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Trading Aureo appears to be a legit trading platform for cryptocurrencies, Forex, and CFDs. This is a new service which has been out for some time now, yet there seems to be a lack of positive things to be said about it. In fact, quite the opposite is the case here.

While Trading Aureo software claims to be the real deal, super profitable, we have some very serious doubts about it. Now, although the website seems to be fairly well designed, one of the big issues is that there is a massive lack of information on the site. The main site,, contains little to no relevant information.

The information that is present however, is not to be trusted. We found quite a few scam factors and big time indications that something shady and illegal is going on. This is why we are doing a Trading Aureo review right now, to help keep you safe from malicious thieves.

Trading Aureo Scam

Trading Aureo Scam Factors

AS we mentioned in our opening salvo, Trading Aureo software is not what it seems to be. Although the website talks a big game, there are a variety of red flags which came to our attention here. These red flags are all clear indications that something illegal and malicious is in the works here.


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Anonymous Leadership

The first Trading Aureo trading scam factor which we noticed has to do with the lack of transparency it features. On the main site, there is not a single mention of who might be in charge here.

Sure, there is an “about us” section on the webpage, but all this features is a stock photo of a random group of people, certainly not the owners or leaders behind this so called Forex and CFD trading powerhouse.

This is a totally anonymous and faceless operation, and that is very bad. Simply put, unless this were the real deal, why would the people behind it choose to stay hidden from sight?

Trading Auero Scam

No Real Company Information

Something else which stands out about this Trading Aureo system is how there is no real company or contact information whatsoever. There is no live support to speak of.

In terms of the provided phone number and email address, both are totally bogus. We are also told that the HQ of this company is located at Calle Vinalopo 9, Valencia, 46021, Spain.

However, a quick search revealed that while the address does technically exist in real life, it certainly does not belong to “SERVICIOS FINANCIEROS AÚREO”. Everything you see in the contact info part of the page is a total lie.

Trading Auero Scam

Trading Aureo Software – Not Licensed

One of the biggest telltale signs that this is indeed a complete rip off is how the company and the trading platform are not officially registered or licensed. We looked up the Trading Aureo company in the Spanish business registry, and of course, the company is not actually registered.

Moreover, this is supposed to be a trading platform and broker for CFD, crypto, and Forex. This means that it has to be licensed by the proper authorities, such as the FCA. However, of course, this whole system is not registered at all, and is therefore completely unauthorized and illegal. It’s not legit in the least.

Trading Aureo Scam – Bogus Education

Something else that came to our attention about this Trading Aureo scam is how the so called trading education featured on the site is about as useful as a submarine with screen doors. All of the alleged educational content on the website is totally useless. Either it’s all stuff you could find via any simple Google search, or it’s all just false.

Trading Auero Scam

Trading Aureo App – Only Complaints & Losses

The next scam factor which stood out to us, the most important of all, is that literally hundreds of people have complained about it, to us and others. From what we have gathered, the trading platform does not actually work at all. It may appear to place trades, but this is an illusion.

It is a guise designed to hide the fact that the crooks behind this Trading Aureo trading system are stealing money from anybody who makes a deposit. Simply put, after you deposit some money for trading, it only takes a very short period of time for the criminals behind this app to drain your money out of the account.

A part of this is that there is no information offered about trading accounts. A real broker or Forex trading system would feature various account types, but there is nothing of the sort present here. It’s definitely an indication that something shady is in the works.

This is nothing more than a massive exercise in fraud and thievery. Literally not a single person has been able to make a profit here, not even so much as breaking even. If you deposit money with this Trading Aureo scam, it will all be stolen from you.


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An Unsecure Trading Platform

The other thing we want to touch on here is that the Trading Aureo platform itself features absolutely no security or encryption. Now, the reason for this, we assume, is so the thieves running this scam can easily steal your money. The bottom line is that if you invest any amount of money with this scam system, you will lose it al!

Trading Auero Scam

Trading Aureo Review – Final Thoughts

The bottom line is that this Trading Aureo system is indeed a complete rip off, nothing more than an exercise in highway robbery. The owners of the company are nowhere to be found, there is no real contact info, and there certainly isn’t any registration or licensing either.

Moreover, the simple fact of the matter is that this trading platform does not actually work at all and is not profitable in the least. In fact, it’s nothing more than an empty shell designed for the sole purpose of stealing your money. Please folks, whatever you do, stay as far away from this Trading Aureo scam as possible!



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