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The Gold China Pro crypto investment service claims to provide investors with 1,400% in ROI in just 15 days through various revenue streams. Sure, it definitely sounds like a great deal, but it also sounds like a load of BS. This is our Gold China Pro scam review and we are here to find out what is going on with this overhyped and suspicious HYIP.

Gold China Pro Scam Alert

Gold China Pro HYIP – Fake Owners

The first scam factor that came to our attention with this Gold China Pro investment program is that the so called owners and leaders displayed on the website are totally bogus. On the site, we see 4 people, Juliana Lavrov, Gregory Kozminsky, Murrat Barak, and Sebastian Thomson. First of all, all we see here are their faces and names, but there is not even so much as a title listed, or what kind of function they have here.

Moreover, there is absolutely no proof that any of these people are real, not just fictitious characters. The images definitely look like purchased or stolen stock images, plus we cannot find any evidence online that these people actually exist. The bottom line is that the Gold China Pro HYIP is actually faceless and anonymous, with the real owners hiding in the shadows somewhere. This is indicative of a scam, because the only reason for the real people behind this crypto HYIP to stay hidden is because they are doing something totally illegal.

Gold China Pro  Leaders


Gold China Pro Investment Program – A Bogus Company

Another red flag which came to our attention in regards to this Gold China Pro HYIP is the fact that the company behind it seems to be totally bogus. Yes, the website does display an incorporation and registration certificate for the UK, but this is relatively meaningless. For one, even if all the info on the certificates, such as the names and addresses were real, which they most definitely are not, it still does not mean that this company has any kind of legal authority.

These guys claim to engage in all sorts of investment and trading practices, which means that Gold China Pro would have to be registered and licensed with the required authorities, but it is most definitely not. The bottom line is that this crypto investment company is totally illegal, and it has absolutely no authority to take your money or to make investments on your behalf. It’s a totally illegit and bogus company with no legal standing whatsoever.

Gold China Pro Bogus Company


Gold China Pro Crypto HYIP – A Diluted Business Model

The next scam factor that came to our attention about the Gold China Pro HYIP is that the business model seems to be very vague and diluted. These crooks claim to invest in cryptocurrencies, they trade Forex and crypto, they invest in ICOs, and perform all kinds of investment activities including stocks and securities. The problem we have here is that even if the company itself were legit, it looks as though these guys would be spread way to thin to do any of this stuff properly.

This issue is only compounded by the fact that there does not seem to be a real team here. So, who is doing all of this investing and trading? It really doesn’t make any sense. This kind of business would be something you would find on Wall Street in the world trade centers, but there is so little information about any of the trading or investing practices here, that the whole things seems very suspicious to say the least.

Gold China Pro business model


Gold China Pro Crypto Investment System – Unrealistic Profits

One of the most ridiculous aspects of this Gold China Pro scam is how they promise such massive returns. The claim here is that this Gold China Pro investment program will provide you with 1,400% ROI in just 15 days. Folks, this is totally ridiculous. Do you really think that you can multiply an investment by a factor of 14 in just 15 days?

Gold China Pro Returns

This would mean that you would be doubling your initial investment every single day. It’s not realistic in the least, especially seeing as there is so little evidence that any such trading or investing goes on here. Heck, you would be hard pressed to find an investment that can increase in value by that much in a whole lifetime, let alone half a month. It does not make sense, it’s not realistic, and it is 100% impossible.



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Gold China Pro Crypto HYIP – False Withdrawals

What we also need to tell you about this Gold China Pro HYIP is that it attempts to trick people into thinking that it is the real deal by displaying so called withdrawals on the website. Well, there is no evidence to back up this cute little picture, because that’s all it is, an edited picture created out of thin air. Simply listing a bunch of user names and saying that they have been able to withdraw their profits is not nearly enough to convince us of anything, especially seeing as there have been so many other issues and scam factors that have come to light.

Gold China Pro False Withdrawals


Gold China Pro Affiliate Program – More Lies

The final scam factor that came to our attention here has to do with the Gold China Pro affiliate program. The claim here is that if you refer other people to invest money with this HYIP, you can get referral commissions of close to 20%. Folks, do you really think that anybody is going to give away 20% of the money they were planning to steal from other people? It’s just a cheap trick to tempt you into doing the heavy lifting and essentially helping these crooks to scam your friends and family out of their money. You won’t ever get any kind of referral or commission bonus, just to be clear.

Gold China Pro affiliate


Gold China Pro Review – Final Thoughts

The bottom line is that the Gold China Pro HYIP is a total scam and an utter rip off. The only purpose it serves is to steal money from innocent people. You need to stay away from it as far as humanly possible.


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