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Standard Bit Options LTD claims to be a massively profitable investment platform and trading system for people from all walks of life. Supposedly, here you can make huge gains by investing in stocks, Forex, crypto, CFD, indices, commodities, and more. Sure, the website is bright and flashy, but this does not mean anything. This is our Standard Bit Options review and we are here to find out whether or not this is an investment and trading scam.

Standard Bit Options

Standard Bit Options Leadership

The first scam factor which came to our attention here is that the Standard Bit Options leadership team is nowhere to be found. Now, there are a lot of faces to see on the site, but they are all either from the team of expert traders, as well as user testimonials.

We will cover those later on. Either way, this trading system features an absolute lack of transparency. At no point in time are we told who owns or runs this trading platform. This is very suspicious to say the least.

The only reason why the people who own this trading system would want to stay hidden from sight is because they are doing something highly illegal. The fact that this is an anonymous and faceless trading system with no transparency at all is a clear indication that something shady and illegal is going on here.


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Standard Bit Options LTD – Company Information and Location

What also needs to be said about this Standard Bit Options trading scam is that the company seems to be located in many places, but actually in none at all. According to the website, the company behind this trading system is called Standard Bit Options LTD. There are two addresses listed on the bottom of the site, with one being in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, and the other address being in Seychelles.

Well, first off, we looked the addresses up, and yes, of course, they are bogus. The addresses do technically exist, but they do not belong to this Standard Bit Options LTD company. It is also very convenient that this company claims to be based in two places that are effectively financial safe havens.

Now, this is where things get really weird. The map featured in the contact section of the site claims that there are also 2 offices of the Standard Bit Options LTD company located in the middle east. Apparently, there is an office located in Azerbaijan and another in Kazakhstan. We looked up the provided addresses, and of course, they do not belong to this company. On a side note, any and all phone numbers provided simply don’t work.

Standard Bit Options



Standard Bit Options Platform – The Team of Expert Traders

When you sign up for any sort of trading account with the Standard Bit Options software, it is said that a team of expert traders is doing the trading for you. Now, we get to see this so called team of expert traders on the website.

There are 4 of these so called expert traders. Well, unfortunately these people are not real at all, nothing more than fictitious characters in this work of fiction. We tried finding all 4 of these people online.

We searched far and wide, but could not find so much as a single social media account. It is obvious that the people displayed on the website are just random stock images combined with make believe names. These people are not real and they certainly won’t be doing any trading for you.

Standard Bit Options User Testimonials – More Fake People

Standard Bit Options user testimonials are also featured on the site, right under the team of expert advisors. Of course, the people who allegedly left these testimonials or reviews are just as fake and fraudulent as the team of expert traders.

People, these testimonials are completely bogus. They’re made up out of thin air and they were created by the same con artists selling you this snake oil. We tried finding the people who left those positive reviews, and of course, we came up empty.

Once again, these people are just combinations of stock images and fake names. This is nothing more than another con job. It’s cheap trick meant to fool you into thinking that there’s actually somebody out there who is happy with this Standard Bit Options scam.

Standard Bit Options

Standard Bit Options Trading System…… Since 2006?

The website claims that this trading system has been registered and available to the public since 2006. That would be almost 15 years. Well, we have been in this game for a long time. So, it’s weird that we have never heard of a trading app that has been out for 15 years.

This was enough to raise our suspicions, which is why we did a quick search. Of course, what we found out is that this website and the system itself has only been online since 2018. Therefore, these crooks are flat out lying about their start date and origins. It’s just a huge lie meant to make you think that this day trading platform is the real deal.


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Standard Bit Options Trading Education – Totally Useless

The website here claims to feature something like 130 full length day trading tutorials for CFD, Forex, indices, stocks, commodities, crypto, and more. We dug a little deeper into the so called education featured on the website. What we have to say is that for one, there are nowhere near as many videos or tutorials as these crooks claim.

Second, the trading education that is present on the website is completely useless. There is absolutely no reason to resort to this Standard Bit Options system for trading education, let alone pay for it. The so called education on this website is either completely false or totally outdated. The few things that are correct are pieces of info you could find with a simple Google search.

Standard Bit Options Accounts

Yet another suspicious aspect of this Standard Bit Options trading system has to do with the possible accounts to sign up for. Here you can choose from a standard, crypto, ECN prime, Micro, options, and swap free trading accounts.

Standard Bit Options

This in itself is fine, but what is not fine is some of the promises made. For instance, the options trading account claims to provide 86% returns per trade. Folks, this is ridiculous, just totally unrealistic. Guaranteeing any sort of return in trading is not possible, let alone such a massive return.

On a side note, the site also claims to provide you with an additional 40% of your deposit as a bonus. The claim is that this is true for every single deposit. Folks, do you really think that these guys are going to give you $4,000 if you deposit $10,000? No, of course not, it’s just another lie!

Standard Bit Options Affiliate Program – More Lies

The Standard Bit Options system also features a massive affiliate program where you can allegedly earn ridiculous amounts of cash for getting others to sign up. Supposedly, level 1 affiliates each provide you with a 10% commission, and level 2 affiliates provide a 7% commission each.

Folks, those are big percentages and this would mean that you would stand to gain a lot from getting others to sign up. However, the problem here is that it is just not true. If you look on the site, you will see that a man who is called Francisco, through the affiliate program, makes nearly $13,000 per month from referrals alone.

Once again, just like anybody and everybody else seen on this site, Francisco is nothing more than a fake character. We have received complaints about the Standard Bit Options affiliate program from a few disgruntled scam victims. We know for a fact that if you get others to sign up, you won’t ever see a single dime in commissions. It’s just a lie.

It’s an easy way for these crooks to get you to do the heavy lifting. In other words, by getting your dear old granny to invest money with this scam, you are actively helping these crooks scam your family. This is nothing more than a massive Ponzi scheme and pyramid scheme rolled into one package, one that never pays out anything whatsoever.

Standard Bit Options

Standard Bit Options Scam – No Profits!

The fact of the matter here is that this Standard Bit Options trading scam is not profitable in the least. The whole thing is an empty shell, a massive game of smoke and mirrors. Don’t be fooled, because there is no trading of any sort going on here.

All of the systems are designed to look as though they are losing trades. In reality, the anonymous crooks behind it simply drain the money right out of your account.

We have also received reports that when users go to make a withdrawal of money, the accounts are quickly blocked and terminated. Don’t be fooled by the profits/payout chart on the site. It’s complete made up out of thin air.

Standard Bit Options

Standard Bit Options Scam Review – Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, it is painfully obvious that this is nothing more than another trading scam. These crooks claim to provide you with profits through Forex, stock, crypto, CFD, indices, and commodities trading. However, the reality is that the Standard Bit Options system simply steals your money!



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