Bit Trader Zone Scam Review


If you are interested in automated Bitcoin trading to make good profits, you may have looked into the Bit Trader Zone investment program. The Bit Trader Zone system claims to be able to make massive profits through the trading of Bitcoin, and apparently the user does not even have to do any of the heavy lifting. Supposedly, all you have to do is invest some money into a certain plan, wait for your profits to accumulate, and then withdraw them without issue.

However, we are not quite so convinced of this Bit Trader Zone HYIP, as there are a lot of aspects here which simply do not make any sense whatsoever. There are a number of scam factors and big time red flags which came to our attention here, ones we just cannot get over so easily. There are a variety of reasons as to why this particular cryptocurrency trading investment program is not trustworthy, and we are here to discuss all of these right here and now.

Bit Trader Zone Scam

Bit Trader Zone Company Information

The very first scam factor which came to our attention here is that there is no information about the people behind this Bit Trader Zone system. There is not a single mention of who owns it, who started it, who operates it, or anything else of the sort, just nothing. Moreover, there is also no information regarding licensing or registration.

Bit Trader Zone Scam

Remember folks, this is supposed to an investment company, so to operate legally, it would need to be licensed and registered, which it is not. The Bit Trader Zone company claims to be located in the USA, as indicated by the provided address.

However, the address is totally bogus and does not belong to this company, and we know it’s not a licensed investment services provider. In other words, Bit Trader Zone is totally anonymous, it’s not registered, the company does not exist legally, and it certainly has no authority to be providing investment services to people.


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Bit Trader Zone Investment Plans

One thing which definitely stands out about this Bit Trader Zone investment system is that there are a number of plans available to invest in. These plans range from the basic plan with a minimum investment of $300, all the way up to the VVIP plan with a minimum investment of $10,000. Alright, so far so good, but really not so much.

The big problem we have here is that there is no indication of what the supposed profits are like. None of the investment plans indicate how long the investments are open for or what the ROI is like. In terms of supposed returns, there is just no information at all.

This is very suspicious indeed, because if we are to invest money in some sort of Bitcoin trading scheme, we definitely want to know what the ROI is going to be like, at least a rough ballpark estimate anyway. The fact that the people behind this Bit Trader Zone system will not disclose any information in this regard is very suspicious to say the least.

Bit Trader Zone Scam

Bit Trader Zone System – Confusion About Profit Method

Yet another red flag which stands out here is that there seems to be some confusion on the website in terms of how these profits are generated. The website itself claims that this is a Bitcoin trading solution.

It is supposed to be software which automatically trades Bitcoin on the market, and then provides you with the profits. However, if you then take a look at some of the Bit Trader Zone user testimonials, you might notice that many of them talk about Bitcoin mining.

This is just very confusing, because the site itself, aside from user testimonials, never mentions Bitcoin mining. It just does not make any sense and it calls into question the validity of this whole investment program. Either way, there is actually absolutely zero evidence that any form of cryptocurrency mining or trading ever occurs here.

Bit Trader Zone Scam

Bit Trader Zone HYIP – Unhappy Victims

What stands out the most about this Bit Trader Zone scam is the fact that there are a great amount of unhappy people who have had money stolen from them by this cryptocurrency scam. Literally everyone we have come into contact with, as well as online forums we have researched, all come to the same conclusion.

People invest a whole lot of money with this cryptocurrency trading system, only to never get any returns whatsoever. There seems to be a common theme here. The people behind this scam will ask you to invest even more money, just to withdraw your profits. They say that there is a trading commission fee which needs to be paid.

However, if this were the real deal, that commission would just come out of the trading profits, and would not need to be paid separately. This is clearly just a vein attempt from the scammers behind the Bit Trader Zone scam to sucker even more money out of victims before running off with it. Folks, nobody has ever received any sort of profit or ROI from this cryptocurrency investment system, and that is enough for us to know that it is undoubtedly a scam.

Bit Trader Zone Scam

Bit Trader Zone User Testimonials – More BS!

What we do know for a fact is that the Bit Trader Zone user testimonials featured on the website are totally bogus. There are 3 of them, and we tried finding the 3 people who wrote them. We checked all forms of social media, Google, LinkedIn, and so much more, and came up totally empty. It appears that the so called people who left these user testimonials are not real people at all. They are bogus, fake, nothing more than fictitious characters created to try and sell this scam.

Bit Trader Zone Scam

Bit Trader Zone Review – Final Thoughts

The bottom line is that the Bit Trader Zone system is nothing more than another cryptocurrency scam. It’s a massive rip off designed to steal money from anybody and everybody that comes near it!


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