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Folks, it is finally time once again, there is new trading software being released any day now. The fact of the matter is that it has been a long time since good trading software has been released to the public. Sure, there are some decent applications and platforms out there, but the newest ones are still around half a year old. In other words, they may have become a bit outdated.

Moreover, we know for a fact that many pieces of trading tech simply don’t live up to their initial hype. Whether they can only trade one type of asset, they are only available in a select few countries, or any other problems, there always seem to be issues.

However, today we want to talk about new trading software, a new platform that is being released within the next few days. Now, at this time we cannot provide you with an exact date of release, but we do know that it should be here by next week at the very latest. Of course, this new trading software is a bit hush-hush, so at this time, we cannot provide you with a name. However, there are a few key details which we can divulge about this brand new day trading application that is set for release within the next week.


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New Trading Software – Some Key Details

Like we said above, unfortunately there are not too many things which we can tell you about this brand new trading app, not at this time, not yet. However, we do have a few key pieces of information which you might like to know. Based on what we are about to say, we are looking forward to this new day trading tech very much, as it is shaping up to be quite the powerhouse. Let’s tell you what we can right now.

  • One thing which we can tell you at this time is that this brand new day trading application will allow you to trade with various types of assets. We know for a fact that it will allow for Forex, stocks, commodities, indices, and cryptocurrency trading. As you can see, this new app is set to be very versatile.

  • Something else to know about this new trading software is that it will allow users from more countries than any other app in history. This should be good news for anybody living in a country which usually does not accept trading applications.

  • Another thing we know about this new app is that it is a semi-automated application, not a fully automated one. We are very much looking forward to it to say the very least.

New Trading Software Release

Folks, stay tuned for the release of this new trading software. It’s going to be a huge release and this new app is set to blow all others out of the water. No, we can’t tell you the name of the app or the release date, but you will find out very soon!


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