Cash Mining Scam Review – DANGER!


Cash Mining appears to be a very lucrative Bitcoin and altcoin cloud miner, one which can provide massive daily profits. Supposedly, investors can deposit some BTC, and will then receive a daily ROI for a full year, a very large daily ROI. By the end of the 1 year investment plan, investors should have multiplied their initial investment many times over.

Yes, the Cash Mining cloud miner definitely sounds like a great deal. After all, who doesn’t want to earn money simply by sitting around and waiting?

The unfortunate reality is that this Bitcoin cloud miner is not all it’s cracked up to be. Sure, the website makes some really grandiose claims, but whether or not they are true is highly questionable. We did a lot of digging around here, and what we found is not good. There’s a reason we are doing this Cash Mining review, and it’s not because we have any amount of confidence in it!

Cash Mining


The first thing which came to our attention about is how there is a complete lack of transparency. We searched far and wide to try and find the people who are leading this operation. However, we could not find a single mention of company ownership or leadership, not as much as a name or a face, just nothing.

This is a big red flag and it is very suspicious to say the least. This is what we like to call an anonymous and faceless scam. Think about it this way, if the Cash Mining BTC miner were the real deal, then the owners would have no problems letting us know who they are. This sort of total anonymity is always indicative that there is something shady in the works.


Cash Mining Company Details

The Cash Mining company details found on the website are all completely bogus. To start off, let’s talk about the contact details. On the site,, we are provided with an email address and a phone number to contact. So far so good.

However, it all quickly fell apart when we tried to contact these crooks. Nobody responded to our emails and nobody picked up the phone. This is not a good start.

Next, we are also told that this company is based in the UK, and we are even provided an address as well as company registration information. Well, for one, the address is not real. Ok, so technically, the address does exist on the map, but it does not belong to

Next, in terms of the registration document shown, as well as the company registration number, these are bogus, just made up out of thin air. This Cash Mining company is not based in the UK and it is definitely not registered with the UK Companies House.

Cash Mining


No Licensing is supposed to provide people from all over the world with financial investment services, in this case automated cloud mining of cryptocurrencies. Well, this means that it has to be licensed by several authorities worldwide, ones including the FCA and the SEC, among about a dozen other regulatory agencies too.

Without any sort of license, this company would be operating illegally. Well, once again, we searched far and wide, and we could not come up with any evidence that the Cash Mining crypto cloud miner is licensed in any way, shape, or form. In other words, this BTC cloud miner is not registered, it’s not regulated, it’s not licensed, and it has absolutely no right or authority to handle anybody’s money.


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Cash Mining Account Levels & Returns

What is also ridiculous about this Cash Mining scheme has to do with the various account levels and their respective returns. Let’s take a look at the highest account level. Here, we are told that for 0.71911947 BTC we can buy the best investment plan. That is roughly $6,618 USD.

We are also told that this investment package will generate a return of 0.004983 BTC ($46 USD) per day, or 0.14949 BTC ($1,376 USD) per month. These investment packages last for a full year, so if we do the math, the returns here would be roughly $16,512, minus the initial investment of $6,618, the final return would equal $9,894 USD.

Folks, these promises are totally ridiculous. Sure, cryptocurrency miners can be profitable, but not this profitable. There’s no way that Cash Mining can produce these kinds of returns. It’s just not possible in this day and age. It’s unrealistic and a downright lie. We aren’t even provided with any info about the mining process itself!

Cash Mining


Payouts & Withdrawals

What we do know for certain about is that they do not allow for payouts or withdrawals. Ok, so the website does feature a payouts section, with recent payouts to investors being displayed. However, there is no way to prove that these are real, but they are super easy to forge.

On that same note, we have talked to quite a few victims of this Cash Mining scam, and they all say the same thing. When people go to make a withdrawal, they are either met with an error message, or their accounts are shut down. Either way, not a single person has been able to make a withdrawal. This is all the proof we need to label as a scam.


Cash Mining Referral Program

Let’s not forget the bogus referral program, which promised up to 25% in bonus commissions when you refer others to invest. Folks, you won’t ever see that 25% in bonuses, or any other money for that matter. These criminals never let people withdraw money!

Moreover, the anonymous con artists behind this Cash Mining scam will steal money from whomever you refer. These referral systems are always great ways for criminals like this to widen their casting net and catch more victims.


Cash Mining Review – The Verdict

So, just to recap, the Cash Mining cloud miner is completely faceless and anonymous. All of the contact details provided are completely bogus. The company is not located or registered in the UK as is claimed on the site, not to mention that there’s no licensing so speak of either.

The promised returns are totally unrealistic, there’s a fake referral program in place, and there are no payouts to speak of. Folks, whatever you do, please stay as far away from the Cash Mining scam as humanly possible!


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