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The Maze-Miner Bitcoin mining system claims to be able to triple you initial investment in just 4 days. Yes, this sounds awesome no doubt. However, we have found many Maze-Miner scam factors which indicate that something shady and illegal is going on here. We are here today doing our own Maze-Miner scam review to find out exactly what is going on with this suspicious Bitcoin mining investment program.


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Maze-Miner Company Information – LIES!

The first thing which came to our attention about this Maze-Miner Bitcoin mining application is that it’s not really a real company at all. First off, we checked the provided address on the website, which claims that this company is headquartered in Radcliffe, UK. However, a quick Google search confirmed that this address, while being real, does not actually belong to the Maze-Miner company. Next, we also tried contacting these people using the provided email address. Of course, nobody ever responded to us, another sign that something shady is going on here.


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What you also need to know is that this Maze-Miner company is supposed to provide a financial investment service for people, which means that it needs to be properly registered and licensed, which of course it is not. Yes, there is a UK Companies House registration document displayed on the website, but this could have been easily forged. Notice how the name of the company on the certificate says “Resolute Limited”, which is definitely not synonymous for the Maze-Miner company.


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Besides that, we found no evidence that the Maze-Miner system is indeed registered in the UK, or that it has licensing. The bottom line is that this is an illegal Bitcoin mining and investment company. It’s not registered, licensed, or regulated, and it has no legal authority to accept or make investments on your behalf. Let’s not forget the fact that there is not a single mention of company leadership present here. This kind of anonymity and total lack of transparency in terms of company ownership and leadership is yet another indication that something illegal is going on here.


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Maze-Miner HYIP – No Real Information Provided

Alright, so we are told that this is supposed to be a Bitcoin mining operation. So far so good, right? No, we think not. The problem here is that the Maze-Miner system does not actually provide any real information in relation to the mining procedure. The only thing we are told is that this HYIP mines for Bitcoin, but other than that, nothing at all.

We want to know what the mining hash rate is like, where the mining farms are located, what the hardware is like, and what the overhead costs are like too. The fact that there is so little real and usable information provided about this Maze-Miner Bitcoin mining operation definitely does not sit right with us. If this were a legit operation with real BTC mining going on, you would think that there would be a little more information provided about it.

Maze-Miner Bitcoin Miner – Unrealistic Profits

Something else that came to our attention about this Maze-Miner system is that the profits promised to investors are just not realistic in the least. Here, the investor is promised a solid 300% ROI in just 4 days after investing. Yes, this would mean that you could literally triple your initial investment every 4 days. Sure, it sounds like a great deal, something most people would not want to pass up on.

However, these profits are just not realistic or achievable in the least. Heck, making a 300% ROI in a full year through Bitcoin mining, or any other kind of investment for that matter, is simply not possible, let alone in 4 days. It just does not make any sense at all, and no matter what reality you live in, the fact of the matter is that it is not possible for this Maze-Miner HYIP, nor any other such system, to create those kinds of profits. It just is not doable.


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Maze-Miner System – Bogus Account & Withdrawal Information

The next Maze-Miner red flag which popped up has to do with a bunch of information presented on the main website. These crooks do an amicable job at trying to convince potential scam victims that they are the real deal. The website features a bunch of stats concerning the number of active accounts and investors, days online, the number of withdrawals made, and so on and so forth. There is even a withdrawals chart which allegedly displays the most recent withdrawals which so called investors have made from this Maze-Miner system.

Folks, this stuff is all fake. None of it is true, not in the least. These are simple graphics which a child could produce using some software as basic as Microsoft Paint, or something similar. We have already gotten hundreds of complaints about this Bitcoin mining system. Every single person we have talked to has said the exact same thing, that their initial investment simply disappeared into thin air. From what we have gathered, nobody has been able to make a profit here, or so much as break even, thus confirming that the information provided on the website is totally bogus.


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Maze-Miner Bitcoin HYIP – A Fake Referral Program

The final scam factor that needs to be mentioned here is how the Maze-Miner system comes with a referral or affiliate program. Here, investors are promised a 3% referral commission for getting others to invest. Once again, yes this might sound like a good deal, but in reality, you are never going to see that 3% bonus. These crooks never pay it out as promised. What’s even worse is that by getting others to invest here, you are doing the heavy lifting for these criminals. By referring others to invest with the Maze-Miner HYIP, you are literally helping these guys find more scam victims.

Maze-Miner Scam Review – Final Thoughts

Folks, the Maze-Miner system is a complete scam and an utter rip off. The only purpose it serves is to steal money from you, and you need to stay away from it at all costs!


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