Claymer Scam Review – DANGER AHEAD!

OFFICIAL SCAM URL: CLAYMER.BIZ claims to be a highly efficient cryptocurrency mining and trading program with ROIs up to 90% per month. Folks, this Claymer investment program is very suspicious to say the least. We are here today doing this Claymer scam review, and it is definitely not because we trust it or have confidence in it!

Claymer Scam


Claymer Platform – No Transparency

One scam factor which stands out about this Claymer scam system is that there is a total lack of transparency. What we mean is that there is absolutely no visible sign of company ownership or leadership, nothing whatsoever. This is a totally faceless and anonymous cryptocurrency mining and trading system, one where the leaders have purposely chosen to remain hidden from sight. This is the kind of crypto scam that you always need to look for, the anonymous ones.

Folks, just think about it, why would these guys not reveal their identities to us? The only reason why the people behind this Claymer platform would want to remain hidden from sight is because they are doing something totally illegal and super shady. From what you will see below, it becomes pretty clear that the people behind this Bitcoin mining and trading app are nothing more than criminals looking to steal your money. This is the reason why they don’t want us knowing who they are, so we can’t point the finger at them and put them behind bars.


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Claymer Company – Registration & Licensing?

The next scam factor which came to our attention has to do with the Claymer company itself. What you need to know is that so called business like this, ones that take your investment, and then use your money to trade and mine cryptocurrencies, need to be properly registered and licensed. This is a financial activity, and investment activity, and not just anybody or any company can do this. You need to be registered, licensed by the proper authorities, and be a real business too. Folks, when it comes to, there is no evidence that any of this is the case at all.

There is no information provided to us in terms of where the company is registered, or if it is registered at all. From what we can tell, this is not an official company at all, just an empty shell. Moreover, neither the FCA nor any other such financial regulatory body has ever heard of this Claymer investment program. In other words, this company is not registered or licensed to legally make investments on your behalf. Now, it is pretty obvious that no such investment practices take place here. It’s all just big empty shell hell bent on stealing your money! These crooks have no right to do anything associated with your cash.

Claymer Scam


Claymer System – Business Model

Something you might be interested in knowing is how these Claymer crooks claim to provide you with profits using your investment. The story here is that uses your Bitcoin investment, or whatever other altcoin you invest, in order to mine for cryptocurrencies, and to trade cryptocurrencies for profits. Here, we are told that this business mines for and trades with Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and several others too.

Sure, the Claymer business model would technically make sense, if it was not all just a huge pile of lies. Folks, there is absolutely no information provided here in terms of Bitcoin or altcoin mining, nor is there any proof that any such crypto mining occurs here. There is no trading or mining portfolio of any kind on display, or anything else of the sort that can be found. There is literally not a single shred of evidence which could prove that this investment program performs any of the activities claimed. This total lack of evidence does not inspire confidence in the least!


Claymer App – Proposed Profits

What is truly ridiculous about this Claymer mining and trading scam is the fact that it claims to be able to provide an ROI of up to 90% per month. Folks, this is totally ridiculous. You won’t even be able to achieve this kind of ROI in a full year, and that is if you were to use a legit investment solution. This is a total joke. For one, the company is not licensed or registered. Second, there is no evidence that any crypto mining or trading goes on here.

Finally, the proposed profits are just ridiculous whichever way you look at it. There is also the fact that we have received many complaints from people who have been scammed by From what we have been able to gather so far, not a single person who has invested money with this Claymer scam has been able to break even, let alone make an actual profit. It’s just another piece of evidence which proves that this cryptocurrency investment program is not to be trusted in the least.

Claymer Scam


Claymer Affiliate Program – Bogus

Now, although it is not displayed on the main website, we do know that there is a totally bogus affiliate program in place here. The claim is that you get a cut of any investment when people invest in this crypto scam HYIP through you. Sure, it sounds like a good deal, get other people to invest and you get a cut of the action. Of course, the reality here is that this is all a bunch of lies, and you won’t ever see a single penny in affiliate referral commissions. It’s all just a big lie to sucker in even more unsuspecting victims!


Claymer Review – Final Thoughts

The bottom line is that is a total rip off. This crypto mining and trading scam is just that, a complete scam. There is not a single shred of evidence which could prove that anything displayed on the website is truthful at all. We do know that many people have already lost their full investments to this Claymer scam, so you better stay away from it!


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