BitMining Scam Review – REAL DEAL?

OFFICIAL SCAM URL: claims to be a high yield Bitcoin miner, one that provides guaranteed returns of 10% daily for life. Sure, it definitely sounds great, but does it not sound way too goo to be true? We are here right now to do a review to find out what the heck is actually going on here.

BitMining Scam

BitMining System – Leadership & Owners

The first thing which stood out to us about this BitMining system is that there is no leadership displayed anywhere on the website. There is not a single mention of who might be in charge of this Bitcoin mining investment program. Folks, whenever you come across any kind of crypto investment platform like this, one that is anonymous, you have cause to be suspicious and weary.

Just think about it, is asking you to invest a heck of a lot of cash, and it promises huge returns, yet whoever is running the show is nowhere to be found. These crooks are purposely staying hidden from sight. This kind of anonymity is always something to be weary of. If this were a legit Bitcoin miner app, the people in charge should not have a problem showing us their real faces.


Income Mentor Box Day Trading Academy – Company Information

Next, we are told that the BitMining Limited company is officially registered in the UK under the UK Companies House. Yes, the website even goes so far as to display what appears to be a legit registration document from the United Kingdom. However, we were not convinced in the least, so we did some digging around. We looked at the actual Companies House database, and this BitMining Limited company is simply nowhere to be found. In other words, the document displayed on the website is totally phony. It’s been forged.

Moreover, this is a financial investment company, which means that it needs to be regulated, as well as licensed with the proper authorities, such as the FCA. Well, of course, neither the FCA nor any of the other relevant regulatory or licensing bodies have ever heard of BitMining Limited. Folks, this is a completely fake, illegal, and unlicensed investment company. In other words, it has absolutely no legal right to be taking your money or claiming to make investments on your behalf.

BitMining Scam HYIP – What Bitcoin?

Yet another big time red flag that cane to our attention in regard to this Bitcoin high yield investment program has to do with the functionality of it. So, we are informed that this is an investment program which mines for Bitcoin, and then provides us with a substantial profit. Well, the problem we have here is that there is no evidence of any Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrencies ever being mined for at all.

It’s definitely very suspicious. There is no information provided about the hash rate, where the mining farm is located, or any other relevant facts. For a company that claims to provide massive returns through the mining of Bitcoin, there sure is little evidence that any cryptocurrencies are ever mined for. We want to see real proof that there is a Bitcoin miner system here, which unfortunately there is not.

BitMining Investment Program – Ridiculous Returns Promised

Something else that is very suspicious about this Bitcoin miner HYIP is that the promised returns are way too good to be true. Folks, whenever something is too good to be true, it’s usually nothing more than a stinking pile of BS. This crypto HYIP promises to provide us with returns of 10% daily for the rest of our lives.

There is also another plan we could invest in, which would provide a return of 3,000% after 60 days. Well, both of these investment plans are simply way too good to be true. Seeing as there is absolutely no evidence that any Bitcoin mining ever takes place here, it’s safe to assume that these claims of massive returns are totally bogus. Folks, there is not a single crypto investment system out there, nor miner, that can produce these kinds of returns. It’s complete false.

BitMining Scam App – False Payout Claims

If you take a closer look at the website, you will notice that there is a section present which provides us with so called legit information about the number of users can how much cash has been payed out to current investors. Apparently, there have been nearly 200 BTC invested into this HYIP so far, by various investors, yet only 37 BTC payed out. Now, this seems like a really low payout ratio to begin with.

Second, this is definitely a lie either way, because we have seen nothing but complaints and bad news about this BitMining system. We have personally gotten several dozen complaints from people who have been scammed out of their money by this BitMining scam. The website claims that there are close to 50,000 investors, but we have yet to find a single one with something positive to say, or anybody who has actually gotten any sort of returns. It’s all a bunch of lies.

BitMining Scam

BitMining Affiliate Referral Program

The final scam factor worth noting about this scam is that there is also an affiliate or referral program in place. There are 2 levels of affiliate referrals here, and supposedly you can earn over 5% in commissions when you get friends and family to invest. Now, we have no doubt that the crooks behind this crypto scam will take everybody’s money no matter who they are.

However, we also know for a fact that these scammers don’t pay out those affiliate commissions. It’s just another way for these malicious thieves to sucker more people out of their hard earned money, and you would be the one doing the heavy lifting!

BitMining Scam Scam Review – Final Thoughts

Folks, the bottom line here is that this Bitcoin mining system is just another huge lie, a cryptocurrency scam meant to screw you out of your money. It’s not worth your time and it’s not worth throwing money down the toilet.



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