$4000 ROI Daily With RSI Indicator!


Using the RSI Indicator or Relative Strength Index has been proven to be a reliable money maker in the Forex market. Sure, there are tons of technical and fundamental indicators out there, but the Relative Strength Index, when analyzed properly, is one of the easiest to use and most profitable indicators to have in your arsenal. The latest trading tutorial from Income Mentor Box features the Mentor making nearly $4,000 USD (3,500 Euros), in just 4 hours using this RSI indicator. If you want to find out how you can do the same, you definitely want to stick around!

Income Mentor Box RSI Indicator

Daily Profits Using The RSI Indicator

As you can see from the included video, the Mentor, Andrew, managed to profit by 3,500 Euros, or about $4,000 USD, in a single day of trading. It took him only 4 hours of using the RSI indicator to make a profit of $4,000, which is of course phenomenal.

The bottom line here is that if you use the RSI indicator the right way, you can emulate these profits for yourself, and put some very significant cash in your pockets. Using the RSI indicator strategy as discussed in the video, Andrew placed a total of 7 Forex trades. Out of these 7 trades, 6 turned out to be profitable winners.

In terms of the ITM or win rate, that’s a solid 85% win rate. In other words, if you use the RSI indicator the right way, and place good Forex trades with it, you can win around 8.5 out of every 10 trades you place. As can be seen in the video, this then leads to some pretty significant profits indeed.

The RSI Indicator – Important Information

  • To find the RSI indicator, you can go to tradingview.com and use their free charting solution. Then, go to the indicators tab, and select the Relative Strength Index.
  • The RSI indicator comes with 2 levels, which are 30 and 70. If the level is 70 or above, that particular asset is overbought, and if under 30, it is undersold.
  • When the currency is oversold at the 70 line, look for major resistance when looking to place a sell trade. When the currency is undersold at the 30 line, look for strong support when looking to place a buy trade.

Honestly, this can all be a bit complicated to describe in written words, and even harder to understand just from reading it. If you really want to learn how to use the RSI indicator to make substantial profits, you should watch the included video, as it does a fantastic job at explaining this whole process. Andrew will take you through a step by step tutorial, and provide you with clear and exact instructions on how to use this RSI indicator to put big time profits in the bank.

Income Mentor Box RSI Indicator

Using The RSI Indicator To Make Pure Profits

To fully understand the RSI indicator and how to use it to make $4,000 in 4 hours, you should definitely watch the included video. Even better is if you join Income Mentor Box, a premier day trading academy, and learn all about indicators like the Relative Strength Index. Once you truly understand how it works, then you can start using it to make real money on a daily basis.


Income Mentor Box

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Income Mentor Box RSI Indicator
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