FX Coin Bot vs BinBot Pro Comparison

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The FX Coin Bot app is a very new autotrader that was just released a few weeks ago. The BinBot Pro autotrader has now been around for well over a year. Both of these Forex and crypto signals providers and autotraders appear to work extremely well at winning trades and banking cash. However, even though both work great, chances are that you will only want to use one of them. Today, we are here to do a FX Coin Bot vs BinBot Pro comparison, to see which one of these autotraders is best for you.

Now, we know for a fact that both of these autotraders do work very well, and we have tested them both extensively, so there’s no doubt that they are both legit and profitable. We will be comparing both of these trading applications using various categories such as which assets are best to trade with, the average ITM rate, if they are better for long or short term trading, and so on and so forth. This is our FX Coin Bot vs BinBot Pro comparison and we are here to figure out which one of these is best for you.

FX Coin Bot vs BinBot Pro

FX Coin Bot App vs BinBot Pro App – Best Assets To Trade

As you might now, autotraders can often trade more than one asset class. Most of them usually allow to trade Forex as well as cryptocurrencies, with some also allowing for stock and commodities trading. In terms of trading assets, both of these programs allow for both Forex and stock trading, but that said, they are not equal in this regard.

When it comes to the FX Coin Bot app, it really excels at Forex trading, and is probably a bit more profitable than BinBot Pro when it comes to Forex trades. However, on the other hand, BinBot Pro does amicably at both Forex and crypto trading, and even has some other assets thrown into the mix.

So, in terms of this FX Coin Bot vs BinBot Pro comparison, it’s a bit of a tie here, as the first program is really only good for a single type of trading Forex, but it really excels at it, whereas the latter autotrader performs well for Forex and crypto trading, and even for some other asset types too. It really depends on whether you want to trade one type of asset extremely well, or trade multiple types of assets, also quite well, but maybe not quite as effectively.


FX Coin Bot vs BinBot Pro – Short vs long Term Trading

Alright, so one of the main differences that you need to know about when it comes to this FX Coin Bot vs BinBot Pro comparison is that each one is best for a different type of trading. Here we are talking specifically about the time period or length of time which the trades are open for.

So, when it comes to the FX Coin Bot, it is usually best for long term trades. If you want to have your trades open for a decent amount of time, over 1 or 2 hours, then it is the far better option to go with. It seems to excel at long term trades, and it produces some pretty solid profits when trading like this.

However, on the other hand, if you want to do short term trades, the BinBot Pro system is the way to go. This particular autotrader excels at short term trades, especially ones under 1 hour, and even super short 1 minute trades too. No, the profits are not as high as with FX, but on the other hand, the trades close much faster.

So, the bottom line here for this FX Coin Bot vs BinBot Pro comparison is that the first is best for long term trading with fairly big profits, and the latter is best for short term turbo trading with smaller profits per trade, but many more trades in a limited period of time. So, which one you choose really depends on the style of trading you want to engage in.

FX Coin Bot vs BinBot Pro – ITM Rates & Overall Profits

Probably one of the most important things that you want to know about in this FX Coin Bot vs BinBot Pro comparison is which of the autotraders is the more accurate one. Now, both of them provide the user with some highly accurate trading signals, and yes, this usually leads to some big time profits too. Yet, they are not both exactly the same in this regard.

So, we already talked about how FX Coin Bot software is great for long term trading, and generally speaking, you can expect ITM rates of up to 92% or even 93% with this app. This is of course really good, and it means that when engaging in long term trading, this software is highly accurate, and will provide some pretty great ROI too. In terms of ROI, you can expect anywhere from 40% to 100% ROI with this software.

On the other hand we have the BinBot Pro app, which as we mentioned before, is generally best for placing a higher quantity of short term trades, as opposed to fewer long term trades. With this software, you can expect and ITM rate of up to 89% for short term trades. It might be a few percent less than with FX, but that said, you can bang out way more trades in the same amount of time, and therefore profits are still quite substantial.

The ROI for BinBot Pro software might not be quite as high per trade as with FX Coin Bot, but seeing a you can place a lot of short term trades with it, it also ends up being quite profitable. Here, you can expect an average Roi of between 40% and 100% as well. The main difference here is whether you want to engage in slightly riskier short term trades, lots of them, or slightly less risky long term trades, but not as many of them in the same time period.

When all is said and done, even though one of these programs is better for long term trading and the other for short term, the overall ITM rates for both are fairly similar, and they both usually lead to pretty substantial profits, anywhere up to a 100% return on your original investment. So, for this part of the FX Coin Bot vs BinBot Pro comparison, we would say that both pieces of trading software are pretty even.

FX Coin Bot vs BinBot Pro Software – Country Availability

Something you may not know is that not every country in the world accepts all pieces of trading software. Some countries, such as New Zealand, Canada, and The USA, just to name a few, have some pretty strict regulations when it comes to Forex, crypto, and stock market autotraders. Generally speaking, the countries we named above, don’t really allow for any autotraders to be used. This can of course be quite the issue.

Now, when it comes to the FX Coin Bot app, it cannot be used in countries such as Canada, USA, New Zealand, and other such countries with some pretty heavy restrictions on autotraders. However, on the other hand, the BinBot Pro app can be used in these countries. In fact, it is available worldwide in every single country at this point in time.

So, if you want to use an autotrader for Forex or other automated asset trading, and you live in one of these countries with heavy restrictions, it’s the BinBot Pro autotrader that you will have to use. It might be unfortunate that you are only left with a single autotrader to use, but at least it is a good one at that. Therefore, the winner of this section of FX Coin Bot vs BinBot Pro comparison has to be BinBot Pro software.

FX Coin Bot Autotrader vs BinBot Pro Autotrader – Level Of Automation

Ok, so as you might notice, in this heading here, we included the word “autotrader”, and yes, in some sense both of them are autotraders. At least, both pieces of software automatically provide trading signals which you can then execute. However, only one of these autotraders is actually 100% fully automated.

So, the FX Coin Bot app does automatically provide trading signals, but it is not 100% automated, because you do have to manually execute each and every trade. This means that you cannot just turn it on and walk away as it trades for you.

On the other hand, the BinBot Pro app is 100% automated. You can simply activate the fully automated trading mode, walk away, and let it trade for you. On one hand, this is great due to the high level of convenience, but on the other hand, it doesn’t allow you to control each trade. That said, BinBot Pro does also come with aa manual trading mode in case you don’t want to turn on the full auto mode.


FX Coin Bot vs BinBot Pro Software – User Friendliness

Another important point to compare in this FX Coin Bot vs BinBot Pro comparison is which piece of trading software is more user friendly. Now, in our personal opinion, both are actually quite easy to use, and they both have features which make them user friendly.

What can be said is that the fully automated mode that BinBot pro comes with is great for beginners, because you can just turn it on and let it do all of the work, which is much easier than trading manually with the FX Coin Bot.

However, BinBot Pro really excels when you create your own trading strategy, which is a lot harder to do, especially if you want to do it right. We would say that both of these autotraders are roughly even when it comes to overall user friendliness.

FX Coin Bot vs BinBot Pro – Trading Strategy Customization

The final thing that deserves a mention in this FX Coin Bot vs BinBot Pro comparison, is how customizable the trading strategies are. Simply put, with the FX Coin Bot, you get signals and then trade with them, bottom line. You execute the trades yourself, and that’s it. Now, you can change some of the settings and indicators, but not too much.

On the other hand, the BinBot Pro app allows you to create your own highly customized trading bots or trading strategies, which then provide you with the best signals according to the parameters you have set. So, in terms of customization and making your own bot, it’s BinBot Pro software that you want to go with.

FX Coin Bot vs BinBot Pro Comparison – Final Thoughts

As you can see, now that we are at the tail end of our FX Coin Bot vs BinBot Pro comparison, both of these signals providers and autotraders are useful, reliable, accurate, and at the end of the day, quite profitable too. Yes, they are both quite different from one another, and they have many differing features, but at the end of the day, they will both put money in your pocket. It really just depends on the style of trading you like most.

BinBot Pro is best for lots of short term trades, for trading Forex and crypto, for overall country availability, and for strategy customization, plus it has a fully automated mode as well. However, if you want an absolute Forex trading powerhouse that brings in big time profits with long term trades, and is super user friendly too, and also allows for a great degree of control over individual trades, it’s the FX Coin Bot app you will want to go with.


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