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The Bitcoin Era scam is actually an old scam that has been given a new name, and it’s back to stealing money from investors. Sure, it claims to be a highly profitable BTC autotrader, but this is very far from the reality. It’s a bogus crypto trading system that is hell bent on stealing all of your money!

Bitcoin Era Scam

Bitcoin Era App – Same Old Scam With A New Name

The first thing that you need to know about this Bitcoin Era scam is that it is not a new scam at all. Yes, it has a new name, but it has clearly been done before. There are a few other older scams out there which have similar names and look exactly the same. These scams include the Bitcoin Trader scam, The Bitcoin Evolution scam, and the Crypto Revolt scam. All 4 of these scams were clearly created by the exact same people, as they have the same look, the same features, and they all scam people out of money in the same way. It’s all just one big lie.


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Bitcoin Era Software – Company & Leadership

The next Bitcoin Era scam factor that came to our attention has to do with company leadership, as well as the status of the company itself. For one, there is absolutely no visible leadership present on the website. There is not a single mention of who could be in charge here or who owns this Bitcoin trading scam. This is very suspicious to say the least.

If we do not know who the owners are, how can we possibly trust this crypto trading app with our money? It’s pretty obvious that these guys are criminals and just don’t want to end up in prison. There is also the fact that the Bitcoin Era company is not registered or licensed in any way, shape, or form. It’s not a registered company, and therefore has no legal status, and it’s not licensed, so it has no authority to do anything it claims to do. It’s a big problem indeed.


Bitcoin Era System – How It Works + Profits

The story here is that the Bitcoin Era app is a Bitcoin trading tool. The claim is that it is a signals provider and trading application that automatically places trades on your behalf to put money in your pocket. The problem we have here is that there is absolutely no evidence that any such BTC or crypto trading goes on here, nothing at all.

The claim is that this software features a 99% win rate with at least $1,000 in ROI per day. Folks, this is just not true. We have talked to many people so far, and every single last person has complained because nobody has managed to make a profit here. It’s pretty clear that this Bitcoin Era software is designed to look like it only loses trades, but in reality, it does not trade at all. It simply drains your funds and steals everything.

Bitcoin Era Scam


Bitcoin Era Program – Bogus News Mentions

Yet another Bitcoin Era scam factor that we noticed has to do with the so called news mention featured on the website. On the site, you will see that the Bitcoin Era system has been feature on CNN, Fortune, Time, and Forbes. However, this is simply not true. We checked all 4 of these news outlets, and not a single one of them has a single mention of this BTC trading application. It’s just a huge lie.

Bitcoin Era Scam


Bitcoin Era Trading App – Bogus Countdown Clock

Another red flag we noticed about the Bitcoin Era autotrader is that it comes with a bogus countdown clock. At the top of the site, there is a countdown clock which claims that you only have a few minutes to sign up before registration is shut forever. This is simply not true either. For one, every time the site is refreshed, the countdown clock starts again from the beginning, which is enough evidence to prove that it is bogus. It’s just another trick to pressure people to sign up for this Bitcoin Era system before they can think about the consequences.


Bitcoin Era Scam


Bitcoin Era Autotrader – Fake Withdrawals Chart

The next Bitcoin Era scam factor that you need to know about has to do with the withdrawals chart featured on the website. You will notice a chart that displays so called withdrawals and profits achieved through this trading system. However, there is no evidence to prove that these withdrawals and profits are genuine. This is the kind of chart that can be created out of thin air using some simple photo editing software. Considering that we have gotten so many complaints about this Bitcoin Era scam, it’s safe to assume that the withdrawals chart is totally phony.

Bitcoin Era Scam


Bitcoin Era User Testimonials – Fake!

The Bitcoin Era user testimonials featured on the website are totally bogus too. You will see that there are a few Bitcoin Era user testimonials with people who claim to have made big time cash with this crypto trading app. However, the people have made up names and the images of their faces are nothing more than stolen or purchased stock images from other places. These user testimonials are 100% fake and not to be trusted. They were created by the very same people who created this horrible scam.

Bitcoin Era Scam


Bitcoin Era Scam System – Absolutely No Fees?

What also stands out as very odd here is that there are absolutely no costs, fees, or commissions that come out of your profits. If these guys don’t charge money to use their software, and they don’t take a cut of the profits, how exactly are they making money? Of course, the way they make money is simply be stealing yours!


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Bitcoin Era Review – Final Thoughts

The bottom line is that this Bitcoin Era trading system is completely bogus. It’s a massive scam with the sole intent of stealing your money, and you need to stay away from it as far as humanly possible.


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