Intel Mining Scam Review


Intel Mining claims to be a high yielding Bitcoin cloud miner that can put thousands and thousands of dollars in your bank. Sure, the website itself,, looks legit enough, but this does not mean anything.

Yes, mining for Bitcoin can be profitable, but not as much as it used to be, and we suspect not nearly as much as these people claim.

If you take a closer look at the website, you will notice that there is actually not very much information present. Moreover, the info that is present seems to be extremely false and misleading.

We personally have received many complaints about the Intel Mining BTC miner, so we decided to open up an investigation into it. This is our Intel Mining review, and we are here to figure out whether or not this Bitcoin Cloud Miner is the real deal.

Intel Mining Scam Alert

Intel Mining Leadership

The first thing which came to our attention about the Intel Mining system is how there is no visible leadership to be found. There is not a single mention of who might own or lead this Bitcoin miner, and that is a problem.

This sort of lack of transparency definitely indicates that there is something shady and illegal going on here. Think about it, why else would the people behind this Bitcoin cloud miner purposely choose to stay hidden from sight? The only reason why the people behind such an operation would choose to remain anonymous is because they are doing something illegal.


Intel Mining Company Information

Something else that stands out about this Intel Mining BTC cloud miner has to do with the address and the company information. According to the website, this company is located in London, England. They even go so far as to provide a specific address, as well as a company registration document as well.

Well, we took a closer look at the address, and from what we can tell, it does not belong to this company. Now, there is no way to confirm that the address does not belong to them, but there is also no way to confirm that it does, which is a questionable aspect no doubt.

Next, these kinds of registration documents are very cheap to get and they don’t require a lot of information either. Therefore, whether or not this company is actually registered, legitimately so, is highly questionable to say the least. Simply put, in all likelihood, this Intel Mining company is not real, it’s not registered, and it certainly is not based in the UK either.

On a side note, there is also no real contact information listed on, not even so much as a phone number, which is very suspicious. Yes, there is an email address provided, but when we tried contacting these guys, nobody answered us back.


Intel Mining Licensing

What is 100% true about the Intel Mining company is that it is not licensed. This is allegedly a financial investment company, one which requires official licensing from the FCA to do what it is doing. Of course, the FCA has never heard of this fraudulent Bitcoin miner, and it therefore does not have a license. Thus, this Bitcoin mining system is totally illegal and unauthorized.


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Intel Mining Fund Security claims that the funds of investors are totally secure. However, we found absolutely no evidence which can confirm this to be true. As it seems, all funds which investors deposit go straight into a single bank account, and from what we can tell, there is absolutely no security in place.

Our best guess is that all money gets deposited straight into a private bank account, which the anonymous crooks drain on a regular basis. It just makes it a lot easier for these crooks to steal your money!


 Promised ROI

What is truly ridiculous about the Intel Mining operation is that the promised ROI is out of this world. It’s totally unrealistic. According to the official site, you can earn 1.8% in ROI per day, every single day, for 365 days. This would mean that you could earn nearly 700% ROI in a single year.

Folks, does this seem reasonable to you? It’s dedfinitely unrealistic, if not just downright impossible. Bitcoin mining used to be much more profitable, but not at this current time. Moreover, we also are not told what kind of hardware or software is being used to mine the BTC, and we also are not told where the mining farms are located either.

Intel Mining Scam Alert


Intel Mining Referral Program

There is an Intel Mining referral program in place here, one which claims to provide you with up to 7% in bonus commissions for referring others to invest with Sure, these crooks will also steal money from whoever you invest.

This much is true. It’s actually an easy way for these criminals to widen their casting net and catch even more scam victims, all by getting current investors to go out and find more victims. Of course, these referral bonuses are never paid out!

Intel Mining Scam Alert


 Payouts – Non-Existent

We have received dozens of complaints for angry and disgruntled scam victims so far. The story is always the same. People are denied their withdrawals and accounts are shut down. Nobody has every been able to withdraw any amount of money from the Intel Mining BTC cloud miner.


Intel Mining Review – Final Thoughts

The bottom line is that the Intel Mining Bitcoin cloud miner is indeed a scam. The leaders are nowhere to be found, the registration documents are questionable, and there is no licensing to speak of. Moreover, the proposed profits from this cloud miner are totally unrealistic and 100% bogus.

It’s just not possible to make this kind of money with a cloud miner, not to mention that these crooks never actually pay out any profits to their investors. This is just a massive rip off, nothing more than an exercise in highway robbery. People, whatever you do, please stay as far away from as humanly possible.


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