Capitaria Forex Scam Review – DANGER!


Capitaria is a multi-faceted Forex trading scam that we absolutely need to warn people about. This South American based Forex trading platform has a ton of red flags indicating that there is something shady and illegal going on. There is a whole lot of dirt for us to cover in this Capitaria scam review, a lot of scam factors you need to know about.

Capitaria Scam

Capitaria System – Fake Leaders!

The first scam factor which came to out attention has to do with alleged company leadership. The official website shows a number of different people, mainly alleged managers, owners, and founders of this Forex trading system. Well, we looked up each and every single individual listed on the site’s about us page.

Of course, none of the people are legit. The people you see are just stolen or purchased stock photos combines with fake names. These are fictitious characters, no different than a fairy tale. Whoever is actually behind this Capitaria trading scam has chosen to stay anonymous and hidden from sight. This is definitely not a good sign.

Capitaria Scam


Capitaria Scam – Fake Company Info!

The next piece of bogus information we found has to do with the company information, mainly the telephone numbers and addresses. According to the official website, Capitaria has several main offices, including offices in Peru, Chile, Uruguay, and the British Virgin Islands.

Well, just like with the alleged company leaders, we did some research here, and of course, none of the provided addresses belong to this company, plus the phone numbers are bogus too. Fake addresses and phone numbers definitely indicate that something shady is in the works here.

Capitaria Scam


Capitaria Trading System – No Customer Support!

Related to the bogus phone numbers provided on the website, this Capitaria Forex scam also appears to have absolutely no customer support. We attempted to call these guys, and we tried all provided phone numbers. Nobody every picked up and the lines were always busy. We also tried emailing these crooks using the provided email address. To absolutely no surprise, nobody ever emailed us back. This is yet another big time indication that there is a scam going on here.


Capitaria Trading App – No Licensing or Registration!

Moreover, something you need to be aware of is that a company like this, which supposedly provides investment and trading services, specifically Forex and CFD, requires the proper kind of registration and licensing. Of course, this Capitaria scam has nothing of the sort. We checked with the respective governments and databases of the 4 countries which this company is supposedly based in, and of course, not a single one of them have ever heard of this company. There is simply no record of it ever existing at all.

On that same note, this Capitaria company is not licensed with any necessary regulatory and licensing agencies in the world. The bottom line is that this is a totally fake and bogus company which has no business providing any sort of Forex trading or investment services.


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Capitaria Brokers – Offshore Scammers!

Also related to the previous point, the Capitaria trading system is a completely unregistered and unregulated company, with its own offshore broker. Folks, these offshore brokers are not regularly anybody, and if they do something illegal, there are no consequences or repercussions. In other words, these criminals can do whatever they please, including stealing your money, and there is nothing that anybody can do about it.


Capitaria Demo Account – Smoke & Mirrors!

Yet another scam factor that came to our attention has to do with the demo trading account offered by Capitaria. The claim here is that potential users can test out the demo system. Apparently, besides trading with real money, the demo account is fully functional. It’s meant to show people how the full and real trading platform works. Folks, it’s all a bunch of tricks, some and mirrors. The demo account is rigged to always win trades, to make it seem like the real version will also be highly profitable, when this is anything but the case.


Capitaria User Testimonials – More Lies!

The website also features a bunch of so called user testimonials. Well, these Capitaria user testimonials consists of a few short words written by some person with a horribly generic name. People, these user testimonials are fake, they have no substance to them, and were written by the same crooks who are trying to scam you out of your money. Whatever you do, do not believe these completely fake user testimonials!

Capitaria Scam


Capitaria Trading Platform – No Security!

Something else that came to our attention is that while this Capitaria trading system does use MT4 as the platform of choice, it’s totally unsecured. There is absolutely no security or encryption in place to ensure that trader’s money and info is safe. Make no mistake about it though, because this is purposely done. The threat here is not actually from the outside, but from the inside. There is no security in place so that the anonymous crooks in charge can easily steal your money!


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Capitaria Trading Scam – No Profits, Only Losses!

The most important thing for us to mention here is that this Capitaria scam simply is not profitable in the least. When you deposit funds for trading, all money gets pooled into a single account, which promptly gets drained by whoever is in charge. So far, there has not been a single person who has been able to withdraw money or make profits here. The internet is rife with complaints about this scam and how it steals money from traders!


Capitaria Scam Review – Final Thoughts

The bottom line is that this Capitaria trading scam is nothing more than another Forex scam trying to steal your money! Whatever you do, stay as far away from this Forex scam as humanly possible!



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