely does not inspire any confidence whatsoever.


Miner-Co.in Cloud Miner – Leadership and Company Information

The next red flag which came to our attention about this Miner-Co.in crypto cloud miner is how there is no information about company ownership or leadership. Whoever is in charge here has decided to remain completely hidden from sight. This is what we like to call a faceless and anonymous scam. Unless there is something illegal going on here, there is no other reason for the people in charge to remain anonymous.

Moreover, it also came to our attention that this Miner-Co.in miner does not have any sort of listed address, a country of origin, a phone number, or an email address. There is just absolutely no contact or location information whatsoever. It is totally obvious that these criminals do not want us finding out who they are. Such a lack of information a complete lack of transparency is always indicative of a scam.

What also stands out here is that there is absolutely no info present about the mining software or hardware. There is no mention of hash rates, what the hardware is like, or where these cryptocurrency mining farms are, just nothing at all. This is another huge red flag which indicates that something shady is in the works here.


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Miner-Co.in Crypto Miner – Registration & Licensing

Ok, so this is technically supposed to be a financial investment company which provides financial services and invests money into crypto mining on your behalf. Companies like this need to be properly licensed by some sort of regulatory agency, such as the FCA.

However, there is not a single financial watchdog or licensing agency which has even granted the Miner-Co.in system to provide people with any sort of investment services. Moreover, from what we can tell, this “company”, if you can call it that, is also not registered in any country whatsoever.

This is a very bad sign of course. Not being registered as a company or licensed to perform investment services means that this Miner-Co.in crypto miner is operating illegally and without any kind of authorization.

Miner-Co.in Scam – No Account or ROI Information

One of the most suspicious aspects of this Miner-Co.in Bitcoin miner is that it does not provide any information about accounts, ROIs, or anything else of the sort. From what we can see, these crooks expect people to just send them BTC or money without any info at all.

There is no info about the minimal deposit amount, the withdrawal amounts, or about the ROI which the Miner-Co.in miner can provide. There is just nothing at all. How could we ever trust this cloud miner to produce profits when they won’t provide us with any info of what those profits might look like?

Payouts – FAKE!

The Miner-Co.in website displays dozens of alleged payouts which this cloud mining operation has provided its investors with. However, the problem here is that there is just no way to confirm that this is true. These are just random account numbers which are probably fake.

Moreover, we have received several complaints about it so far. From what we have gathered, not a single person has ever been able to withdraw any sort of money from Miner-Co.in. People invest money and then it disappears in front of their very eyes, it’s as simple as that.

Miner-Co.in Referral Program

The other thing which came to our attention about the Miner-Co.in scam is that there is also a bogus referral program in place. Apparently, there is a competition here, and whoever successfully refers the most people to invest money with the Miner-Co.in system will receive an Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max as a reward. People, this is undoubtedly a lie. It’s just an easy way for these crooks to lure in more scam victims by getting current victims to do the heavy lifting. It’s just another lie!


Miner-Co.in Scam Review – The Verdict

The bottom line here is that the Miner-Co.in crypto mining system is undoubtedly a scam, a pyramid scheme, and just a complete rip off in general. The only purpose it visibly serves is to steal money from everybody and anybody who is unfortunate enough to invest money with it. Please folks, whatever you do, stay away from this Bitcoin cloud mining scam!


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