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If you have not already tried using the Cryptotrixi trading app for day trading, we would definitely recommend giving it a try. Yes, it is brand new, just released a few days ago, but it has already made quite the impact in the world of day trading. Simply put, it’s very user friendly and simple to get the hang of, the signals are very accurate, and there is some very big money making potential here. That being said, a lot of people have had a variety of inquiries, hence our Cryptotrixi FAQ right here and now.


What Does The Cryptotrixi App Do?

The Cryptotrixi app is a combination signals provider and trading platform. It’s an all in one piece of software which provides you with the most profitable trading signals around. You can then execute trades upon those signals, of course, with the end goal of winning trades and putting money in your pocket. It comes with a variety of features and a high level of functionality in order to ensure maximum user friendliness, signal accuracy, and profitability.


Is Cryptotrixi Software Fully Automated?

Cryptotrixi trading software is automated in the sense that it does automatically produce signals for you to trade with. However, it is not fully automated in the sense that it will not trade for you. In other words, this is not one of those fully automated autotraders that you can just turn and let it do all of the work. Here, you need to execute each trade manually and individually. We personally find this to be beneficial, because it allows for an increased degree of control over the trades being placed. Being able to pick and choose specific signals and trades is a big deal.



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What Can The Cryptotrixi Platform Trade?

In terms of what this Cryptorixi platform is designed to trade, as you might have figured out, based on what it is called, it does trade cryptocurrencies. Yes, indeed, it is primarily designed for trading various cryptocurrencies, but it can do more than that. This software does also provide you with Forex signals, and allows you to trade with them. So, what this means is that this app is a combination Forex and cryptocurrency signals provider and trading platform. We do like how both of these asset types can be trade with a single app. It definitely comes in quite handy.


Are There Any Valuable Features Included With The Cryptotrixi Program?

Yes, in fact, the trading platform itself comes with a large number of useful and user friendly features to help making trading a bit easier for you. With this app, you get a fully functional charting solution, a market news section, and a market analyzer where you can select signals and signal criteria. The Cryptotrixi program is actually quite advanced and technologically sound. Now, some of these features, such as the charting solution, do take a bit of know how to use, but that said, the platform itself is very simple and basic to use. A beginner day trader should be able to use it, and all included features, to place some pretty profitable trades.


How Does The Cryptotrixi Market Analyzer Work?

The market analyzer is the main tool included with the Cryptotrixi arsenal which you will be using to select the most profitable trading signals. First off, here you need to select the Forex or cryptocurrency pairing that you want to work with. After that, you can select whether you want to receive buy or sell positions for the signal in question (or both). After that, you can select the level of risk you want to engage in. In other words, low risk trades have a high chance of winning small profits, and high risk trades have a lower chance of winning, but come with much bigger profits.


How Do I Trade With The Cryptotrixi App?

Trading with the Cryptotrixi app is actually quite easy. Before you get started, it is wise to check the included market news section, and to go to to check for 3 Bull News on the economic calendar. It’s also a good idea to use the included full charting solution to perform some much needed analysis.

You can then go to the signals section within the platform and select a specific trading asset, such as a cryptocurrency pair or Forex pairing. You can then select from long or short term trades, buy or sell positions, and the level of risk you want to engage in. Once you have done this, you will be provided with the best possible position for the specific signal and criteria you have selected, upon which you can then execute a trade.


Can I Choose My Broker?

Now, people have been wondering whether or not they can choose their broker with the Cryptotrixi system. Unfortunately no, you cannot choose your own broker here. When you sign up for the app, you are automatically assigned a broker based on your region. Now, what we do have to say here is that all brokers associated with this app are 100% registered, legit, and licensed. There are no scam brokers or shady characters involved here. A little loophole, if you don’t like your assigned broker, is to sign up for a new Cryptotrixi account with a different email address. This is not sure fire, but it may change the assigned broker, maybe.



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What’s The Win Rate Like With Cryptotrixi Software?

We personally have already done one live trading session with this app. We placed 2 Forex trades, and both turned out to be winners, which translates to a 100% win rate. Now, we did only place 2 trades, so the margin for error was pretty small. If you were to place more trades, we would expect the ITM rate for this Cryptotrixi trading software to be at least 85%, which is not bad at all.


Cryptotrixi FAQ – Final Thoughts

Folks, if you would like to make real profits trading cryptocurrencies and Forex, and you need something simple and user friendly, trying the Cryptotrixi app is absolutely something you should do!



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