New Autotrader For FX & Crypto!

Yes, folks, it is finally time because there is about to be a brand new autotrader for FX and cryptocurrencies. It’s been a while since a new piece of legit trading software for crypto and Forex has been released. Many of you have probably been waiting for a new, accurate, trustworthy and reliable autotrader, and here it is.

Well, we can’t tell you the name of it yet, or release too much information as of now, as it is about to be launched. It’s all very top secret and hush-hush right now, but this new autotrader for FX and cryptocurrencies is set to be released any day now, and you definitely want to keep an eye out for it. It’s set to be one of the best in the business, and we’re here right now to provide you with some info about this new autotrader for FX and crypto, whatever we are allowed to disclose at this time.

New Autotrader For FX & Crypto


New Autotrader For FX & Crypto – Important Facts

  • When it comes to this new autotrader for crypto and Forex trading, the first 500 members will get totally free, full, and lifetime access to it. In other words, you would be wise to create an account within minutes of its official launch. This way, you can get free and full access to this new autotrader without ever having to pay a single penny!


  • This new autotrader is designed for both cryptocurrency and Forex trading. It’s a nice feature because it means that you can trade different asset types with one reliable and accurate piece of automated trading software. There are going to be literally hundreds of cryptocurrency and Forex pairs you will be able to trade with!


  • With this new autotrader for FX and crypto, you will also get access to a live news feed, as well as access to live charts. Although all of the heavy lifting is already done for you here, in terms of technical and fundamental analysis, having access to live news which affects prices, as well as live charts, is extremely valuable for this kind of day trading.


  • Here you will have access to 3 time tested and super profitable trading strategies, including trend following, high frequency trading, and one look trading too. Moreover, this new autotrader also comes with a fantastic feature which allows you to trade against the market!


  • This new autotrader for FX and crypto is super user friendly. It’s designed so beginner day traders can use it to make easy money, but also lets trading pros make profits too. Moreover, here you also get phone and email assistance, and even a totally free consultation with a trading expert. When it comes down to it, this is going to be one of the easiest to use pieces of trading tech in existence.



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New Autotrader For FX & Crypto – STAY TUNED!

Guys and gals, stay tuned and keep a watchful eye out, because this new autotrader for FX and crypto is going to be launched any day now. Personally, we are very much looking forward to see exactly what it can do and how it performs.


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