BinBot Pro vs BTrade Signal Pro



So, you want to day trade Forex, crypto, and more, but don’t know which signals provider and autotrader is best to use. Today we want to do a BinBot Pro vs Btrade Signal Pro comparison to find out which one is best. Now, both of these signals providers and autotraders are top notch, some of the best in the world right now, but there can only be one winner!

BinBot Pro vs BTrade Signal Pro

BinBot Pro vs BTrade Signal Pro

BinBot Pro vs Btrade Signal Pro

Alright, so now, we want to do a side by side BinBot Pro vs Btrade Signal Pro comparison to see exactly how they stack up against one another. We are going to compare several points of interest here including things like the level of automation, trading assets, platform features, overall performance, profitability, and more. Let’s get right to this BinBot Pro vs Btrade Signal Pro review to see which one is better for you.


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The first point of comparison we want to look at here has to do with the level of automation which each of these signals providers features. First off, the Btrade Signal Pro app is a semi automated trading platform. This means that it does automatically generate signals to trade with, but you do have to execute each and every trade manually. This is the only type of trading style which BTrade Signal Pro software comes with.

On the other hand, there is the BinBot Pro app, which does also have this semi-automated trading feature. However, BinBot Pro has more than just that, because there is in fact also a fully automated mode here. You can simply turn on the full auto feature, let it trade for you, and it should provide you with easy profits, without you actually having to do any work. So, in terms of automation, we do think that BinBotPro is the winner.

BinBot Pro vs BTrade Signal Pro

Trading Assets

The next point of comparison to look at in this BinBot Pro vs Btrade Signal Pro comparison is what kind of trading assets can be traded with. First off, with BTrade signal pro software, you can trade both Forex and cryptocurrencies. This is not too bad, and yes, there are a good number of pairings for both crypto and Forex with this new software.

However, when it comes to the pure amount of assets that can be traded, once again BinBot Pro software is by far the superior trading platform. It has many times more Forex and crypto pairings to work with, plus it can also trade CFD and a number of other asset classes too. Simply put, BinBot Pro just has a heck of a lot more selection when it comes to tradable assets.



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Platform Features

Yet another important thing to consider in this BinBot Pro vs Btrade Signal Pro comparison is which platform has more features, and which one is easier to use. Now, to start off, the BTrade Signal Pro app does have some charting solutions, as well, you get direct access to Tradingview for a ton of market information. However, that’s it, and there are really no other useful features to work with here.

As seems to be the case, BinBot Pro is the superior trading platform in most regards, and yes, it has a lot more features to work with. Of course, it does have a full charting solution complete with all the bells and whistles, a much better charting solution than the other software. Moreover, with BinBot Pro, you also get the full auto trading mode, plus all pairings come with a probability rating. This is a feature which tells you the chances of any given trade being a winner, and it’s one of the best features out there.

Strategy Customization

One truly awesome thing that you can do with the BinBot Pro trading app is to create your own custom trading bot or strategy. Here, you can select which currency pairs to trade with, the indicators, and all necessary parameters, and you can the use the full auto mode to let this customized bot trade for you automatically. It’s an awesome feature, something which the BTrade Signal Pro does not come with at all.

Accepted Countries

The next thing to be compared in this BinBot Pro vs Btrade Signal Pro review is which one of them accepts more countries. Unfortunately, there are many countries in the world which do not allow for these kinds of automated signals providers and autotraders.

Now, when it comes to the BTrade Signal Pro app, the amount of accepted countries is quite good, and yes, there are many countries in the world which it accepts. However, when all is said and done, the BinBot Pro app still accepts more countries. One of the biggest differences is that traders from the USA can use the BinBot Pro app, but they cannot use the BTrade automated app. It’s a pretty big deal as far as we are concerned.

Signal Accuracy & Profitability

The final and perhaps the most important point of comparison between these two day trading applications is which one provides more accurate signals and which one is more profitable at the end of the day. After all, the main point of any signals provider for Forex, crypto, and otherwise, is to be accurate and to make money. So, which one of these systems in this BinBot Pro vs Btrade Signal Pro comparison is going to put more cash in your pocket on a daily basis?

Hands down, it’s once again the BinBot Pro system that wins the day, as the win rate is about 10% higher with it than with the BTrade Signal Pro app. With BTrade Signal Pro, expect to win between 75% and 85% of trades, which by the way is actually still very good. However, it doesn’t stack up the awesome 95% win rate which BinBot Pro software can muster.

BinBot Pro vs Btrade Signal Pro – Final Thoughts

Alright, so the bottom line here is that in literally every single way, the BinBot Pro app is better than BTrade Signal Pro software. It has more features, it accepts more countries, it’s easier to use, and it’s way more profitable too.


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BTrade Signal Pro

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BinBot Pro vs BTrade Signal Pro
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