FX4LUX claims to be a legit and multi-market broker that can put massive profits in your pockets. Sure, it definitely sounds promising, but we did some research here and the indications are not good. All signs clearly indicate that this is a scam broker, which is what this FX4LUX scam review is all about.

FX4Lux Scam



The first scam factor that came to our attention here is how there is a total lack of transparency. We looked far and wide, but there is not a single mention of the people who own or lead this online brokerage.

There is not a single name, nothing whatsoever. This is therefore a totally faceless and anonymous trading system and broker. This total lack of transparency is a big problem. How could you ever trust your money with people when you don’t know who they are?

The fact of the matter is that these crooks are staying hidden from sight and it’s no mistake. It’s a clear indication that something fishy and illegal is going on here. These crooks don’t want us knowing who they are because they don’t want to end up in prison for defrauding you.


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FX4LUX Address & Contact Info – BOGUS!

Well, we cannot really say that the contact info for the FX4LUX broker is bogus. Quite simply, this is because there is no contact info listed. There is not a phone number, there is no email, and not even so much as a live chat feature. This lack of contact information is a big problem.

After all, if we expect these people to handle our money, we want to be able to contact them. This is a clear indication that there is a trading scam afoot here.

Moreover, in terms of the address, we are told that the HQ is located in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. However, when we looked the address up on maps, while it does technically exist, it does not belong to this FX4LUX broker. It’s just a lie meant to make this trading scam seem legit.


FX4LUX & Global Pegasus Limited – Company, Registration, & Licensing

The FX4LUX broker claims to be owned by a company named Global Pegasus LTD. Well, this company claims to be registered and based in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Now, we don’t doubt that it is registered in this country, but the issue is that this is a country that will let anybody and everybody register a company without any sort of checks or balances.

Simply put, this is a criminal safe haven where scammers and tax evaders come from far and wide to steer clear of the law. Being registered in St. Vincent and the Grenadines is totally meaningless, and if anything, also an indication that this FX4LUX broker is indeed a scam.

Moreover, this is supposed to be a broker, which means that it needs to be licensed by the proper authorities, such as the FCA, just to name one. Well, there is not a single licensing agency in the whole wide world which has ever heard of this FX4LUX broker, let alone actually granted it a license to be an official broker. What we meant to say here is that that FX4LUX is in no way, shape, or form a legitimate or legal broker.


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FX4LUX Accounts & Funding – NONSENSE!

The next thing which stands out about this FX4LUX broker is how the trading accounts do not disclose what the minimum required deposit is for each account. How can you be expected to invest money into a broker like this if they won’t tell you how much you need to invest? It just doesn’t make any sense and it’s another clear indication that something illegal is going on here.

Every legit trading system and broker out there will tell you how much the required minimum deposit is for any trading account. Moreover, there is also no payment method listed. Apparently, according to some scam victims, an agent will call you and give you an account number to deposit money into. Talk about being shady and suspicious! We would never risk our money with these guys.

FX4Lux Scam


FX4LUX Trading Platform – LIES!

Yet another lie we discovered here is that the FX4LUX system claims to use the MetaTrader 4 platform to trade. However, we got access through an existing member, or an existing scam victim we should say, and the MT4 platform is nowhere to be seen.

These crooks use some bootleg rip off we based platform that has less security than a wet paper bag. In all reality, we assume that this platform is purposely designed with no security or encryption, so the anonymous crooks running the show can steal your money with ease.


FX4LUX Demo Account – A Nasty Trick

Yet another nasty trick we encountered with this FX4LUX trading scam has to do with the so called demo account. This demo account is designed to allow you to test the system out and to see how it performs without having to risk real money.

The issue here is of course that it is a trick. The FX4LUX demo account is engineered to only show winning trades, so make you think that the software is profitable. It’s all just a bunch of smoke and mirrors though, a massive trick. Once you sign up for the full version, you will quickly lose all your money.

FX4Lux Scam


FX4LUX Scam – All Complaints & No Profits

The other thing worth mentioning about this FX4LUX trading system is that across the board, we have not heard a single positive thing about it. The only thing that everybody can agree on is that this is indeed a scam. Anybody who has crossed paths with this scam broker has lost all money invested.

FX4LUX Scam Review – Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, the only thing you need to know about the FX4LUX broker is that it is a scam. Please people, stay as far away from this trading scam as humanly possible.



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