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BinBot Pro software has been around for well over a year now, and yes, it is still going strong as one of the most profitable and versatile autotraders out there. Sure, there have been many other day trading applications released since this one came out, but most of them just don’t seem to live up to the hype. Something we can say for sure is that really none of them come close to the BinBot Pro app, and we want to give you a little update about it, so let’s get right to it!

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What Is BinBot Pro Software? – A Quick Reminder

The BinBot Pro system is in fact an automated signals provider. In other words, it uses special algorithms and trading strategies, as well as indicators, which are built into the system, in order to provide you with the most profitable trading signals for the day. Now, what is really cool here is that this software does come with a fully automated mode.

This means that you can select one of many premade trading strategies or bots, turn the bot on, and let the software make money for you. Another big time benefit that you get with this BinBot Pro system is that it allows you to trade a very wide variety of assets. You can use this software to trade cryptocurrencies, BO, stocks, CFD, Forex, commodities, and more or less anything in between too. It’s definitely one of the better automated trading applications out there right now.


BinBot Pro Autotrader Available For USA, CANADA, & MORE!

Something which many people are still not aware of when it comes to the BinBot Pro autotrader is the fact that it is available worldwide. Now, the unfortunate reality is that there are many other day trading applications out there, some of which are actually good. However, there are certain countries on this planet which ban or bar most autotraders such as this.

It’s unfortunate if you live in a country such as Canada, the USA, New Zealand, or other such countries which impose harsh restrictions on trading systems like this. Yet, this is not the case with the BinBot Pro autotrader. In fact, this particular day trading app is available for use in Canada, the USA, New Zealand, and other such countries which usually don’t allow for automated systems.

It’s good news if you live in one of those places, because this software can be used to make a profit. For anybody living in a country with such restrictions, the BinBot Pro system might actually be one of your only options, if not the only option.


BinBot Pro App – Using Premade Bots & Creating Your Own Trading Bot

One of the coolest aspects of this BinBot Pro autotrader is the fact that it comes with many premade bots for you to trade with. In other words, at this time, there are over 10 available bots, also known as trading strategies, each with slightly different features. Each of these bots uses a specific set of indicators and parameters to provide you with the best possible signals, and to then execute those signals, hopefully for a profit.

Here, there are low, medium, and high risk bots. Just to explain, the low risk bots feature excellent ITM rates, over 95%, which means that these low risk bots win the majority of trades executed, but on the other hand, the overall profits per trade are not huge. On the flipside, you have your high risk bots, which may only win 70% of trades, but the potential profit margin for each trade is huge. Of course, you also have your medium risk bots. It’s a great aspect of this BinBot Pro system because it does offer you a whole lot of trading versatility.

Now, one of our own personal favorite features here is the fact that you can actually customize and create your own trading bot for yourself. All you have to do is take one of the pre-existing bots, modify it as you see fit, and then activate it. You can choose all of the necessary parameters yourself, as well as which indicators are to be used too. If you would like to trade with your own customized strategy, the BinBot Pro autotrader is definitely the way to go.


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BinBot Pro Trading Software – Awesome ITM & ROI!

Moreover, what’s also worth mentioning is that the BinBot Pro app does feature great ITM rates. Depending on which bot you have chosen, you can expect to win between 70% and 100% of trades placed with it. This is of course awesome, because the more trades you win, the more money you will take home at the end of the day. The overall average ITM rate for this spectacular automated trading system is around 85%, which is much better than most other systems can offer. Of course, your ROI is going to depend on which trading strategy you choose to go with, as well as how much money you invest into each trade.


The BinBot Pro Free Demo

The other aspect of this BinBot Pro autotrader worth noting is that it does come with a free demo for you to test out. That’s right folks, you can use a fully functional version of this software, to figure out how it works, without having to risk real money. It will trade using fake money, and it will trade exactly how it usually would. It’s definitely convenient that you can test the system out without having to risk real cash in the process.


BinBot Pro Software Update – Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, we do think that the BinBot Pro autotrader is one of the very best around. It works in nearly all countries around the world, you can customize your own trading strategy, there’s a free demo, and the level of returns generated here is virtually unrivalled. If you like making money through crypto, stock, Forex, CFD, or any other kind of trading, and you want life made easy, BinBot Pro software is the way to go.

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