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If you have not used the brand new Copy Soros trading application yet, you really do not know what you are missing out on. This is a revolutionary piece of software designed to help day traders from all walks of like make easy and consistent money.

The fact of the matter is that this is indeed one of the most user friendly systems out there right now. Sure, it can be used by pro traders with ease, but the point of it is to allow newbies to trade without fear.

The Copy Soros system is designed to allow users to trade in a plethora of markets including stocks, Forex, indices, and cryptocurrencies too. Moreover, not only is this app available on computer, but on mobile devices as well.

Now, all of that being said, this Copy Soros system does still take a teeny bit of skill and knowledge to put it to good use. Therefore, today we are here to provide you with the most important Copy Soros tips out there. Today we want to review some very important pieces of advice that you absolutely need to follow if you want to make healthy and consistent profits.

Copy Soros

Copy Soros App Trading Tips

Right now, we want to provide you with some extremely valuable advice and Copy Soros trading tips. The point here is to allow you to use this software as easily as possible to make as much money as can be.

The fact of the matter is that this is a very user friendly trading platform, one that even total newbies can use to make a healthy profit. Let’s go over some of the most useful Copy Soros trading tips right now so you can start putting real money in your pockets.

Check the News Section

One of the biggest and most important tips to follow here has to do with the news section. Yes, the Copy Soros app comes complete with a market news section. This feature displays the most current and relevant news which can affect markets and trading.

You do need to know how various pieces of news affect prices and trading, but if you master this, it’s a super useful feature. For instance, if there is some kind of news which indicates that the US dollar is on a downward spiral, trading against the US dollar is therefore what you should do.

On a side note, when this app provides you with a potential trading signal, it will always tell you whether or not that signal is backed up by a legit news source. People, always stick to only trading with signals which have been confirmed by a news source.

Stick to Forex

Another big time piece of advice you want to follow when trading with Copy Soros software is to stick to Forex or foreign exchange trading for the time being. Yes. This platform does produce a variety of signal types including Forex, crypto, stocks, indices, and more.

Now, the issue is that at this time the market is plunging down ever deeper due to the Coronavirus epidemic. This means that trading in stocks and other similar asset types is not recommended at the moment. The best bet, if you want to make healthy and consistent profits, is to stick to Forex trading for the time being.


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The Right Trading Window

When it comes to trading with this day trading platform, something else to keep in mind is that there is a right time to trade and a wrong time to do so. If you trade during the wrong windows, your chances of success will be very limited.

The best time of day to trade (if you live in the GMT time zone), is between 9 AM and 7 PM. This is when the market is the most volatile and active, therefore a perfect time to engage in some Forex trading. Do keep in mind that if you do not live in the GMT time zone, you will have to adjust your own trading window to match the GMT window.

Always Look for 3 Bull News

The next thing you should always do before you start trading on any given day is to go to and check for 3 Bull News. Make sure to go to the economic calendar and select your time zone. Now you will be able to see news releases.

Any currency that has a 3 Bull News release attached to it should not be traded with for at least 15 minutes prior and post news release. If the USD is showing a 3 Bull News release in the near future, for example, it’s a good idea to avoid trading with it for the time being.

Start Small – Risk Management

Something else that might be wise for you to do is to start small when it comes to using the Copy Soros app. Now, we have had quite some success using this software, but this does not mean that things always go according to plan. When using this software, or any software for day trading for that matter, it is indeed a good idea to start out small.

Don’t risk your whole budget on a single trade, not even a lot of your budget. For instance, if you have $10,000 at your disposal for trading, start by investing no more than $100 per trade. People, day trading is all about risk management and knowing how much is too much to handle. For instance, never use money to trade that you absolutely need for some sort of necessity. It’s just not worth the risk.

Copy Soros

Limit the Amount of Open Trades

Related to the previous point, something else you need to do when you first start trading with the Copy Soros app is to ensure that you only have a limited amount of trades open at once. If you are a super newbie, start by only having 2 or 3 trades open at once.

If you have a bit of experience, you can push this to having 5 trades open at once. The point here is that no matter what kind of software you are using, the more trades you have open at once, the harder it all becomes to monitor.

Remember, It’s Mobile Too

The other small tip we want to give you here is that the Copy Soros app does also have a mobile platform. In other words, if you need to trade at a certain time of day, such as during the ideal window we discussed above, but you are not at home in front of a computer, you can still use the mobile version!

Copy Soros

Copy Soros Software – Trading Success So Far

What we do want to stress here is that our Copy Soros trading tips do actually work. This is best evidenced by our own first live profit session. Late last week, we performed our first ever Copy Soros live trading session. Now, we did not really know what to expect, but we did have it on good authority that this software is profitable.

Therefore, we decided to take a chance and place 4 Forex trades at once. As mentioned above, sticking to Forex for the time being is recommended, and if you notice, we did not exceed our 5 trade limit. Now, of those 4 Forex trades we executed, all 4 turned out to be winners. Folks, this translates to a 100% ITM rate. Now, you cannot expect this app to always win 100% of trades, but the fact that it has already happened is a good sign.

In terms of overall profits, seeing as all 4 Forex trades were in the money, we managed to make roughly 400 Euros in profits. Keep in mind that our initial investment across all 4 trades was 1,000 Euros, or about 250 Euros per trade. This translates to a return on investment of about 40%. This is of course very impressive! If you follow our Copy Soros tips and advice, there is no reason why you should not be able to do the same.


Copy Soros Tips – Final Thoughts

The bottom line is that at this time, the Copy Soros app is hands down one of the best day trading platforms in the world. Yes, it can be used to trade virtually all asset types including Forex, cryptocurrencies, stocks, and indices. Next, this software is super user friendly, complete with a platform that is exceedingly simple to navigate.

The high class algorithm incorporated into the platform uses a variety of analytical tools to provide you with the most reliable signals possible. All you have to do is execute trades with the provided signals. When it comes down to it, right now, this is the number one day trading system we would recommend using. Stay tuned for more Copy Soros trading tips, updates, live profit sessions, and much more.


Copy Soros

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