BTC Goals Scam Review – DANGER!

The BTC Goals cryptocurrency investment platform claims to be able to provide absolutely massive profits to all investors. The story here is that this crypto HYIP invests money in new cryptocurrencies, in altcoins, and they also trade crypto for profit.

Sure, it seems like a solid business model, but if you take a closer look at this BTC Goals HYIP as a whole, you will notice that there are some glaring issues with it, issues that we personally cannot get over. Yeah, it would be great to make several hundred percent in ROI every few days, but life just does not work this way. We are here today to do this BTC Goals review to get to the bottom of things once and for all.

BTC Goals scam alert

BTC Goals HYIP – Leadership & Company Info

First off, something that you might notice about this BTC Goals crypto investment program is the fact that there is a total lack of transparency. What we mean is that nowhere on the site will you find any information in regards to owns or leads this investment company, not a single mention. This definitely does not sit right with us. If we are expected to invest a bunch of cash with these people, we absolutely need to know who they are. Folks, whenever you come across an anonymous and faceless investment system like this, it is not to be trusted. For all you know, the people behind it will use your money to line their own pockets, which is most definitely what is going on here.



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Moreover, a company like this which engages in financial investment activities needs to be monitored by and licensed with the proper authorities. Now, on the site, BTC Goals does show a certificate of incorporation for a private company, and there is even an address listed for the business too. However, it’s all bogus, because if you go look the company up on the official registry, it does not exist, plus the listed address on the site is made up too. Finally, BTC Goals is not licensed with any of the necessary authorities and is therefore a totally illegal business venture. It has absolutely no legal standing or authority to perform any of the investment activities which it claims to perform.

BTC Goals scam



BTC Goals Investment Platform – Business Model & Profits

The next red flag which came to our attention about this BTC Goals HYIP is that the business model is very vague. Yes, the site talks about investing in new cryptocurrencies, altcoins, and it trades crypto with your money too. However, there is just absolutely no evidence to back up any of these claims. There is no portfolio present with past or current investments, and there’s no evidence of crypto trading either. For a “company” that claims to be so highly profitable, there sure is a lack of a portfolio.

Next, what really stands out about this BTC Goals investment scam is that it claims to provide all investors with absolutely massive profits that just cannot be achieved. The claim is that this BTC Goals HYIP will provide you with returns of 400% after just 3 days. Folks, do you really think you can multiply any investment by a factor of 4 in just 3 days? People, this is something that cannot even be done in 3 years, let alone 3 days. Heck, even their lowest investment plan claims to be able to make an ROI of 120% after just 1 day, and this is of course bogus too.

BTC Goals Scam


Now, to try and convince investors that this BTC Goals investment program is the real deal, the anonymous crooks behind it have tried displaying a bunch of so called withdrawals. In other words, they are trying to make it appear as though investors have actually been able to make profits here, and that they have been able to withdraw these profits. However, as you can see, it’s just a simple chart that can be made using some mediocre art or photo editing software. It’s all just a bunch of random user names and numbers, with absolutely no way to confirm that any of those transactions ever occurred at all.

BTC Goals Scam


BTC Goals Scam – A Bogus Pyramid Scheme

The final scam factor that came to our attention in regards to this BTC Goals crypto HYIP has to do with the affiliate program. Folks, this is nothing more than a glorified pyramid scheme, one which claims to provide you with a 5% bonus if you manage to get others to invest. Sure, referral programs like this are not necessarily illegal, but they definitely have an air of pyramid scheme about them.

Yet, what does make the BTC Goals affiliate program totally illegal is the fact that they never actually pay out that 5% bonus as promised. It’s false advertising. It’s a total lie. It’s nothing more than a trick to try and get current investors, people who have already been scammed, to get others to invest as well. It’s a dirty trick to get you to do the heavy lifting for whatever scammers are actually behind this BTC Goals scam.

BTC Goals Scam

BTC Goals Review – Final Thoughts

There is simply no denying the fact that this BTC Goals scam is a total rip off. It’s designed to suck money out of you like a vampire sucks blood. You won’t ever make a profit here and you won’t break even either. Any investment you make with these criminals will be lost, or we should say that it will be stolen from you. The BTC Goals crypto HYIP is a scam and it’s designed to thieve from anybody and everybody it comes into contact with.


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