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We have been getting a lot of messages from people who are losing trades with BinBot Pro, and thus losing money. We are here today to tell you how to win way more trades with this great software, and therefore how to make money. Now, day trading, whether Forex or otherwise, is not easy, but if you know what you are doing, it can be very lucrative. Today we want to talk about how to make your own custom BinBot Pro trading bot to start putting big time cash in your pocket. Using the setup we are about tell you how to create, we made well over $1,800 in a single day!

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BinBot Pro App – People Keep Losing ….. WHY?

Alright, so here we want to provide you with the best chance of making money and winning trades with the BinBot Pro application. Now, this is indeed one of our favorite signal providers and day trading programs out there, which is because it actually works to put money in our pocket on a regular basis. That being said, it’s not like this system is foolproof. You do have to trade smart, trade at the right times, and you have to know what you are doing.

Like we said earlier on here today, there are many people that have been losing trades with the BinBot Pro platform, which honestly is no fault of the application itself. One of the main reasons why people have been losing trades, and thus losing money, is because people keep going back to that selection of premade bots and premade trading strategies located on the left hand side of the platform. Folks, simply put, while these can win some trades here and there, they aren’t great for maximizing profits, especially in the long term.

Therefore, as we have stated in the past, several time, please just stay away from the BinBot Pro trading bots that are ready for you to choose. Sure, they are easy to work with, and some are better than others, and you may actually profit in some cases. However, at the end of the day, they just don’t stack up. Stack up to what? Well, the best way to use this day trading app, particularly for Forex, is to actually custom make your own bot. Yeah, that’s right folks, with the BinBot Pro system, you can customize and create your own bot or strategy. Let’s talk about how to do this now.


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Creating A Winning Bot With BinBot Pro Software

Ok, so now we want to give you some big time winning tips on how to create your own BinBot Pro trading bot, otherwise known as a strategy. It’s really not all that hard, but you do need to know what you are doing. Well, we need to know what we are doing. You just need to copy the settings and parameters which we are about to lay out for you in an easy step by step manner. If you follow our tips and copy our setup, you should have no problems winning the majority of your trades, and therefore putting money in your pocket.

  1. The first thing that you want to do when customizing your own BinBot Pro trading bot is to choose the Forex currency pairs which you want your bot to auto trade for you. Now, here, we try to stick with just 2 or 3 pairings, the best ones of course. We usually select EUR/USD and USD/CHF. The reason for this is because these two pairings are intercorrelated, which means that when one goes up or down, the other does the opposite, and this makes trading much more reliable.

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  1. On a side note, you do still want to go to and check the economic calendar for 3 Bull News. You need to check that none of the currencies you have selected for your custom bot are set for 3 Bull News releases. If any currency is slated for a 3 Bull News release, you will want to hold off on trading with that particularly currency until that news has passed. It’s all about volatility and predictability.

  1. Now, using our charting solution, using resistance indicators, we have to examine whether these pairings, CHF/USD, and EUR/USD will go up or down, as now we are going to select the level of buy or sell which each pair is set to. For a better explanation, we do recommend watching the included video, as it’s much easier to understand when you can see what’s going on first hand on camera. Based on the chart pattern we see, EUR/USD is set to increase in value, so we set it to a strong buy order, and the opposite is the case for CHF/USD, so we set it to strong sell.

  1. Now it is time to select the indicators we are going to use here, as well as the time frame which we will set them to. For BinBot Pro software, we always activate the Stochastic, CCI, and MACD indicators. Deactivate the RSI, ADX, and AROON indicators. You don’t want to use those. In terms of time periods, MACD is set to 5 minutes, CCI to 15 minutes, and Stochastic to 5 minutes.

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  1. The other thing to keep in mind here, now that your BinBot Pro custom bot is ready to go, is that you really only want to activate it between 9 AM and 7 PM GMT. If you don’t live in the GMT time zone, be sure to make the appropriate calculations to get the proper trading window for you.

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How To Win With BinBot Pro – Final Thoughts

The bottom line is that if you follow our tips and rules when it comes to making a custom BinBot Pro trading app, you should have no problems winning trades. As you can see from the included video, we managed to make a profit of nearly $1,900 in a single day using this exact setup. There is no reason why you cannot do the same. You just need to trade smart. That’s the most important aspect of all!


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