The Crypto MasterBot app is a relatively new autotrader and signals provider for Forex and cryptocurrencies. Now, when it was first released, it did make quite the impact in the world of day trading. For the most part, people were quite pleased with how user friendly it was, as well as the big profits it managed to produce. However, this is not to say that there were not some problems with it.

Yet, the Crypto MasterBot app has recently undergone some drastic upgrades and improvements. These upgrades have made this software much more accurate and reliable in terms of the signals provided, and thus more profitable too. There have also been some other upgrades done, which we are here to discuss today. Overall, we are extremely happy with all of the improvements made to the Crypto MasterBot autotrader, and you need to know all about them.

Crypto MasterBot

Crypto MasterBot Autotrader – Many Updates & Upgrades

Alright, so as we mentioned in the introduction, the Crypto MasterBot application has underdone some updates, upgrades, and improvements over the last few days. These are all upgrades which have made this automated trading software much easier to use, much more profitable, and much more versatile in more ways than one.

The fact of the matter is that we have been getting plenty of positive emails and comments about this automated trading software. People have been mailing us just to tell us how happy they are with this software, especially since it has been improved and upgraded recently. So, how exactly has this Crypto MasterBot software been improved?


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A Better Algorithm

Alright, so the main aspect of this automated trading software which has been improved has to do with the algorithm which chooses your trading signals. So, before, the algorithm was already quite accurate and reliable, and both the cryptocurrency and Forex signals which it provided were quite high quality. Before the upgrades were made, you could expect to win about 80% to 80% of trades placed with it. Of course, this was already quite good, better than most other autotraders out there.

However, since the algorithm was modified and improved, this ITM rate got a lot better. Now, when you use the Crypto MasterBot system, you can expect to win anywhere between 86% and 95% of trades. Folks, you are not likely to lose trades with this system, which is of course a pretty darn big deal. Therefore, if you need a reliable, accurate, and profitable autotrader for Forex and cryptocurrencies, this is a great option to keep in mind.

A Free Crypto MasterBot Demo

Something else which has been added to the mix here is that the Crypto MasterBot system now comes with a free demo. This is not something which was offered before, and many people were pretty sour about it. After all, when there is a new autotrader, people often want to test it out first before investing real money with it. It’s always nice when you can test out any system in terms of reliability and functionality without having to risk real capital.

Now, you can use the Crypto MasterBot free demo to test out the system. This free demo is fully functional, it trades just like the active version, and the results are the same too, all without having to risk real money. It’s a great way to see whether or not you want to use this application before you start investing real money into trades.

Crypto MasterBot Accepting More Countries Now

One big drawback in terms of the original version of this software was that it did not accept users from all that many countries. In fact, users from many countries around the world were not able to use this automated Forex and cryptocurrency trading system.

It’s something which we actually received a whole lot of complaints about. However, this has now been changed and improved. The list of countries which the Crypto MasterBot accepts has been drastically expanded, and it is still growing by the day. Chances are huge that you live in a country where this software is acceptable and allowed for use.

Crypto MasterBot Tips & Facts

Let’s just quickly go over some crucial Crypto MasterBot trading tips to help you minimize the risk of losing trades, and to help you maximize profits too.


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Sticking With Forex

Ok, so we know that crypto is included in the name of the program here, which would imply that it is intended for cryptocurrency trading, which technically it is. Now, with that being said, the crypto market at this time is in an abysmal state, and trading cryptocurrencies is not very safe, not at all. This software does also come with the ability to trade Forex, and we would highly recommend sticking with that at this time.

The Probability Rating

Something else which you always want to pau attention to here is the included probability rating. Each signal provided comes with a probability bar, which indicates the chances of success if a trade is placed with that given signal. Folks, you always want to pick the signals with the highest probability rating in order to maximize your chances of trades being won, and to minimize loss. Ideally, the probably rating needs to be as high as possible.

Never Forget The Economic Calendar

The other tip to follow here is to always check the economic calendar on What you are looking for here is 3 Bull News. Folks, if there is a 3 Bull News release scheduled for any currency, avoid trading with that currency for the time being. It’s as simple as that.

Crypto MasterBot

Crypto MasterBot Improvements – Final Thoughts

The bottom line is that the Crypto Masterbot app is now better than ever before. If you need a user friendly, accurate, and reliable autotrader, both for Forex and Cryptocurrencies, we would definitely recommend giving it a shot. Remember, you can always test the demo out for yourself before you begin trading with real capital.


Crypto Masterbot

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