Multiminer Scam Review – LEGIT?


The Multiminer Pool Bitcoin mining operation claims to be able to provide you with an ROI of $800 per day for the rest of your life! Sounds good right? Yeah, almost sounds too good to be true. This is our Multiminer scam review and we are here to figure out whether or not this Bitcoin mining system is profitable and legit.

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Multiminer Pool Cloud Mining Operation – The Company

The first thing which came to our attention here is that the Multiminer has no real leadership. It’s totally anonymous, faceless, and lacks transparency. If we don’t know who is in charge of it all, how can we trust these people with our money?

Next, the provided address for the company, shown on the site, is not legit either. Sure, the address technically exists, but it does not belong to the Multiminer pool company.

Finally, we also know for a fact that this Multiminer pool company is not registered or licensed either. It is a totally illegal and authorized investment company. It’s not even a real company. It has no legal authority to perform any of the financial investment activities claimed.


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Multiminer BTC Mining System – No Evidence Of Such

If we are expected to invest a ton of money into some kind of Bitcoin cloud mining operation, we want to know that it’s all legit. However, here we are never told where the mining farms are located, what the hardware is like, what the hash rate is, what overhead costs are, or anything else of the sort. Simply put, there is no real, solid, or verifiable evidence that any such Bitcoin mining ever takes place here. It’s really suspicious to say the least!


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Multiminer BTC Mining App – A High Cost & Impossible Profits

What definitely needs to be mentioned about the Multiminer system is that it costs a heck of a lot of money to purchase the highest tier of mining. The best mining package here costs a whopping 4.99 BTC, which equals roughly $50,000 USD. That is a heck of a lot of money to be paying for a Bitcoin miner, a suspicious and unproven one at that. There are a lot of complaints which we have received about this system, and whether people paid for the best package or the worst, this money all seems to disappear.

Now, with the highest level Multiminer mining package, the one that costs $50,000 to purchase, the promise is that you will receive 0.0792 BTC per day, for the rest of your life. This equals roughly 800 USD per day. This would mean that you would make back the $50,000 cost within about 2 months, and then the rest of that would be profit from there on out. Folks, we already talked about how there is no evidence of mining going on here, and how there have been many complaints filed against these crooks for not paying out profits. There is no reason at all to believe that you could earn $800 per day for the rest of your life from these criminals. It simply is not true!

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Multiminer Bitcoin Mining App – Fake Payouts Chart

Yet another Multiminer scam factor which came to our attention here is that this Bitcoin mining system does display a payouts chart. This is of course meant to try and convince people that there are profits to be had, and that they do actually get paid out. However, the problem we have here is that these charts are notoriously easy to forge.

A program as simple as Microsoft Pain or Excel could create these bogus payout charts. A 10 year old child could do it in a few minutes. This, combined with the fact that we have received numerous complaints about mining profits never being paid out, is a clear indication that this Multiminer program is a complete rip off.




Multiminer Cloud Miner Wants Your BTC Wallet Address

What is also worth noting about this Multiminer Bitcoin mining system is that it requires you to submit your Bitcoin wallet address before you even buy the BTC mining package. This is a big indication that there is something illegal going on here. The claim is that these guys need your BTC wallet address so they can send you your profits, but this is just not true. For one, we know that the Multiminer system never pays out profits at all, so there’s that.

The important point here is that Bitcoin wallets can be hacked. Some are more susceptible than others, but the fact of the matter is that hackers can get into them and drain all BTC. We have gotten a few complaints from people who have provided these crooks with their BTC wallet addresses, and sure enough, the wallets got completely emptied within hours. It’s nothing more than a scam, one disguised as a profitable Bitcoin mining system, with the intent of plundering your wallet.



Multiminer Cloud Mining Program – The Referral Program

The final thing which stands out about this Multiminer HYIP is that it comes with a referral program which is way too good to be true. Now, there is a multi-tier referral program in place here, which as you might recognize, forms a pyramid. Yes, as well as being a plain old scam, this is also a pyramid scheme too.

Here, if you happen to purchase the top level Bitcoin mining program, the referral commission on it is 100%. So, allegedly, if you get other people to invest using your referral link, you will be provided with a 100% bonus equal to the investment made. Does this not sound way too good to be true? Folks, nobody is going to give away 100% of an investment just as a referral bonus. This would completely defeat the purpose of the referral in the first place.

From the business point of view of the Multiminer system, it would not make any sense at all. Moreover, we have already talked to a few people who have gone through this Multiminer referral program, and sure enough, nobody has ever received a single penny in referral bonuses. This is an illegal pyramid scheme which does not pay out commissions, but of course, it will steal money from anybody and everybody it comes into contact with.



Multiminer Review – Final Thoughts

The bottom line is that this Multiminer investment program is nothing more than another cryptocurrency scam. It will just steal all your money without a second thought, and you will be left with nothing more than a bitter taste in your mouth!


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