How To Trade With FX Robotix Software


The FX Robotix app is very new, and it is a true Forex trading powerhouse, but that said, if you have never used it before, you might not know where to start. Today, we want to go over a little tutorial in terms of how to trade with FX Robotix software, how to trade successfully!

FX Robotix Platform

Making Profits with FX Robotix Software

Before we get into talking about how to trade with the FX Robotix app, let’s quickly review our own progress with this killer day trading software. We personally have done a small test session with this app so far, and it went very well.

We placed a total of 3 Forex trades in our first session, and yes, all 3 trades turned out to be profitable winners. No, you cannot always expect this software to win all trades placed, but the fact that a 100% ITM rate has already been achieved is a pretty big deal.

Let’s not forget that we managed to make neatly 40% in returns on our initial investment, all in a few minutes. We just wanted to remind you that the FX Robotix system can in fact be extremely profitable. Now, below, we want to describe how exactly to use the FX Robotix platform to generate profits just like we did in our first trading session.

How To Trade With The FX Robotix App

For those of you who have never traded with the FX Robotix system before, there are some big time tips you need to follow if you plan on being successful and making money. Right now, we want to take you on a little step by step guide on how you can use this day trading platform to put money in your pocket.


Check the Market News

The FX Robotix platform comes complete with a killer news section. It comes with all of the latest and most up to date market news developments. Since this feature is included, you definitely want to take advantage of it.

Using this market news section to examine daily news developments, market developments, and even political developments will give you a good idea of what the day’s trading environment is like for any given day. Being able to recognize important bits of news and determine how they will affect your trading strategy for the day, and the market as a whole, is always a good starting point.

FX Robotix Platform

Look For 3 Bull News

Now, this feature is not really available on the FX Robotix platform, so you will need to go to You want to go check the economic calendar for your time zone, and what you are looking for here are 3 Bull News releases in relation to currencies. 3 Bull News releases are never good for trading.

So, if for example, the United States Dollar is set for a 3 Bull News release, you will want to avoid trading with that particular currency for at least 15 minutes prior and after that news release. These 3 Bull News releases can often cause massive spikes and drops, or just unpredictable fluctuations in general. Knowing how to avoid these fluctuations, and which currencies to avoid, is very important before you begin trading for the day.

Examine the Market Condition

A super useful feature which the FX Robotix app comes with, which you need to take advantage of before you begin trading on any given day, is the market condition feature. This feature will inform you if the current market is bearish or bullish, and how strong in either direction it is leaning.

This is very important to take into account before you begin trading Forex. Knowing if the current market is bearish or bullish will allow you to determine whether it is safer to execute buy or sell trades. Knowing which direction to trade in, even for a single Forex currency pair, is the difference between making profits and suffering losses.

FX Robotix Platform

Use the Charting Solution

Alright, so the FX Robotix system does come with a fully functional charting solution. This is a 100% complete charting solution that comes with all of the possible time frames, indicators, and all of the tools you could ever need to day trade successfully. Ok, so what you need to know here is that using any charting solution for technical and fundamental analysis does take some skill and know how.

Therefore, it is wise for you to develop some knowledge of indicators and charting solutions, and for you to develop a couple of solid trading strategies, such as an exponential moving average strategy or a support and resistance strategy too. For instance, you can use a killer support and resistance trading strategy with the FX Robotix system, and you can use the full charting solution to execute it with precision and accuracy.

FX Robotix Platform

Trading at The Right Time

Something that is very important to take note of here is that there is a right time of day to trade and a wrong time. If you live in the GMT time zone, the right time to trade is between 9 AM and 7 PM GMT. However, if you do not live in the GMT time zone, you will have to do a time zone calculation and figure out when your opportune trading window is for your particular time zone. It has to match the opportune trading time for the GMT time zone.

Stick to Forex Trading

At this time, due to the super fragile and unpredictable nature of the cryptocurrency market, if you really want to make consistent and healthy profits, we would recommend using the FX Robotix system to stick to Forex trading. You should avoid trading cryptocurrencies for the time being, just because trading Forex is a bit safer, easier, and usually more profitable too.

FX Robotix Platform

Trading With FX Robotix Software – Conclusion

The bottom line is that if you follow the tips which we have outlined above, you should have no problems being successful when trading with the FX Robotix app!


FX Robotix

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