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The Pearlbridge Investments system claims to provide investors with absolutely astronomical returns through crypto mining and trading. Well, we have some serious doubts about the reliability and legitimacy of this crypto HYIP, and it’s why we are here doing this Pearlbridge Investments scam review right now.

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Alright, so before we get into this crypto HYIP and what it does, let’s first take a closer look at the company behind it, as well as its leadership. So, first off, we could not locate any evidence or information in regards to company ownership or leadership. From what we can tell, this cryptocurrency HYIP is totally anonymous and faceless.

It is always a really bad sign when people who want you to invest money won’t tell you who they are. Anonymous investment programs like this are always indicative of a scam. After all, if this Pearlbridge Investments program were legit, the owners and leaders would have no problem showing their true faces. However, the fact that they choose to purposely remain hidden from sight is a big red flag, and it’s very suspicious to say the least.


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Pearlbridge Investments LTD – The Company

Next, when it comes to company information, the website does provide us with an address, which is supposedly in the UK. Now, this address is a real address, but of course, it does not belong to this company. It’s just a lie. Next, we also tried emailing these guys using the provided email address, and surprise, surprise, nobody ever got back to us.

We also looked the company up in terms of registration. If this Pearlbridge Investments LTD company were real, it would be registered in the UK Companies House, but of course, it is not. Therefore, it’s not even a legal business entity in the UK, as claimed on the website.

Finally, this is a financial services HYIP, one which supposedly provides a variety of investment services, and therefore it would have to be registered and licensed with the proper authorities, such as the FCA for one. Yet, it is not registered or licensed in any way, shape, or form. In other words, this is a totally illegal business entity that has no business taking money from you or claiming to make investments on your behalf.

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Pearlbridge Investments HYIP – How Are Profits Generated, Allegedly?

Well, here we are told that the Pearlbridge Investments crypto investment program uses a variety of methods to provide investors with big time returns. Mainly, there are two revenue streams here, which are Bitcoin and crypto trading, as well as crypto mining too.

Sure, both the trading and mining of various cryptocurrencies can be fairly profitable. There is no doubt about that. However, we do have doubts about this Pearlbridge Investments HYIP, mainly because there is absolutely no evidence that any such cryptocurrency trading or mining goes on here.

We are not told who does the trading, if there is automated software being used to trade crypto, what the return are like, or which cryptocurrencies are being traded. There is also absolutely no information provided to us about the crypto mining process either, such as where the mining farms are, what the overhead costs are, or anything else of the sort. For an investment company that claims to do so much, there sure is very limited evidence that it does anything at all, well, besides steal money from innocent and unsuspecting investors.

Pearlbridge Investments System – Ridiculous Profits Promised

Something else, another red flag which stands out about this Pearlbridge Investments system is how they promise absolutely massive returns. Let’s just keep in mind that there is no evidence that any crypto mining or trading ever goes on here. Investors are told that if they deposit $5,000 or more, the daily returns will be 5.2%, every single day, for the rest of their lives.

Sure, this sounds like a great deal of course, because it would mean that it would take less than a month for an investor to double their money. Over the long run, this would result in astronomical returns. Yeah, it would be nice if this were true, but it’s totally unrealistic, and in all reality, it’s completely impossible too.

There’s also the fact that we have received multiple complaints and emails regarding this Pearlbridge Investments program, and how they don’t pay out as promised. Folks, as it seems, these guys simply cut and run with the money, they never trade or mine crypto, and they certainly don’t provide returns. It’s nothing more than highway robbery at its finest.

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Pearlbridge Investments User Testimonials – More Lies!

The next Pearlbridge Investments scam factor which quickly came to our attention here has to do with the user testimonials. The website features a bunch of user testimonials from so called happy clients. However, these people, if we can call them that, are not real at all. We tried looking up any and all of the users who allegedly left some positive comments, but could not locate a singe one of them.

Heck, there are not even any pictures of their faces features on the Pearlbridge Investments website. Therefore, it is safe to assume that these Pearlbridge Investments user testimonials are bogus. This is especially true seeing as we have only heard complaints and horrible things about this crypto HYIP.

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Pearlbridge Investments Referral Bonuses – Some More BS!

The Pearlbridge Investments system claims that it will provide you with a 10% referral bonus when you get other people to invest. Folks, this is a lie, because these crooks never pay out that 10% as promised. This is just a way to widen their net and scam even more people out of their money. Yes, they will steal the money from whomever you refer to invest, and then they won’t even give you that 10% bonus either. It’s just a bunch of lies.

Pearlbridge Investments Review – Final Thoughts

There is nothing left to say about the Pearlbridge Investments scam besides that you need to stay away from it. The only purpose it serves is to steal money from whoever comes near it!


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