Man Investments Review – CRYPTO SCAM!


Man Investments claims to be the number cryptocurrency trading platform and broker in the world. Yes, trading cryptocurrencies can be very lucrative, although not quite as lucrative as this bogus broker makes it out to be.

Moreover, we have a very strong feeling that the Man Investments crypto broker is a scam. We did a lot of digging around here, and based on all of our research, we are not convinced of its legitimacy, not the in the least. Moreover, we are actually convinced of the opposite, that the Man Investments trading platform and broker is a complete rip off.

We found a lot of bit time red flags and scam factors which indicate that this cryptocurrency broker and trading system is indeed a rip off. This is our Man Investments scam review and we are here to put an end to the thievery taking place here.

Man Investments

Man Investments Broker – Anonymous Leadership

One of the biggest problems which came to our attention with this suspicious crypto broker is how there is absolutely no visible leadership or ownership. There is not a single place on the website which informs us of who may be in charge here. It’s definitely very suspicious.

This is what we like to call a faceless and anonymous scam. Folks, whenever anonymous people ask you for money, don’t ever give it to them. This is one of the strongest indications of a scam that you will ever find. Just think about it, why else would the people behind the Man Investments trading platform and crypto brokerage choose to remain hidden from sight?

The one and only reason why these people choose to remain hidden in a shroud of anonymity is because they are doing something highly illegal. At the end of the day, they just don’t want you pointing the finger at them for scamming you out of your money.


Income Mentor Box – Bogus Contact Info & Addresses

The next scam factor which came to our attention about this Man Investments system is how the contact information listed on the site appears to be totally false. The main address provided is listed as being in the UK. However, when we decided to look the address up, we quickly discovered that while the address does technically exist in real life, it does not belong to this company as claimed.

Moreover, there are also claims that there are offices located across Europe, specifically in France and the Netherlands, but there is simply no address provided. Also, the provided phone numbers are all bogus. We tried calling all of the phone numbers and there was no response.

Man Investments

Man Investments System – No Licensing or Registration

Yet another Man Investments scam factor that came to our attention is how the company itself is not legit or legal in any way, shape, or form. For one, besides the provided addresses for the company being bogus, seeing as it claims to be registered in the UK, we decided to check if it is indeed registered. Well, to the surprise of no one at all, the Man Investments company is not officially registered in the UK. So, it’s either based in another country or operating out of the UK illegally.

Next, the other issue here is that cryptocurrency brokers and trading platforms require licensing. In Europe, they need to be licensed by various agencies including ASIC, CONSOB, CySEC, FCA, FMA, NFA, and SEC.

Well, of course, not single one of these agencies has ever licensed the Man Investments broker and trading platform. Therefore, this crypto broker and trading system is not compliant, it’s not registered, it’s not regulated, and it’s not licensed either. What this all boils down to is that this broker is illegal and unauthorized. It’s not actually allowed to perform any of the financial investment and trading activities which it claims to perform for clients.

Man Investments

Man Investments Scam – No Withdrawals

The biggest telltale sign that this Man Investments system is indeed a scam is how we have received hundreds of complaints about it so far. No, we are not the only ones who have received complaints about it. In fact, there are currently thousands of people who have alleged that they have been scammed by this bogus broker.

As the story goes, it is literally impossible to make money here, and it’s not possible to break even either. Simply put, once you deposit any amount of money for a trading account, it simply disappears into thin air.

Many have also noted that it is not possible to make any withdrawals. According to a ton of angry victims, if you try to make a cash withdrawal from Man Investments, your account will be either blocked, suspended, or shut down totally. Therefore, it is 100% obvious that this is a scam, nothing more than highway robbery. The only purpose which this Man Investments broker serves is to steal money from people!


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Man Investments Review – Final Thoughts

When all has been said and done, the bottom line here is that Man Investments is indeed a scam. This is allegedly a cryptocurrency broker and trading platform, but it’s just not true at all. In fact, there are no trades placed at all, and when you purchase a cryptocurrency, you don’t actually get anything at all.

The whole thing is nothing more than smoke and mirrors, a massive illusion. The only thing you will accomplish by depositing money for trading is feeding money to the crooks in charge. To really hammer this point home, we will repeat this. Man Investments is a scam broker whose only purpose is to steal money from you!



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