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The Mining Capital Coin system claims to be a highly profitable crypto mining and trading, as well as a Forex trading HYIP. Apparently, through the mining of Bitcoin, you can earn up to $24,000 per month, doing literally nothing at all. Moreover, there is also a super complicated pyramid structured referral program in place here, as well as a very odd points system too. The Mining Capital Coin HYIP claims that you can earn money with these guys in 5 different ways.

Sure, the whole thing definitely sounds extremely lucrative. If you don’t have much experience with crypto mining or trading, or Forex trading, you might even think that the Mining Capital Coin investment program is legit. However, we came across a ton of red flags and scam factors which strongly indicate that there is something super shady going on here. We are here today doing this Mining Capital Coin review to get to the bottom of things once and for all. What exactly is going on here?

Mining Capital Coin scam alert


Mining Capital Coin Crypto HYIP – No Company Information

The first thing which came to our attention about this Mining Capital Coin system is the fact that there is no company information listed. For one, we are never told who the leaders or owners of this cryptocurrency and Forex investment program are. It’s always suspicious when people ask you to invest potentially millions of dollars, but won’t tell you who they are. The only reason they don’t want us knowing who they are is because they want to cut and run with your cash.



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Moreover, there is also no information in regards to company registration or licensing, which is obviously because there is none. The Mining Capital Coin company is an illegal entity that has no official or legal authority to take or make investments on your behalf! The claim of having 50 offices located around the world is totally false and unsubstantiated.

Mining Capital Coin scam alert



Mining Capital Coin HYIP – No Evidence of Mining or Trading

Alright, so investors are told that they can earn up to $24,000 per month using the best Bitcoin mining package. We will get to how ridiculous that number is later on, but for now, let’s just talk about how there is no evidence of this whatsoever.

Simply put, we are never told what the hash rate for the miner is, where the mining facilities are located, what the mining hardware in the farm is like, what the overhead costs are, or anything else of the sort. There is literally not a single shred of evidence which can confirm that any such Bitcoin or crypto mining goes on here.

Now, the Mining Capital Coin website also claims to engage in Forex trading and crypto trading to earn profits. Once again, there is simply no evidence to confirm that this is real. We aren’t told if there is software doing the trading, or if there are real day traders behind it, just nothing at all.

Mining Capital Coin scam alert


Mining Capital Coin Investment Program – Ridiculous Profits Promised

What we do need to say about this Mining Capital Coin system is that the profits promised truly are ridiculous. Here, apparently, if you invest $1,200,000, you will get a monthly payout of $24,000 through Bitcoin mining.

For anyone that can do the math here, it would take a long time to get your your initial investment back! It doesn’t even sound like a good deal. Also, keep in mind that while Bitcoin mining can be profitable, you aren’t about to get 24K per month through some unregulated BTC miner. It just doesn’t make any sense.

Folks, we have already received a ton of complaints from people who have had their money stolen by this Mining Capital Coin scam. The bottom line is that they never actually pay out anything whatsoever. Ok, so they might pay out a couple bucks here and there, just to shut people up, because it is a Ponzi scheme, but you won’t ever break even, let alone turn any sort of profit.

Mining Capital Coin scam alert


Mining Capital Coin Investment System – A Host Of Bogus Referral Programs

Something else to note about this Mining Capital Coin system is that it comes with a bunch of affiliate programs, direct referral programs, points sharing programs, and other methods through which you can allegedly make big time profits. For one, there is a direct referral system, so if you get other people to invest through you, you can make 10% of the investment. Yeah, it sounds like a great deal, but of course, this Mining Capital Coin never actually pays out those bonuses.


Mining Capital Coin scam alert


There is also some ridiculous points system in place, where you get points for referring other people to invest and for promoting the business. These points can allegedly be used to get things like cars, flight vouchers, vacations, and various gadgets. Once again, these guys don’t pay out real points that can be used for anything at all. You won’t ever receive that flight voucher or car you were promised. It’s just a huge lie.

We really don’t want to go deeper into it, but there is also some sharing profit system in place here, which allows you to make even more money through the team of people you have gotten to invest through your referrals. Folks, it’s all just one huge confusing mess that doesn’t make a single shred of sense.


Mining Capital Coin scam alert


To be quite honest, we could barely make sense of what the Mining Capital Coin website is telling us. More importantly, it really doesn’t matter what these scammers say, because it’s all just a bunch of lies anyway. Whether it’s through direct referrals, points accumulation, or some profit share system, you won’t ever get a single penny of your initial investment back!


Mining Capital Coin scam alert


Mining Capital Coin Review – Final Thoughts

The Mining Capital Coin system is equal parts confusing and total BS. None of it makes any sense in the least, and the only thing which is for certain here is that you will get scammed out of all money you happen to invest. Folks, the Mining Capital Coin scam is dangerous and you need to stay away from it!


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