UltimateFX Traders Scam Review – DANGER!

OFFICIAL SCAM URL: ultimatefxtraders.com

The UltimateFX Traders broker claims to be the best thing to happen to Forex trading since national currencies were invented. We beg to differ! This is our UltimateFX Traders scam review and we are here to figure out exactly what the heck is going on here!

UltimateFX Traders Scam

UltimateFX Traders Broker – The Trading Assets

To start this off, one confusing aspect of the UltimateFX Traders has to do with the name of the trading system and broker in relation to the assets which it can trade. As you can probably tell by the name, this is supposed to be a broker and trading platform for Forex. However, the website goes on and on about trading stocks and securities. The whole thing is just confusing nonsense.



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UltimateFX Traders Leadership & Ownership

Something that definitely strikes us as very odd and suspicious about the UltimateFX Traders system is how there is no visible leadership or ownership. This is yet another anonymous and faceless trading scam. Whoever is behind this FX broker and trading system does not want anybody knowing who they are.

These crooks are purposely remaining hidden within a shroud of anonymity. This is of course very suspicious. The only reason why the people behind a broker like this would choose to remain anonymous is because they are doing something shady and illegal. They just don’t want to go to jail for stealing your hard earned money.

Ultimatefxtraders.com – Company Information

Alright, so another big time red flag that came to our attention here is how all of the contact information is totally bogus. For one, there are two phone numbers provided, but of course, they do not work. None of the numbers even rang when we dialed them. Next, there is a support email which we can email, but of course, nobody ever got back to us.

What is important to note is that the UltimateFX Traders broker claims to be owned by Zolarex Ltd. This company claims to be located at Ajeltake Island, Majuro, Marshall Islands. However, when we dug deeper, we could not actually find any evidence that this is true, none whatsoever.

UltimateFX Traders Scam

From what we can gather, Zolarex LTD is nothing more than a fake and empty shell company. It’s just another protective shield for the crooks behind this trading scam. This Zolarex LTD company does not have any leadership info, no contact info, no physical location, or anything else of the sort which would serve as evidence that it’s actually real.

This UltimateFX Traders scam broker also claims to have an office located at Sofia 1000, California, USA. Yeah, in case you did not notice, that is a totally fake and incomplete address. Here, the USA location is claimed to be under the leadership of DSO LTD, yet another fake shell company that does not really exist at all. FOLKS, THIS IS ALL ONE MASSIVE GAME OF SMOKE AND MIRRORS!

UltimateFX Traders Scam

UltimateFX Traders Broker – Registration & Licensing

Speaking of this company and all of the shell companies it claims to operate under, not a single one of them can be found on any sort of registry. Folks, this is supposed to be a broker for Forex and more. This means that it needs to be registered with the right authorities. This system as a whole claims to operate throughout South America, Europe, North America, and in 100+ countries overall. Well, there is not a single regulatory body, such as CySec or the FCA, which has ever heard of the UltimateFX Traders broker or the companies it claims to operate under.

In other words, there is absolutely no registration or licensing present here whatsoever. This is of course a huge problem and it proves that this whole thing is one massive illegal and unauthorized trading scam. It simply has no authority to handle your money.

UltimateFX Traders Account Types & Profit Indications

The next scam factor that came to our attention here has to do with the claim that this UltimateFX Traders broker will produce 85% profits on each trade with a single click. Folks, whether this system is designed for stocks or Forex, there is no way that a single trade is going to produce an ROI of 85% with a single click.

These crooks guarantee returns without a shadow of a doubt. Markets are volatile and quite unpredictable. Guaranteeing any sort of return is simply impossible and ludicrous, let alone such a massive return.

On a side note, there are three possible account options, with the highest tier account claiming to offer a 75% welcome bonus. Do you really think that somebody is going to give you 75% of a $10,000 investment for free? It’s nothing more than another lie!

UltimateFX Traders Scam


UltimateFX Traders User Testimonials

Yet another scam factor which came to our attention here is that the UltimateFX Traders website features a bunch of positive user testimonials from people who have allegedly had lots of success with this Forex trading application. Our problem here is that all of the user testimonials displayed are fake, and it’s painfully obvious that they are completely bogus.

The reviews or testimonials, whatever you want to call them, are more or less anonymous. Sure, there are the names of the people who left the testimonials, but there is no way to confirm that those are real people. Moreover, there is also no user information shown at all, not so much as a picture of the person who left each testimonial.

UltimateFX Traders Scam

UltimateFX Traders Scam – NO PROFITS!

The final thing that we want to say about this UltimateFX Traders scam is that nobody has actually been able to make a profit. People have not even been able to recoup their initial investments. Either all the money appears to be lost through trading (but it is actually just syphoned out of the account) or the account gets blocked immediately when users attempt to make a withdrawal. Either way, it’s obvious that these criminals are stealing money from innocent investors.


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UltimateFX Traders Review – Final Thoughts

The only thing left to say about the UltimateFX Traders broker is that it is a scam that is hellbent on stealing your money!



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