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The eToro signals provider, broker, and trading platform is truly a one stop shop for day traders. With thousands of assets to trade, various user friendly features, a high ITM rate, and much more, it’s a great way to put easy money in your pocket. We are here today doing this eToro review to provide you with all the info you will ever need about this first rate day trading platform.



eToro Trading Platform – What Is It?

In simplest terms, the eToro platform is a social trading platform. Now, what is means is that you have the ability to rely on other top traders for information in regards to the trades you should place. Yes, this is a signals provider for a variety of assets, more or less all asset types. This is a full market trading platform that can trade virtually anything out there.

It does function as a normal signals provider for a variety of assets, and you can then choose which assets to utilize and which positions to execute. In this way, the eToro system is much like other signals providers and automated traders out there.

You are provided with a variety of signals and you can then choose the best ones for you to execute trades with. What we also want to make clear about this eToro application is the fact that it is legit. It’s been around for a number of years now, it has hundreds of thousands of users, and by all means it appears to be one of the more successful and popular systems out there right now.



What Can I Trade With The eToro App?

Something which is pretty neat about this eToro signals provider and trading app is the fact that it allows you to trade with a really wide variety of assets. As you probably know, there are a few other great signals providers and autotraders out there. However, the problem with many of these programs is that they only specialize in one or maybe two asset types. Sure, if you only want to trade Forex or Crypto, or maybe stocks, or commodities, and you are happy with having to use different apps for different asset types, then power to you.

However, the great part about this eToro system is that it really is a one stop shop for all of your trading needs. This particular software allows you to trade Forex, CFD, stocks, cryptocurrencies, commodities, ETFS, and Indices too. That is right folks, you can use this one single application to trade virtually all types of assets available on the market today. There are very few, if any applications out there which allow for this. At the end of the day, between everything that is available, eToro software provides thousands of different signals which you can execute trades upon.



The eToro News Feed

Yet another neat aspect of this eToro trading software is the fact that it comes with an amazing news feed. As you probably know, market news is a really big deal for any day trader. You need to know what is going on in the market in order for you to have enough knowledge to place profitable and successful trades.

Indeed, you cannot trade blindly or just use your gut instinct. This won’t get you very far, and the eToro app knows this. With the market news feed available here, you will be provided with all of the relevant market and political news you need to make highly informed trading decisions, and we do say that this is extremely important indeed.



eToro Semi Automated Trading

Something you would probably like to know about the eToro app is how trades are executed. Many people wonder whether this is a fully automated trading app, otherwise known as a full autotrader. No, folks, this is not a fully automated system. Now, the signals which you are provided are given to you automatically. Yes, this much is true.

This is an automated signals provider which gives you the best possible signals based on your personal preferences. However, on the other hand, you do have to execute individual trades manually, so it’s not fully automated in that sense. You cannot just turn this software on and have it place trades for you. You have to execute each trade on your own.

Personally, we think that this is a very good thing, because it allows for a high degree of control over trades, and it allows users to choose which positions to move on and which ones to ignore. Yet, another main function of this eToro system is the copy trade function, which we are about to talk about below.


eToro Social Trading Copy Function – Copy Trades!

Ok, so without a shadow of a doubt, one of the very best things which this eToro trading system has to offer you is the copy trades function. Here, as you will see, on the platform, there is a section where you can copy the trades of other trades. Here, you will see displayed the top earning traders of any given time period, as well as their top trades.

This is a really cool aspect indeed, because this allows you to copy the most profitable trades as soon as they are made or closed. It’s an easy way for beginners to trade Forex, crypto, CFD, stocks, commodities, indices, and anything in between, without really having to know much, or anything about the market. You can simply copy other profitable traders and their highest earning trades, for an easy, simple, fast, and super reliable way to put money in your own pocket.

This is why it is called the eToro social trading platform, due to the highly social aspect of it. Day traders can communicate with each other, provide each other with news, and yes, copy each others trades too. We think that this method of trading is actually extremely reliable and it has shown to be super profitable too. It’s a great way for beginners to make money, even without much day trading experience.



eToro Market Portfolios For You

Now, the eToro market portfolios are technically related to the copy trades feature, but there is a lot more to it than that. As you will see on the platform itself, there is a copy market portfolio section. Here you will see various investment portfolios with diverse assets. Here, you will see that there are various market portfolios which you can invest in.

Some of these portfolios are actually those of other traders, and you will only be shown the highest earning ones, which means that you can create your own profitable investment portfolio using those very same assets. Now, there are plenty of other portfolios which you can choose to invest in here, ones that are not from other traders. There are stock and stock market portfolios, ones which contain mostly commodities, ones for Forex, portfolios for cryptocurrencies, and more as well.

The point here is that you can use eToro to quickly create a diverse and highly profitable investment portfolio without having to choose the individual assets and components on your own. For instance, one portfolio might be centered around food, which then uses a special algorithm to choose the highest earning food related stocks and commodities, and then puts those all in your portfolio.

It’s a great way to use eToro, because you can build a super diverse investment portfolio with a wide variety of assets, all in one easy step. Of course, you can choose to create your own portfolio, invest in one of the existing ones, or copy the portfolios of current top earning traders too.



The eToro Personalized Watchlist

Yet another feature of the eToro trading app which you might like is the personalized watchlist. The eToro personalized watchlist is yours to customize. Here, you can mark various assets, like currencies, Forex pairs, stocks, commodities, or whatever else, and put them on the watchlist.

When your chosen assets are on the watchlist, you can easily keep track of them, see what they are doing, if there is important news regarding them, or if the price is set to take a drastic dip or spike upwards anytime soon. This watchlist allows you to keep track of your favorite assets so you can make easy and informed split second trading decisions.

Something else you can do with the eToro watchlist is to closely follow your favorite traders, and you will see exactly what they do and when they do it. This is awesome because it makes the copy trade functions so much more efficient. You keep track of your favorite traders, and then, when they make a trade, you will instantly be notified of it. At this time, you can then decide if it is worth it to copy that specific trade. It’s a really cool function that no other good day trading application has featured up until now.



eToro Is Its Own Broker!

Hands down one of the very best aspects of this eToro day trading app is the fact that it is its own broker. Have you ever heard of this being the case before? We sure haven’t! With any other signals provider or semi-atuomated trading platform out there, you always need to sign up a with a separate broker. This means that you have to create a trading account and a broker account, and then you have to ensure that both are properly linked together.

Of course, there are usually always issues that arise, and a lot of problems that need solving. It’s just a pain in the neck and a monumental waste of time. However, the eToro broker is also the eToro trading platform. This is an all in one signals provider, trading system, and broker too, so you only need to make a single account, and everything is already perfectly linked together. It’s just another aspect of this day trading platform which helps to make life a high of a lot easier for everybody.


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Get Free Money For Signing Up With eToro

Another aspect of this eToro system which many people are going to love is the fact that these guys are handing out a lot of free money. First of all, when you sign up with this app, you will get $100 for free, so you can invest and start your trading career without even having to risk your own capital.

Now, you do need to deposit a minimum of $200 in order to create an account, but you will receive that $100, plus another $50 trading bonus as well! Even better is that if you sign up through Facebook Connect, you will get an additional $50 just like that. Have you ever heard of another application which gives out so much free cash to new traders? We sure haven’t!



How To Sign Up For The eToro Trading App

Signing up for the eToro trading system and broker is about as easy as can be. First off, just follow the official links which we have provided here today, at the top and bottom of our review. Then, you will see sign up links clearly displayed on the web page. You will then have to enter some personal info to create your trading and broker account, verify them via email, deposit some trading cash, and you are good to go. It really does not get much easier than that!


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eToro Review – A Great Social Trading App

Alright folks, so as you can see, this eToro system is indeed one of the best all in one trading systems in the world. It allow you to perform copy trading and semi-automated trading with all asset types that can be traded on the market. You get access to news feeds, you get a watchlist, and can invest in premade portfolios too, not to mention that you get free money for signing up. If you want to use a high class, reliable, and user friendly broker, signals provider, and trading app, all in one, which will actually help put money in your pocket, then eToro is a great option to consider no doubt.




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