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The Passive Rev Share system promises returns of 2,000% in 120 days, all through Forex and stock trading. Sound like a good deal? Sure, it would be great if it were true. However, if these claims were true, we would not be here right now doing this Passive Rev Share scam review!

Passive Rev Share

Passive Rev Share LTD – Leaderless

First off, the Passive Rev Share program appears to be totally leaderless, anonymous, and faceless. What we mean is that there is not a single mention on the website that has anything to do with company ownership or leadership. If you ask us, this is definitely extremely suspicious. Whenever we come across an investment program like this, one that refuses to divulge ownership information, we automatically become extremely weary. This is because there is always a reason why the owners and leaders choose to remain anonymous, and it’s never a good reason. The bottom line is that it is safe to assume that whoever is behind this Passive Rev Share investment program is criminal, stealing from people, does not want to end up in prison, and is therefore keeping their identities a secret.



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Passive Rev Share HYIP – Unlicensed & Fake Company Info

The next Passive Rev Share scam factor which came to our attention has to do with the state and status of the company itself, Passive Rev Share LTD. Now, there is an address listed on the website, which is supposed to be the company HQ. However, we did some good old research and realized that this address is totally bogus. Moreover, the company contact info listed on the website is also bogus. We tried contacting the folks behind this investment program several times, but nobody ever responded.

Next, it is also clear that all of the documents that have to do with company registration and incorporation are fraudulent too. These crooks claim to be registered as an official company in the UK, but this is simply not true. Finally, the Passive Rev Share LTD company claims to be licensed with the FCA, which it needs to be in order to engage in this kind of financial investment activity, but of course, this is also a total lie. The bottom line is that this company is not real, registered, licensed, or legal in any manner. It’s a totally illegal and fraudulent company that has no business operating anywhere on this planet.

Passive Rev Share


Passive Rev Share LTD – Business Model

Yet another red flag which popped up about this Passive Rev Share investment program has to do with the business model. The claim here is that investors will gain profits through Forex and stock investments. Sure, trading Forex and stocks can be very lucrative. There is no doubt about that.

However, the problem we have here is that there is simply no evidence to back up the claim that any such stock or Forex trading goes on here. There is no list of previous trades or investments, and no stock or Forex portfolio of any kind. For a company that promises such huge returns, there sure is a lack of trading history displayed. It’s just another aspect of this Passive Rev Share HYIP that makes us very suspicious of it.

Passive Rev Share


Passive Rev Share LTD Scam – Impossible Profits

The Passive Rev Share LTD investment program claims to provide investors with returns of 2,000% in 120 days, or about 4 months. Sure, this definitely sounds like a great deal, but a total lack of a portfolio doesn’t inspire confidence in the least. Even if there were a real portfolio here, the fact of the matter is that multiplying any investment by a factor of 20 in just 4 months is literally impossible, not just improbable or unrealistic, but 100% impossible.

Folks, chances are that you will never see this kind of return on any Forex or stock investment over a whole lifetime, let alone a third of a year. It just doesn’t make sense and neither the Forex nor the stock markets work this way. It just is not true at all. It’s nothing more than a lie meant to sucker in newbies that have no idea what realistic ROIs are.

Passive Rev Share


Passive Rev Share LTD HYIP – Fake Withdrawals

The next red flag which came to our attention about this Passive Rev Share system is the fact that the withdrawals displayed on the website are totally fake. There is a number displayed, which is supposed to show how much money all investors have received in the form of profits. However, there are no names, pictures, or amounts listed, just a single grand total.

Folks, this is just another lie meant to lure you in and create a false sense of trust. This is a random and arbitrary number with no merit behind it whatsoever. We have gotten dozens of complaints from people so far, all of which claim that they have never seen a single penny in returns, and we are inclined to believe these people.

Passive Rev Share


Passive Rev Share Affiliate Program – Just A Pyramid Scheme

The final thing we want to mention about this Passive Rev Share system, is that it also features a bogus affiliate referral program, which creates a neat little illegal pyramid scheme. The promise here is that you will get up to 20% of the investment made by somebody who invests via your referral. Folks, who gives away a full 20% of an investment.

You can be sure that it’s not the Passive Rev Share HYIP doing this. It’s just another way to lure in more victims, and even worse, these crooks are getting you to do the heavy lifting without even knowing it! One thing you can be sure of is that you won’t ever see a single percent in commissions. Yeah, these crooks will take your grandmother’s last penny, but nobody is seeing any affiliate bonuses or profits, not ever.


Passive Rev Share

Passive Rev Share Review – Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, the only thing that is even remotely clear about the Passive Rev Share LTD HYIP is the fact that it is a scam, and you need to stay away from it as far as humanly possible.


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