HiroseOption Scam Review – DANGER!

OFFICIAL SCAM URL: hiroseoption.com

The HiroseOption trading systems claims to trade Forex, CFD, stocks, commodities, and more, and very profitably too. However, there are very suspicious things going on here, hence our HiroseOption scam review right now.

HiroseOption Scam

HirsoseOption Leadership

The first scam factor which came to our attention here has to do with the leadership of this Forex trading platform. If you take a look at the website, you will notice that there is not a single mention of leadership or ownership.

Therefore, this is a faceless and anonymous trading system with no clear leadership. This is what is called a lack of transparency, and when it comes to this kind of thing, that’s a huge problem.

The people behind the HiroseOption platform won’t tell you who they are, but they expect you to deposit massive amounts of cash for trading. It doesn’t make any sense, it is very suspicious, and it is not trustworthy in least. You cannot ever trust totally anonymous systems like this. It’s a clear indication that there is a scam afoot here.

Hirose Financial UK Limited – Company Information

We are told that this HiroseOption trading platform is owned by a company called Hirose Financial UK Limited. Now, this all sounds great until we take a much closer look at it all. Here, we are provided with both a phone number and an email address which we can supposedly call for support.

Well, nobody picks up the phone when we call and nobody responds to our emails either. This is a very bad sign indeed. Next, the provided address for the Hirose Financial UK LTD company is in the UK, but there is no actually physical address provided.

Simply put, there is no way to confirm where the HQ of this company is, or if there is any physical location at all. Once again, this is a very bad sign. These crooks clearly don’t want us knowing who or where they are.

HiroseOption Scam

HiroseOption LTD – Registration & Licensing

Another big time red flag that came to our attention here is that the HiroseOption LTD company is not actually registered in the UK, as advertised by the website. We are even provided with an official company registration number.

However, when we go to check the UK Companies House, there is no record of this company existing. In other words, the information provided on hiroseoption.com is completely bogus. This company is not registered at all and is therefore not a legal business entity. Moreover, these crooks claim to offer financial and trading services.

This means that Hirose Financial UK LTD would have to be licensed by a number of authorities, such as the FCA for one. Well, of course, there is absolutely no semblance of licensing present. At the end of the day, this means that this whole thing is a massive scam. It is 100% illegal, fraudulent, and it has no authority to perform any kind of trading or financial services whatsoever.


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HiroseOption User Testimonials – BOGUS!

Yet another thing which came to our attention here is how the HiroseOption user testimonials featured on the website are totally bogus too. Now, at first glance, these user testimonials actually look pretty legit.

They appear to have been left by real people, people with names, faces, and job titles too. However, we are not ones to take this at face value, and sure enough, as soon as we started digging into it, it all fell apart.

Simply put, we were not able to find any of the people who allegedly left these reviews, not so much as a social media profile. Therefore, these HiroseOption user testimonials are forged. They have been created out of thin air, and by the same people selling this snake oil nonetheless.

HiroseOption Scam

HiroseOption Accounts – Some Issues

There are also a couple of issues in relation to the various HiroseOption accounts which came to our attention. First of all, the accounts all claim to have a minimum deposit of $1,000 required. However, in case you did not know, this is not actually legal. The law states that minimum deposits for brokers and trading accounts must be as low as $250. What these guys are doing is simply not legal.

Another problem that stands out here is how the accounts all come with a profit limit. This is totally bogus, ridiculous, and absolute nonsense. Any kind of legit broker or trading platform would never limit the amount of profits which users can make. It simply does not make any sense, not from a business standpoint or from any other angle. This whole thing is just super suspicious.

HiroseOption Scam

HiroseOption Scam – No Profits!

Of course, the most important thing for us to note here is that this HiroseOption trading system just does not produce profits. Make no mistake about it, because it was never designed to do so in the first place. This is what happens here, traders keep losing trades and the money disappears.

However, it is not like there are any trades ever being placed or lost at all. This platform is engineered to make it look as though trades are being lost. The reality is that the system just drains your money right out of your account.

What has also happened to some users is that they appear to be in the money and then go to make a withdrawal. When these users go to make a withdrawal, their HiroseOption accounts are blocked and shut down. It is painfully obvious that the only purpose which this trading system serves is to steal money from innocent people.


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HiroseOption Review – Final Thoughts

The bottom line here is that the HiroseOption trading system is undoubtedly a scam. It is a complete rip off, nothing more than an exercise in thievery. Stay away from this Forex trading scam, or else you will lose everything.



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