EXM Solution Review – DANGER!

OFFICIAL SCAM URL: www.exmsolution.com

EXM Solution claims to be the world’s leading trading app for Forex, CFD, stocks, crypto, commodities, and more. Yeah, it certainly looks promising, but looks can and are deceiving. This is our EXM Solution scam review and we are here to make sure you don’t get bamboozled!


EXM Solution Scam

EXM Solution LTD – Anonymous

The first scam factor we noticed right away is that there is no mention of company ownership or leadership, not a single one. This is a big problem. These crooks expect us to fork over our hard earned money, yet they won’t tell us who they are. It’s definitely quite suspicious to say the least.


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EXM Solution LTD Company Address & Contact Info

One of the biggest scam factors here is that we really have no idea where the EXM Solution LTD company is based. On the website, there is an address provided, which is as follows “Cnr Old and Church Street, Commonwealth of Dominica, Piccadilly Mayfair, London, W1J 7NW”.

Ok, so as you can see, that address contains “London” at the end of it, and it does have a UK postal code. However, in that same address, we also see “Commonwealth of Dominica”, which is a country in the Caribbean. Therefore, this address is totally bogus. It’s not real at all.

Next, we are also provided with an email address which we can contact. We tried emailing it. Of course, we got no response. Next, there are also 2 phone numbers provided, one of which is in Luxembourg and the other in the UK. Exactly why there is a phone number for Luxembourg we do not know, but regardless, neither of the phone numbers work. We tried calling and neither of the numbers are connected to anything. It’s all fake information. There is nothing real here.

EXM Solution Scam

EXM Solution Registration & Licensing

Alright, so as far as we can tell, there is no semblance of licensing or company registration here, This is supposed to be an online broker and trading platform. Therefore, it is supposed to be registered in a country, but we know that it is not registered in the UK.

Moreover, even if it were registered in the Commonwealth of Dominica, this really means nothing, as Dominica is notorious for letting criminals create shell and front companies.

We do know for a fact that EXM Solution LTD is not licensed by any of the required authorities, such as the FCA to name one. Simply put, this trading solution is not registered, authorized, regulated, or licensed in any way. It’s all a massive illegal scheme that has no business handling any amount of money.


EXM Solution Accounts – NONSENSE!

One of the biggest scam factor that came to our attention about this EXM Solution web trader is that the accounts just don’t make any sense. The law states that the maximum amount for required minimum deposits is $2500. As a minimum deposit, brokers and trading apps are not allowed to require more than $500. However, this is not the case with this particular day trading system.

There are three accounts people can sign up for, silver, gold, and platinum. Regardless of the features, even the lowest account package, silver, requires trades to invest a minimum of $10,000. This is 40 times higher than the authorized amount.

Folks, it is not legal for nay broker or trading system to require more than $250 for a minimum deposit, and yes, $10,000 is much higher than $250. It’s simply not legal in the least, and it’s a clear indication that something shady is going on here. To us, it appears as though these crooks hope to just steal one large lump sum of money from you and then cut and run with it. Chances are you will invest cash here, only to have it disappear in front of your very eyes.

EXM Solution Scam

EXM Solution Scam – Profits & Withdrawals

Yet another EXM Solution red flag that popped up here has to do with the plethora of complaints which we have received about it so far. We have gotten hundreds of complaints from disgruntled scam victims. Apparently, what happens here is that the system simply steals your money. Now, this web trader may appear to actually function and place trades, losing trades.

This is a trick meant to make scam victims think that the software simply made bad trades, therefore losing the money, However, we know for a fact that no such trading ever takes place here. It’s all an empty shell, nothing more than smoke and mirrors. No trading takes place here. It’s just a front and the people running the scam simply drain all money out of your account.

We have also gotten complaints from people who went to go withdraw money, only to have their accounts blocked and shut down the second they try. At the end of the day, one way or another, the EXM Solution trading system will steal your money. There is not a shadow of a doubt about this.


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EXM Solution Partnership Program – A Pyramid Scheme

The other EXM Solution scam factor that came to our attention has to do with the so called partnership program, otherwise known as an affiliate program. The story here is that if you refer your friends and family to invest money with this software, you will get a nice reward for it.

However, the big issue here, besides the clear structure of a pyramid scheme, is that these crooks don’t even tell users what the reward for referring others is. Yet, this is more or less irrelevant, as we have already talked to several people who went through this partnership program.

The results are always the same. The referrals have their money stolen from them just like original investors, and those who referred the referrals never get any sort of reward. It’s all just one huge scam meant to steal as much money from as many people as possible.

EXM Review – Final Thoughts

Besides the fact that this is a scam and you need to stay away from it, there is not much else left to say.




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