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If you are new to the day trading business, you might want to consider using reliable software such a the Cryptotrixi platform. Yes, we have already done some Cryptotrixi reviews, but people seem to have forgotten about it. This is what we are here for today, to refresh your memory and remind you about how profitable the Cryptotrixi app can really be.



Cryptotrixi Trading App – Asset Selection

One of the really cool parts about the Cryptotrixi app is the fact that you can trade a few different asset types with it. Now, when it comes to the name of the app, it is fair to assume that it comes with the ability to trade cryptocurrencies, which indeed it does. However, this is not all that this software can do, because besides providing reliable cryptocurrency signals, it also provides very reliable Forex signals.

It is not often that there is a trading application which provides reliable signals for more than one asset type, especially the combination of Forex and cryptocurrencies. Simply put, it is just super convenient that the Cryptotrixi trading app provides you with more than one type of signal, reliable signals, and lets you trade with them all in one place too.



Cryptotrixi Software – A Semi Automated App

Something that you definitely need to be aware of when it comes to Cryptotrixi trading software is the fact that it is semi automated in nature. A lot of people have been asking us if this software is fully automated. The answer to this question is no, it is not fully automated. This is not one of those trading platforms where you can just turn the system on, let it run, and let it place trades for you.

It will not do this. This software is semi automated, which means that it does provide you with very reliable trading signals. However, to place a trade, you have to execute positions individually and manually. Personally, we do not mind this at all, because it allows us to choose exactly which positions to move on, providing us with a great degree of control over trades.



Trading with The Cryptotrixi Platform – Success!

Yet another thing worth mentioning about this Cryptotrixi system is the fact that it is very reliable and profitable. If you have been following along with us, you know that we often do live trading sessions. Well, when it comes to this particular application, we have done a number of live trading sessions, and they all turned out quite well.

When it comes to our best Cryptotrixi trading session, we managed to make some pretty hefty profits. The session we are talking about here was one where we placed just 2 small Forex trades. We usually like sticking to Forex, as it tends to be the most profitable. Either way, in just a few minutes, with 2 small Forex trades, we managed to make a profit of nearly 400 Euros.

What is also worth mentioning here is that out of those 2 trades placed, both were winners, which translates to a 100% ITM rate. Now, you cannot always expect an app like this to 100% of the trades you place with it, and although it has happened with the Cryptotrixi platform, more than once in fact, it’s not something you should always expect. That being said, you should expect to win between 85% and 90% of all trades which you place with this day trading software.


How To Trade With Cryptotrixi Software

Something you would probably like to know here is how you can use the Cryptotrixi trading system to place profitable trades. Folks, using this particular software is actually quite easy, and placing winning trades is much less difficult than with many other apps out there. Let’s go through a quick step by step tutorial on how to use the Cryptotrixi app for the best results.

  1. First off, this platform comes complete with a market news section, so you would be wise to put that to use. Being familiar with daily news occurrences is very important for Forex and crypto trading, and it will help you determine which assets to work with.

  1. Next, before you begin trading, something else you should do is to go to investing.com. Here, you are looking for 3 Bull News. Of course, if there is any currency which is slated to have a 3 Bull news release, avoid trading with it for the time being.

  1. Next, now you are actually going to start trading with the Cryptotrixi system. Here, you want to go to the market analyzer tool, where you will select a specific crypto or Forex pairing to work with. This market selector tool is used to provide you with the most reliable trading signals. Here you can select what level of risk to engage in, the term of the position, and whether you want a buy or sell order, or a mixture of both.

  1. Once you have completed all of this, you will then be provided with the most relevant, up to date, and reliable signals based on your own settings. Now you can place a trade as desired.

The Cryptotrixi App – Final Thoughts

The bottom line is that at this time, the Cryptotrxi app is one of the better day trading applications out there. It provides both cryptocurrency and Forex signals, reliable ones to trade with. The signals you get are highly customizable, so you can trade exactly the way you want. In terms of overall profits, we do have to say that this is one of the more profitable and reliable day trading applications in the world at this time.



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