Nervic FX Trade Scam Review

Nervic FX Trade Scam Review


The Nervic FX Trade system claims to be one of the most reliable and profitable Forex, CFD, and cryptocurrency trading applications out there. These guys claim that their trading platform can produce amazing results unlike anything else out there at this time.

Apparently, if you want to trade CFD, Forex, or cryptocurrencies, this is the application to be using. Sure, there is no doubt that day trading can be profitable, but we do have some big doubts about this Nervic FX Trade software.

Simply put, the website,, is missing a lot of information that we would like to have access to. Moreover, the information that is actually present on the website is not exactly truthful. We have personally received several complaints about this Forex scam and how it is steal money from innocent investors. We are here today doing this Nervic FX Trade scam review to shut this malicious scam down once and for all.

Nervic FX Trade

Nervic FX Trade App is Anonymous

The first red flag which popped up here has to do with Nervic FX Trade leadership. To be precise, it’s the lack of visible leadership and transparency that we are really concerned about here. Nowhere on the whole site is there a single mention of who might be in charge here, and that is a big problem.

When it comes to any kind of day trading app that wants your money, you always have to wonder what is going on when the people behind it won’t tell you who they are. To us, it is totally obvious, just from this one factor alone, that the Nervic FX Trade app is a rip off. The one and only reason why the people in charge would refuse to tell us who they are is because they are stealing from people.

They just don’t want to go to jail for massive fraud. On a big side note, all of the contact information provided on the site is totally bogus as well. The address is fake, the phone number is phony, and the email address doesn’t work either.

Nervic FX Trade Licensing & Registration

Something else worth noting about the Nervic FX Trade system is that it’s not actually registered or licensed at all. Every last single piece of company registration and licensing information is false. This company is not registered or licensed at all. It has absolutely no legal right or authority to be doing anything related with trading or investing!

Nervic FX Trade


Nervic FX Trade Software as Featured on ….. NOWHERE!

One big scam factor which came to our attention here has to do with the claim that this Nervic FX Trade system has been featured on a plethora of news outlets. Apparently, this service has been positively reviewed by Forbes,, and about 7 other news outlets too.

Folks, this is nothing more than a lie. All we had to do to prove this to be a lie was to go to the respective websites. Not a single one of the news outlets mentioned on have ever written anything about this Nervic FX Trade scam system. It’s just a lie meant to make this service look legit when it is anything but.

Nervic FX Trade


Nervic FX Trade Platform – Totally Unsecure

The Nervic FX Trade platform claims to be the most innovative, user friendly, and profitable in the world. Sure, the screenshot we are shown of the platform does look pretty nice, but the fact of the matter is that pictures don’t mean anything at all. What you need to know here, besides the fact that the platform doesn’t actually place trades, is that it is unsecure.

This platform contains absolutely no encryption or security methods to keep you safe. However, make no mistake about it, because this has been purposely done. The whole point of this platform not being secured is so the people behind it can easily drain your trading account and steal your money.


Income Mentor Box

Nervic FX Trade System – No Returns, Only Losses

The most telling scam factor which shows us that this Nervic FX Trade system is indeed a rip off has to do with the simple truth that nobody has actually managed to make a profit with it. We personally have received nearly 100 complaints about this Forex trading scam. As the story goes, people simply cannot withdraw profits.

First off, some scam victims here have had their trading accounts drained. Now, to the untrained eye, it appears as though the Nervic FX Trade system just loses trades. However, it does not actually trade at all. It’s an empty shell that is designed to look like it is trading ,when in reality the people behind it just take your money.

Moreover, we have also received some complaints from people who have had their accounts blocked and shut down. Apparently, when users go to make a withdrawal, their accounts automatically get blocked and closed. It’s obvious that this trading program is nothing more than a way to scam people.

Also, make no mistake about it, because the advertised payouts on the site are fake. Those payouts are not genuine and we know this to be a fact.

Nervic FX Trade Review – Final Thoughts

The bottom line here is that you simply cannot trust this Nervic FX Trade scam. This is a rip off, nothing more than a way for the anonymous crooks running the show to steal money from people. Folks, this is not a piece of trading software for Forex, crypto, and CFD. Instead, this is nothing more than an empty shell. The whole thing is designed to drain your trading account. The only thing you will accomplish by investing money here is to line the pockets of the criminals behind it.



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