24 Pay Gold Scam Review – WARNING! 

OFFICIAL SCAM URL: 24paygold.com

The 24 Pay Gold crypto HYIP claims to provide daily returns of nearly 500% on your initial investment, and yeah, it looks attractive indeed. However, we are here doing this 24 Pay Gold scam review, not because we trust it, but because there is something shady going on!

24 Pay Gold Scam

24 Pay Gold HYIP – Leadership

First off, we noticed that there is no visible leadership present on the 24 Pay Gold website. No, there is not a single mention of who could own or lead this company. It’s always super suspicious when people ask you for your money, but won’t tell you who they are. If we are expected to invest money with 24 Pay Gold, we definitely want to know who is running the show.

This is a totally faceless and anonymous investment program. When it comes down to it, if the people behind an HYIP like this won’t divulge their true identities, you can rest assured that some thing really shady and illegal is going on. There is no other good explanation as to why these crooks would purposey choose to keep their identities a secret.



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24 Pay Gold Investment Program – Company Status

Another 24 Pay Gold scam factor that came to our attention has to do with the company itself. First off, we tried contacting these guys, as we often do, and we came up empty. We tried emailing them, and calling them, all using the providing contact information on the website. Nobody picked up the phone and nobody responded to our email either. Moreover, if you take a look at the listed address, it might look real at first, but all it took was a quick Google search for us to confirm that, of course, the address listed does not belong to this 24 Pay Gold HYIP.

On that same note, this “company” claims to be officially registered and incorporated in the UK. This is also a lie, as the UK business registry has no evidence of this. At the same time, it’s totally illegal for just any company to start investing on the behalf of others without the proper licensing. Well, of course, neither the FCA nor any other such financial oversight body has every heard of the 24 Pay Gold investment company. IN other words, this is a totally illegal and illegitimate scam that has no business taking your money or claiming to invest it on your behalf!

24 Pay Gold Scam


24 Pay Gold Investment App – Business Model

What is super suspicious about the 24 Pay Gold investment app is that it does not have a clear or concise business model whatsoever. In other words, there is no clear revenue stream here which would serve to help put money in investor’s pockets. All the website says is that this HYIP operates in the crypto market and makes money through crypto.

That’s literally all we are told. Whether this HYIP invests in start ups, ICOs, or if it mines or trades for cryptocurrencies, we have no idea. Folks, you cannot possibly invest money in 24 Pay Gold if you don’t even know how those fantastic returns are supposed to be generated. It’s something we absolutely want to know, and it is a crucial piece of information that is missing here.

24 Pay Gold Scam


24 Pay Gold HYIP Scam – Impossible Profits

Perhaps the most ridiculous aspect of this 24 Pay Gold crypto HYIP is that we are promised returns of 20% per hour for 24 hours, which would equal a daily ROI of 480%. Folks, do you really think that an investment app like this can multiply your money by almost 5 times over in just 24 hours. On a monthly basis, this would mean that you could multiply your initial investment by over 144 times. Yeah, it would definitely be a great deal, if it were true. Folks, there is not a single stock, hedge fund, or anything in between, legitimate investment options, which can produce these kinds of returns. It simply is not true at all.

24 Pay Gold Scam


24 Pay Gold Investment System – Fake Withdrawals

Something else worth noting about this 24 Pay Gold HYIP is the fact that it displays so called profit withdrawals on the website. However, if you take a close look at the withdrawals chart, it is pretty obvious that it could have been created by a 5 year old using Microsoft Paint. There is not a single shred of evidence which could confirm that these withdrawals are real.

Moreover, we have gotten so many complaints about the 24 Pay Gold system, that we know for a fact that it does not produce profits. Heck, you won’t so much as break even or see a single penny of your investment again. From what we have gathered, once you invest money here, it just disappears into thin air, kind of like Thanos using the infinity stones to obliterate the Avengers.

24 Pay Gold Scam


Bogus 24 Pay Gold User Testimonials

Yeah, there are a bunch of 24 Pay Gold user testimonials featured on the website, which are of course totally bogus as well. These user testimonials were written by the same crooks running this scam. They are not real in the least. The names of the people who allegedly left testimonials are just made up out of thin air, and the pictures you see are nothing more than stolen or purchased stock images. The 24 Pay Gold user testimonials are fake and not to be trusted.

24 Pay Gold Scam


Fake 24 Pay Gold Affiliate Program

The final thing which needs to be said is that there is also a totally bogus 24 Pay Gold affiliate program. With the best investment plan, you are supposed to get an 11% referral commission for getting others to invest. Yes, they will steal whoever’s money they choose, but they never pay out that 11%, just another big time scam factor!


24 Pay Gold Review – Final Thoughts

When all has been said and done, it is 100% obvious that the 24 Pay Gold HYIP is a complete rip off. The only purpose it serves is to steal money from innocent investors!



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