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Coinbase is one of the most highly trusted and reputable cryptocurrency exchanges out there, and now they are offering free money to take their crypto lessons. Sure, this is obviously an incentive and a marketing tactic to get people to join the Coinbase cryptocurrency exchange. However, the fact of the matter is that this Coinbase Earn and Learn program will teach you about various cryptocurrencies, and will reward you with free money just for learning.

For anybody out there who wants to learn more about crypto, and make some free money in the process, this Coinbase Earn & Learn program is definitely something you should look into. It will allow you to grasp the fundamentals of various cryptocurrencies, what they are, how to trade them, and all while providing you with free cash!

Coinbase Earn

How Coinbase Earn & Learn Works

Well, it’s actually all quite straightforward. This earn and learn process involves watching various tutorial videos on different cryptocurrencies. In these videos, you will learn all about a variety of cryptocurrencies, what they are, where they come from, how strong they are, and all other relevant info too.

After you have watched the learning videos, you will then be given a quiz. You will have to answer a certain amount of questions, and get a certain amount of them correct. Once you pass the quiz, you will earn a certain amount of that specific cryptocurrency which you learned about, and it goes right into your Coinbase wallet.

So, yes, the Coinbase Earn & Learn program does involve you having to create an account with this cryptocurrency exchange, and open a wallet with them. Like we said, it is a marketing tactic, but that said, it’s still a great way to learn about crypto and make some free money in the process. Keep in mind that opening up an account and getting a cryptocurrency wallet is free of cost. Therefore, you can make free money without having to pay a single penny.

Coinbase Earn

Coinbase Earn & Learn – Which Cryptocurrencies Are Featured?

Something you probably want to know here is which cryptocurrencies you can learn about, and which crypto coins you will earn by learning. Here is a list of all cryptocurrencies you can learn about here, and how much cash they will put in your wallet.

  • DAI – DAI is a stable coin worth 1 USD. Learning about this coin will earn you $20 DAI.
  • EOS – EOSIO is a protocol designed for free blockchain apps. Learning here will earn you $50 EOS.
  • XLM – Stellar Lumens is a platform that connects payment systems, banks, and people. Learn about it and you will earn $50 XLM.
  • ZEC – Zcash is a crypto coin with good privacy features. Learn about it and earn a few ZEC.
  • BAT – Learning about the Basic Attention Token will earn you $10 BAT.
  • ZRX – Learning about ZRX or Ox will earn you a few dollars as well.



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Coinbase Earn & Learn – Conclusion

Folks, if you want to learn about cryptocurrencies and make free money at the same time, the Coinbase Earn & Learn program is the best way to go about it!


Coinbase Earn

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