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Webull is a highly trusted online stock trading system, one that is super simple to use, charges no fees at all, and comes with everything you need to easily and profitably trade stocks in one place. If you are sick and tired of having to use various programs, charting solutions, and more, all just to trade some stocks, you might want to check out the Webull zero commission day trading platform.

That is right folks, not only is this an all in one stock trading and market analysis system, but it doesn’t even charge any commissions either! It really is one of the only free commission trading platforms out there right now, and yes, we do think that this is a really big deal no doubt. This is our Webull review, and we are here to tell you all about this one stop shop for all of your stock trading needs.


What Is The Webull Online Trading App?

So, in layman’s terms, Webull is a totally free online stock trading system. Here you get access to all of the relevant tools you need to trade stocks online with ease. You get access to market news, stock quotes, indicators, charting solutions, and everything else you need to figure out which stocks are ripe for the picking.

You get all of the tools you need to decide whether a certain stock can be traded, so bought or sold, for a profit. It allows you to trade stocks online without having to switch back and forth between market analysis tools and your trading brokerage.

Folks, the fact that you don’t need a separate broker here is a pretty big deal indeed. Therefore, the fact that you can analyse the stock market and place trades, all with this single Webull stock trading system, helps you save a lot of time, and thus helps you increase your overall profit margins too. It’s just something that helps make your day trading life a little bit easier and a heck of a lot more profitable.


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Webull – The Zero Commission Day Trading Platform

Ok folks, so one of the best aspects of the Webull trading platform is the fact that it does not charge commissions on your stock trades. There are lots of reliable and trustworthy trading apps out there, but they all charge commissions, usually on each trade, and they can be quite high. Some of the leading online stock brokerages out there can charge as much as $7 per trade, and yes, that can add up a whole lot and real fast.

On average, if you were to place 100 trades per month with any other online stock broker or trading platform, you could spend as much as $700, or more, just on commission fees. Yeah, it’s a lot of money to be paying.


However, since Webull does not charge commissions, you pay nothing at all, and on 100 trades per month, this means saving $700 each and every single month. If you were to place, say 5,000 trades per month, as some serious stock traders do, you could save nearly $35,000 every month, just because there are no fees or commissions with Webull.

Now, something that you do need to know here is that Webull provides you with unlimited weekly trades, all with no commission, if you have over $25,000 in your trading account. However, if you have less than $25,000 in your account, you will only be allowed to perform 3 stock trades every 5 business days. So, if you want to use Webull to place an unlimited amount of trades, you do need to maintain a $25,000 minimum account balance.

Webull Free Stock Market Analysis

Yet another aspect of the Webull trading app which you might really like is that it comes with absolutely everything you need to make knowledgeable and informed stock market trading decisions. Here are just some of the things which you get with the platform, which mind you is totally mobile friendly.

  • Stock market quotes – real time stock market quotes
  • Free charting solutions
  • Access to over 25 reliable indicators
  • Press Releases
  • Capital Flows
  • Earnings calendars
  • Advanced quotes

The fact of the matter is that here you really do get everything you need to trade stocks online with great efficiency and accuracy.


Get Your Free Webull Stock

Something that is definitely worth noting about this Webull online stock trading platform is the fact that when you sign up for an account, which costs nothing at all, you get a free stock. So, signing up for a Webull account will cost you nothing at all, as it is totally free, and even better, you do get some free money just for signing up. Once your account is activated, you get a free stock, one of your choosing, one which could potentially already be worth a heck of a lot of cash, and probably turn into more!


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Webull User Testimonials

The final thing we would like to mention here is that there are plenty of positive Webull user testimonials out there. Now, there are many of these user testimonials listed right on the website itself, but we never take these at face value.

However, if you go look online, with a simple Google search, you will see that in fact, this Webull platform is trusted and highly regarded by the vast majority of people that have and do still use it. Simply put, according to users and third parties, it’s one of the best, most trustworthy, cost effective, and reliable stock market trading platforms in the world right now.


Webull Review – Final Thoughts

Remember folks, when you sign up for the Webull online stock market trading platform, you don’t have to pay anything at all, and yes, you even get a free stock. Once your account has been created, you can then use the plethora of tools and resources provided to analyze the market, then place profitable stock trades all in one place, with the Webull platform.



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