Bithouse Mining Option Scam Review


Bithouse Mining Option LTD claims to provide investors with up to $10,000 per week through Bitcoin mining and Forex trading. Sure, it definitely sounds like a great deal, but it also sounds way too good to be true. This is our Bithouse Mining Option review, and we are here to shut this malicious HYIP scam down once and for all.

Bithouse Mining Option


Bithouse Mining Option Leadership

First off, there is not a single mention of who might own or lead this Forex trading and Bitcoin mining operation. We have no idea who is in charge here. These people have clearly gone out of their way to ensure that we never find out who they are.

This sort of lack of transparency is always a strong indication that something shady is going on. Unless this Bithouse Mining Option HYIP is illegal, there is no other reason why these people would choose to stay hidden from sight.

We are also told that there are expert account managers which are in charge of investments. However, there is absolutely no information provided about who these account managers are or what their qualifications are.


Bithouse Mining Option Company Info & Registration

Something that also stands out about the Bithouse Mining Option investment system is how the company info just doesn’t add up. First off, we are provided with an email address and a phone number for contact.

However, when we tried calling, nobody picked up the phone, as well, nobody responded to our many emails either. This is not a good sign. Not being able to contact the people which will be in charge of our money is not good.

Next, this company claims to be registered and based in Northern Ireland, and the company this investment operation is allegedly owned by Bithouse Mining Option LTD. It claims to be registered under the company number 10125673. This is simply not true.

There is no real certificate present as proof, and this company is not registered in Northern Ireland at all, or in any other country for that matter. It’s all a bunch of lies and falsehoods.


Bithouse Mining Option Licensing

Seeing as Bithouse Mining Option LTD allegedly operates out of Northern Ireland, the UK, it is therefore required to be licensed by the FCA.

After all, any such investment company which provides any sort of financial investment services to clients, which is based out of the UK, is required by law to be licensed by the FCA. Of course, neither the FCA nor any of the other financial regulatory bodies has ever granted these crooks a license.

In other words, this whole operation is totally illegal and unauthorized. It simply has no business handling your money!


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Bithouse Mining Option Pop Up & Security

What came to our attention about this Bithouse Mining Option LTD scam right away is the pop-up that appears as soon as the site is opened. It says something like “funds should be deposited directly in Bithouse Mining Option’s wallet”.

Folks, these people want you to deposit your Bitcoins directly into their personal wallet. This indicates that there are not individual bank accounts for individual members, not even separate pools. It indicates that all funds get deposited into a single bank account, the account of whoever leads this scam.

This makes it much easier for the anonymous criminals running the show to steal your money. There are also several indications present on the website which say that there is a lot of security in place, such as the “Comodo Secure” logo, as well as several others.

People, there is absolutely no security here. This whole Forex trading and Bitcoin mining investment operation is designed specifically so that the owners can steal your money.

Bithouse Mining Option


Bithouse Mining Option Accounts & ROI

What also does not make sense about Bithouse Mining Option LTD has to do with the ridiculous profits which it alleges to provide investors with. At the very best account level, we are told that this investment system can provide us with a return of $10,000 in just 7 days, all with an investment of $1,000.

Folks, do you really think that any sort of Bitcoin mining or Forex trading can multiply your money by a factor of 10 in just 7 days. Heck, achieving these sorts of results is not possible to do in a full year, let alone in a single week. It just doesn’t make any sense. It’s a total lie. There is no way, not even in a frozen over hell, that Bithouse Mining Option LTD could ever produce these sorts of returns.


Bithouse Mining Option Payouts

The Bithouse Mining Option LTD website displays a bunch of alleged payouts which have already been made to current members. Well, simply put, these are bogus. There is absolutely no way to confirm that the alleged payouts displayed on the site are true or honest.

Moreover, we have personally communicated with well over a dozen scam victims which have had their money stolen from them. As far as we are concerned, if you invest any amount of money here, you will lose it all. People’s accounts just get shut down and funds disappear from one moment to the next.

It definitely appears as though the sole purpose which this Bithouse Mining Option HYIP serves is to steal money from everybody and anybody which is unfortunate enough to invest their hard earned money.

Bithouse Mining Option


Bithouse Mining Option User Testimonials

The final Bithouse Mining Option LTD scam factor that needs mentioning here has to do with the user testimonials. Just like everything else seen on the website, there are also totally fake. The people who are alleged users are nothing more than random stock images combined with fictitious names. These are not real users at all. This is nothing more than a dirty trick.

Bithouse Mining Option


Bithouse Mining Option Review – The Verdict

The only thing left to say about this scam is that you need to stay away from it. The only purpose it serves is to steal money from people. This is a Forex and cryptocurrency scam!


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