Global Pro Trader Scam Review


The Global Pro Trader system claims to be the best way to trade online and make money. However, we discovered a multitude of red flags and scam factors which definitely indicate that the opposite is the case. This is our Global Pro Trader review and we are here to shut this scam down once and for all!


Global Pro Trader Leadership

The first Global Pro Trader scam factor which came to our attention here has to do with company leadership. If we are expected to deposit money for trading with this system, we expect to know who’s hands that money is in. Well, there is a complete, total, and utter lack of transparency present here. There is not a single mention of who might own or lead this trading system.

This is a very big problem. This is what we call a faceless and anonymous trading scam. Put it this way, unless there is something illegal and shady going on here, why else would the people running the show choose to stay hidden from sight.

The simple fact is that because the people behind this Global Pro Trader system are anonymous and purposely staying out of sight, it’s a clear indication that something shady and illegal is going on here. You never want to invest any amount of money into any kind of trading system when the people running the show won’t tell you who they are.



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Global Pro Trader Contact Information & Location

Something else that came to our attention with this Global Pro Trader trading scam is how the contact information is clearly bogus. The fact of the matter is that there is an email address and a phone number provided, but they are both completely fake.

We tried emailing these crooks, and the email address provided does not work. We got an error message trying to send the email. Moreover, what is also fake is the phone number, or at least it does not belong to these guys. We tried calling them, and of course, nobody picked up the phone.

What also stands out as being extremely suspicious here is how there is absolutely no information in regards to where this company is located. All legit companies have to be based and registered in a specific country or even in multiple countries.

However, the crooks behind this Global Pro Trader scam won’t even tell us where they are, and that is a bad sign. This shows that the company is not actually registered anywhere at all, and is therefore not a legal business entity. The whole thing is totally illegal.


Global Pro Trader Licensing

Yet another red flag which came to our attention about this Global Pro Trader trading system is how it is clearly not licensed at all. This is supposed to be a system which provides financial investment and trading services. Software and systems like this need to be licensed by the required authorities, such as from the FCA and other such agencies.

However, we found exactly zero evidence that there is any sort of licensing present here. In other words, these crooks in no way, shape, or form are allowed to provide any sort of trading or investment services whatsoever. Once again, this Global Pro Trader trading scam is not registered and not licensed, and is therefore 100% illegal in every way imaginable.



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Global Pro Trader Demo Account

One of the biggest scam factors that came to our attention with this Global Pro Trader trading system is the demo account. Here, users are told that there is a demo account which can be used. Apparently, this demo is designed to allow you to test the system out without actually having to risk real money.

Allegedly, besides the fact that it does not use real money, the demo is supposed to be fully functional and it should represent actual results of the full version. However, this is not true. This demo account is a trick. It is rigged, totally engineered to only display winning trades.

This makes it seem as though the live version of the Global Pro Trader is very reliable and profitable. People, this is nothing more than a cheap trick and a lowdown scam tactic. It’s designed to convince you that the full version is legit, when in fact it will just steal money from you.



Global Pro Trader Accounts – No Information

Yet another scam factor that came to our attention here is how the Global Pro Trader system does not provide any real information about accounts at all. Any and every legit trading service will have various account levels for different people.

However, there is no mention here of anything like this. These crooks simply expect you to deposit money into a trading account without telling you what those account parameters are. This is a clear indication that something illegal is going on here.


Global Pro Trader App – No Withdrawals or Profits

Perhaps the biggest and most obvious scam factor present here is how the Global Pro Trader simply does not produce profits. In fact, the very opposite is the case here. We have received hundreds of complaints about it so far. People are having their money stolen from them. It’s as simple as that.

Now, the Global Pro Trader app may appear to be losing trades, but it never actually trades at all. The losing trades seen on the platform are just smoke and mirrors, a trick. No trades ever take place. This is just an easy way for the crooks running the show to drain your trading account without you noticing. The other thing that happens here is that when people go to make a money withdrawal, their accounts just get blocked and shut down.


Global Pro Trader Review – Conclusion

The bottom line here is that the Global Pro Trader trading app is of course nothing more than a scam. The only purpose it serves is to steal money from innocent traders like you.



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