Avelon Cloud Mining Scam Review


The Avelon cloud mining system claims to be a highly profitable cryptocurrency miner. The claim here is that you can purchase a certain amount of hash rate, and get a profit according to this. Moreover, as the story goes here, the Avelon mining app has the ability to mine for multiple different cryptocurrencies, and you can supposedly choose which one. Now, the website itself really does not look legit, there is literally no information about the company present, and profits don’t seem to exist either. Unfortunately, a lot of people have been falling for this scam, and we are here to put a stop to it with this Avelon scam review, so let’s get right to it.

Avelon Mining Scam

Avelon.cc Cloud Miner – No Company Information

One aspect of this Avelon cryptocurrency miner that came to our attention right away has to do with the fact that the website contains absolutely no information in relation to the company or company leadership. There is not a single mention of who could be in charge of this Bitcoin and altcoin mining system. We have no idea who owns it, who operates it, or anything else of the sort. Whenever we come across an anonymous investment program like this, for crypto or otherwise, we automatically become very suspicious.

The reason for this is because if people are asking you to invest money, you should know who they are. You certainly have the right to know. Also, think about it this way, unless there was something shady and illegal going on here, why exactly would the people behind the Avelon mining app choose to purposely stay hidden from sight? The fact that these people choose to keep their identities a secret is highly indicative that there is a scam afoot here.

On that same note, there is also no information provided about the Avelon.cc company itself. This is a financial investment platform. These guys claim to take your money and invest it into crypto mining hardware and software, and then provide you with returns. This means that the Avelon company needs to be real, registered, an official company, and licensed to perform these kinds of financial investment activities. Well, of course, there is nothing of the sort here, not even a bogus registration document, just nothing. This company is not real, it has no legal authority, and it certainly has no right to take investments from people.


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The Avelon Cloud Mining Operation

Something else that came to our attention here, a red flag, is that the Avelon mining platform also does not provide us with any information about the inner workings of the system. Ok, sure, we are told that we can invest in Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, XRP, and other altcoins to mine for, but other than that, there’s no real information. We are informed that the investor can purchase a specific hash rate, which will then determine the amount of daily profits.

However, what really stands out is that there is no information in regards to the crypto mining operation itself. Where is this mining operation? Where is the crypto mining farm and the HQ located? How many mining servers are there and what are the overhead costs? The story here is that we can earn up to 5% per day through Bitcoin and altcoin mining, but there is no evidence whatsoever to back up the claim that any such mining actually takes place here.

Not only is there no evidence of anything of the sort going on here, but the claims of making 5% per day in profits are simply ridiculous. This would mean that you could more than double your initial investment every single month, without having to do any hard work at all. This is highly unrealistic and the claims which the Avelon.cc cryptocurrency miner makes are simply impossible to achieve in any reality.

Avelon Mining Scam

Avelon Crypto Miner – Bogus Payouts & Withdrawals Charts

Yet another Avelon scam factor which popped up has to do with the alleged payouts and withdrawal charts featured on the Avelon.cc website. You will notice that there is a little chart on the website that displays profits which investors have been able to withdraw, ones made through cloud mining. The problem we have here is that these charts are super easy to forge. They can be made by a 5 year old child using a simple app such as Microsoft Paint.

The fact of the matter is that there is no way to prove that these withdrawals are legit or real at all. Moreover, we have already gotten hundreds of complaints from people who have been scammed by this Avelon scam. As far as we can tell, not a single person has ever been able to withdraw any sort of profits, which is more than enough to discredit the withdrawals charts on the Avelon.cc website. It’s all just a huge pile of lies!

Avelon Mining Scam

Avelon Affiliate Program – More Lies!

The final red flag which came to our attention here has to do with the Avelon affiliate program. Here you are promised a 10% bonus for first level referrals and a 4% bonus for all second level referrals. Yes, it seems as though the referral bonuses can add up to a whole lot of cash, and it also takes the form of a pyramid scheme.

Even worse, these crooks don’t actually come through with their promises. We have talked to very many victims of this scam, ones who have used this affiliate system, and not a single one has received any sort of referral bonus. It’s just a big lie to help the Avelon mining scam widen its casting net and drag in even more victims, by getting you to do the heavy lifting nonetheless.

Avelon Mining Scam

Avelon Scam Review – Final Thoughts

Folks, investing any money into this Avelon cloud miner is a foolhardy investment. It’s a total scam with the sole purpose of ripping everybody off. It’s nothing more than a cryptocurrency scam meant to steal money from anybody whom it crosses paths with!


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