Trade5000 Review – SCAM BROKER?


The Trade5000 broker claims to be the best Forex and CFD broker in the world bar none. Well, we found plenty of red flags and scam factors, which is exactly what this Trade5000 review is all about!

Trade5000 Broker

Trade5000 Broker – Anonymous

One of the first scam factors which came to our attention has to do with the leadership and the owners of this broker. Well, to be precise, there is no visible ownership or leadership, just nothing at all. There is not a single mention of who might own or operate this broker, not as much as a face or a name. This is therefore what we like to call an anonymous and faceless Forex broker.

Folks, you should never trust anonymous brokers or trading system. There is always a good reason why the people behind brokers like this won’t tell you who they are. It’s because they are likely stealing money from people. Simply put, these crooks are remaining anonymous because they don’t want to end up in prison for defrauding you.


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Trade5000 Contact Information – Useless

The next red flag which popped up here has to do with the Trade5000 contact information. There are about 10 different phone numbers listed on the website, all for a variety of countries. Now, we tried calling these crooks, and yes, we tried each of the phone numbers listed.

Not a single one of those phone numbers led us to the Trade5000 support team, or anything to do with this broker at all. Simply put, the phone numbers are all totally bogus. Moreover, we also tried using the email address to contact these people, as well as the support chat too. We came up empty on both fronts. Nobody every responded at all.

Trade5000 Broker

Trade5000 Company Information, Location, & Licensing

Something which we are provided with on the website is a company address for the HQ. According to the site, this broker is owned by “International Payments 5000 LTD”, and this company is based in the European country of Estonia.

This led us to check with the official business registry of Estonia, and of course we came up empty. As far as we can tell, the International Payments 5000 LTD company is not actually registered in Estonia, or any other country for that matter.

On that same note, this is supposed to be a legit Forex broker. This means that it would have to be licensed by the required authorities. When it comes to European financial regulatory and licensing bodies, these include EFSA and MiFID, as well as CNMV, CONSOB. CySEC, FCA, and FINMA.

Not a single one of these bodies has ever issue the Trade5000 broker or the underlying company any sort of license. In other words, this whole operation is unregistered, unregulated, unlicensed, unauthorized, and illegal. It appears to be nothing more than one massive Forex scam broker.

Trade5000 Education – Bologna

Yet another scam factor we noticed in relation to the Trade5000 broker is the so called education offered on the website. At first glance, it does appear as though the trading and Forex education offered on the website is legit.

There does certainly seem to be a lot of it. However, as you might well be aware, quality and quantity are not the same things. Upon closer inspection of the educational material features on, we realized that it’s all a bunch of BS.

The vast majority of the content is copy and pasted from other sources, not even paraphrased either, just blatant plagiarism. Moreover, most of the content is even valuable in any way. You’d be better off learning Forex trading from an ice cream vendor rather than taking your chances with these dimwits.

Trade5000 Affiliates

Members of the Trade5000 broker are told that there is an affiliate program. Here, you can allegedly get your friends and family to sign up for an account, and you will then get a nice bonus for your efforts. What is suspicious here is that we are never told what the referral bonuses are. There is no information on this front, and that’s a huge problem.

Trade5000 Broker

Trade5000 Accounts & Welcome Bonus

When it comes to the Trade5000 broker accounts, something that stands out is how there are 5 different accounts, yet none of them say what the minimum deposit required for them is, nor do they tell us what the average ITM & ROI are for the respective accounts. This in itself is suspicious enough, but wait, there is more.

According to the accounts, if you sign up for any of the accounts, you will get a nice welcome bonus. This bonus depends on the account you go for and can range from a 30% bonus to a full 100% bonus.

People, do you really think that if you deposit $10,000 into a trading account, you are going to get another $10,000 for free? No, the answer is no, a resounding no! It’s just a massive lie meant to trick you into opening an account so these crooks can then drain the money out of it.

Trade5000 Broker

Trade5000 – No Security & All Losses

Ok, so the main point of a broker like this would be to allow you to trade securely, without risk of theft, and to make money. However, the exact opposite is the case here. Something we know for a fact is that there is only a single bank account for the whole Trade5000 broker. In other words, you are depositing money straight into a private bank account owned by one person.

Anybody who deposits money here deposits it into that same account. Folks, the scammer running the show simply empties your money out of the account as soon as you make a deposit. We have received complaints from numerous scam victims and the story is always the same. People make a deposit and it disappears into thin air within a matter of minutes.


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Trade5000 Scam Review – A Big Loss

The bottom line is that Trade5000 is a scam broker and nothing more. The one and only purpose it serves is to steal money from anybody it comes into contact with.



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