Coin Gains Limited Scam Review


The Coin Gains Limited crypto HYIP promises 1,000% ROI in 5 days through cryptocurrency and stock market trading. Yes, this would of course be a great deal for any potential investor, if it were true. We are here today doing this Coin Gains Limited scam review to keep you safe from harm, because there is definitely something shady going on here!


Coin Gains Limited Scam Alert

Coin Gains Limited Investment App – The Company Itself

The first suspicious aspect of this Coin Gains Limited investment program which came to our attention has to do with the company itself. For one, the supplied email address has not provided us with any results. We tried contacting these people via the email address, because of course, there is no phone number listed, and yes, of course, nobody ever responded to us.

Moreover, we are also never told in which country this so called investment company is based or registered in. As far as we can tell, this Coin Gains Limited company is not actually registered as an official business anywhere on this planet. There is certainly no evidence of such, not even an address.

Coin Gains Limited Scam Alert

Next, it also came to our attention that an investment company like this needs to be licensed by the FCA and other such financial regulatory bodies. Once again, of course, neither the FCA nor any other such regulatory body has ever heard of the Coin Gains Limited company. In other words, this is a totally illegal investment company that has absolutely no legal authority to make investments on your behalf.

There is also the fact that the Coin Gains Limited company is not transparent at all, and is actually 100% faceless and anonymous. There is not so much as a single mention of company leadership or ownership, which is also very supcioous. The only reason for the people in charge of this crypto investment company to remain hidden from sight is because they are doing something shady.


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Coin Gains Limited Investment Program – Business Model

Ok, so the business model for this Coin Gains Limited system is as follows. These people take your investment and use it to trade on the cryptocurrency market and the stock market. Of course, both stock and crypto trading can indeed be profitable. There is no arguing that.

However, the big problem that we have here is that the Coin Gains Limited investment program does not feature any visible trading history. There is not a single trading portfolio to be shown here.

If we are expected to invest our hard earned money with this cryptocurrency HYIP, we definitely want to see a trading portfolio with solid evidence of previous trades, successful trades. Seeing as there is absolutely no trading portfolio, it makes it really hard for us to believe that any such stock or cryptocurrency trading goes on here at all.


Coin Gains limited Crypto HYIP – Ridiculous Profits

Perhaps one of the biggest scam factors which stood out to us here is that the Coin Gains Limited HYIP appears to promise some really massive results. The story here is that with the best investment plan available, you can make up to 1,000% ROI after just 5 days. Folks, this would mean that you could multiply your initial investment 10 times over in just 5 business days, and you can keep doing this over and over again.

Yes, this would of course be awesome, because you could multiply an investment by nearly 50 times in a single month, and that would of course make you very wealthy. However, we already discussed how there is absolutely no trading portfolio or history to show, which means that we really don’t know if any stock market or crypto trading ever goes on here. However, even if there was cryptocurrency or stock trading happening, there is no way that you could make 1,000% ROI in just 5 days. Even the best and the most legitimate high yield investment programs cannot even get close to that.

Coin Gains Limited Scam Alert

Coin Gains Limited HYIP – Fake Withdrawals & No Profits

Another Coin Gains Limited investment program scam factor that came to our attention here has to do with the alleged withdrawals displayed on the website. Folks, if you look closely at the withdrawals section on the website, you should notice that the displayed chart can be made using any basic photo editing or artistic computer software.

Simply showing us a chart with withdrawals to random users, without any sort of confirmation that these withdrawals are real, is not nearly enough to convince us that this Coin Gains Limited HYIP is the real deal. Even more damning is the fact that we have gotten multiple complaints about this Coin Gains Limited scam. Everybody who has contacted us has said the same thing. People invest a whole lot of cash with this cryptocurrency investment program, only to have it disappear before their very eyes.

Coin Gains Limited Scam Alert

Coin Gains Limited Affiliate Program

Yet another red flag which came to our attention here has to do with the Coin Gains Limited affiliate program. The promise here is that if you manage to convince other people to invest their own money, you will get a cut of the action. The story here is that you are supposed to get a cool 5% cut of the investment which anybody makes through your referral.

Yes, this does create an incentive for current investors to try and drum up more business, but in all reality, this is nothing more than a way for the crooks behind this Coin Gains Limited investment system to get you to do the heavy lifting. They are literally getting you to find the next scam victims for them, and make no mistake about it, because you won’t ever see that promised 5% referral commission. It’s just a trick.

Coin Gains Limited Scam Alert

Coin Gains Limited Review – Final Thoughts

Folks, the only thing left to say about this Coin Gains Limited investment program is that it is a complete scam and utter rip off. If you don’t want to throw money down the toilet, you need to stay away from this cryptocurrency scam at all costs.


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