FX Trading Markets Scam Review

OFFICIAL SCAM URL: fxtradingmarkets.com

The FX Trading Markets trading platform claims to be able to make people rich through their awesome Forex trading system. However, from what we have gathered, this is anything but true. We are here today doing this FX Trading Markets review to provide you with fair warning about this horrible Forex scam!

FX Trading Markets Scam


FX Trading Markets Limited – A Fake & Fraudulent Company

The first thing about this FX Trading Markets scam which came to our attention is that there is no visible leadership or ownership. There is not a single mention on the whole site of who might be in charge here. So, in other words, the company and the trading platform are completely anonymous. The leaders are purposely staying hidden from sight. Folks, whenever people want your money, but won’t tell you who they are, it’s a telltale sign that something shady is going on.

Next, on the website, the claim is that this company is based in London, and there is even an address provided. Well, to absolutely no surprise to us, the address is completely fake. It simply does not exist, which also brings us to the next point. FX Trading Markets Limited is not registered as an official company in the UK whatsoever, which then brings us to the next issue, the most pressing one.

Trading apps like this, in order to be legit, need to be licensed with the required financial authorities. Well, of course, this FX Trading Markets app is not licensed or registered. It’s a completely illegal and illegitimate operation with zero authority to have a trading platform or to take money from people. The whole thing is one massive scam!

FX Trading Markets Scam


FX Trading Markets System – A Bogus Demo Account

The FX Trading Markets investment program comes complete with a demo account. Now, anybody can use this demo account for free. The point of the demo account is to sell potential investors on this app. However, these crooks are really sneaky, because the demo account is fake.

What we mean here is that the FX Trading Markets demo account is rigged. It’s set up in such a way that 99% of trades are won, thus making it seem like a great Forex trading platform.

Folks, just like a carnival game, it’s totally rigged. It’s just a bunch of smoke and mirrors designed to make this FX Trading Markets platform seem like a winner, so you sign up for a real account and invest money. It’s just a cheap trick designed to pull the wool over your eyes, because the real platform is not profitable whatsoever.

FX Trading Markets Scam


FX Trading Markets Scam – Refusing Withdrawals & Draining Accounts

A telltale sign that something shady is going on here is that not a single person who has invested money with this FX Trading Markets scam has ever received any sort of profits. We have been in communication with dozens of angry victims, and the story is always the same time after time. People invest money with this platform, go to trade, and the money is either gone or not available.

Some people have reported winning trades, but then not being able to withdraw the profits or even the initial investment. This goes to show that the FX Trading Markets platform most likely does not trade Forex or anything else for that matter.

It’s just an empty shell designed to look like a trading platform, one that uses smoke and mirrors to give users the impression that trading is going on. In reality, the criminals behind this Forex scam simply drain your trading accounts. More than likely, your initial investment goes straight into the bank accounts of whoever is running this scam. The bottom line is that if you invest any money here, it is going to disappear within a matter of minutes.

FX Trading Markets Scam

FX Trading Markets Platform – No Security

Another red flag that we encountered here has to do with the trading platform itself, specifically in terms of security, or the lack of it we should say. We quickly noticed that the trading platform has absolutely no DDoS or SSL Encryption.

In other words, this means that the platform has absolutely no security features to keep your money and your personal info safe. Now, in this case, most people would be worried about outside threats. However, the threat here is from the inside, from the crooks running this scam. The reason why they have not secured or encrypted anything is so they themselves can steal your money.


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FX Trading Markets Investment Platform – Bogus Prizes

Something that came to our attention right away has to do with the so called prizes offered to the leading traders. Apparently, the FX Trading Markets scam claims to have some sort of competition, with the leading traders being in the race for a variety of big time prizes, such as a Hublot diamond watch and a brand new Mercedes automobile.

Folks, this is nothing more than a lie. For one, we are shown this competition on a popup which pops up as soon as we reach the website. This is nothing more than a trick, a shameless sales tactic, one that has no truth to it whatsoever. Folks, the people behind this FX Trading Markets investment program are scammers and all they do is steal money from investors.

There is not a chance that these crooks are about to give away diamond watches and expensive sports cars on a monthly basis. This scam has been around for a while, and we know for a fact that not a single human being has won any of these prizes, thus proving that it’s just a cheap trick meant to convince people to hand over their hard earned money in the hopes of winning a fancy prize.

FX Trading Markets Scam

FX Trading Markets Review – Conclusion

The bottom line is that this FX Trading Markets system is a scam, it will steal your money, and you need to stay away from it at all costs!


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