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GiroFX is allegedly one of the best brokers for Forex and CFD trading in the business at this time. This broker supposedly offers massive returns on investments with little or no fees, combined with massive deposit bonuses. Yes, for people who need an easy way to trade Forex and CFDs, this definitely looks like an attractive option.

However, the GiroFX broker is not all it is cracked up to be. While the website,, may look legit, the service which it provides is anything but. We did a lot of comprehensive research and we did come across a whole lot of red flags which indicate that something shady and illegal is going here. This is our GiroFX broker review, and we are here to keep you from being scammed!

GiroFX Scam

It’s Anonymous

One of the first and most telling scam factors that we came across here has to do with the leadership behind the GiroFX broker. Simply put, there is no visible leadership or company ownership whatsoever. This is what we like to call a faceless and anonymous scam broker.

Put it this way, if this were a legit Forex and CFD broker, the people behind it would not choose to purposely stay hidden from sight. The fact that whoever is behind does not want us knowing who they are is a big time indication that something shady and illegal is afoot here.


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GiroFX Company Information

Another red flag which stands out about is how the company information appears to be totally false. For one, we are told that the main office is located in Estonia, Europe. There is an address provided for the company. However, a quick Google Maps search revealed that while this address does technically exist on the map, it certainly does not belong to this scam broker. It’s a lie.

Moreover, we also did some research with the Estonian government and the business registry for this country. Of course, to no surprise to us at all, the GiroFX broker is not actually based or registered as an official company in Estonia whatsoever.

Also, there are a few different phone numbers listed on the website, numbers which clients are supposed to be able to call. Yes, we tried calling any and all phone numbers present, and of course, nobody ever picked up our calls. This is a clear indication that the GiroFX broker is not legit in the least. It’s not registered where it claims.

GiroFX Scam

No Licensing

One of the biggest scam factors that you need to know about here is that the GiroFX broker is in no way, shape, or form registered or licensed to perform any sort of financial investment services or activities. For one, we know for a fact that has not been licensed by a single financial regulatory or licensing agency in the world.

In no way are these crooks allowed to perform any sort of financial investment services. They have no authority to do so. Moreover, the GiroFX broker has already been blacklisted by 2 regulatory agencies, FINACOM and FI.


GiroFX Broker – Domain Insight

One of the claims made on the website is that this broker has been active for around 7 years now. This is an attempt to produce an air of legitimacy. A broker that has been open for 7 years has to be legit. However, the problem here is that this is just not true. As was found through a quick domain check, the website has only been up and running since January of 2020, this year, not 7 years ago. It’s nothing more than a lie.

GiroFX Accounts

Yet another scam factor that you need to know about when it comes to has to do with the trading accounts. There are three accounts to choose from here, with the lowest account featuring a minimum deposit of $25,000, and with the highest account featuring a minimum deposit of $150,000.

Yes, these are some serious numbers. The fact here is that the GiroFX broker claims to offer amazing services, including education, webinars, reviews, multiple asset trading, daily trading signals, and so much more.

They aim to trick people into thinking that they offer amazing services, which is why the minimum deposit are supposedly so high. The fact of the matter is that all trading accounts here are the same. They are all nothing more than empty shells, nothing but smoke and mirrors. If you deposit money with these crooks, no matter which account you go for, you are going to lose your money.

GiroFX Scam

Where Your Money Goes

One thing that is clear about this GiroFX scam broker is that your money is not safe. It does not go into secure or segregated accounts. When you deposit money for your account, you are actually depositing that money into a single account.

There is only one bank account into which everyone deposits their money. This account is owned by the anonymous criminal leading this scam. This means that your money is not secure in the least. It makes it very easy for the crooks running the show to steal your money.

GiroFX Broker – Withdrawals

The other telling factor here is that there are hundreds of scam victims who have contacted us about this GiroFX broker. These crooks claim that people can withdraw money whenever they want, but this is not the case at all. In fact, quite the opposite is the case. Not a single person has ever been able to withdraw money here. There is nothing to withdraw. The crooks behind this scam simply steal money from anybody and everybody that invests.

GiroFX Review – The Verdict

The bottom line here is that the GiroFX broker is indeed a scam. It’s nothing more than a rip off. The one and only purpose which this Forex and CFD broker serves is to steal money from its investors. Please folks, stay as far away from as humanly possible!


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