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The Ruver Gold HYIP claims to provide 6,500% ROI in just 30 days through Bitcoin and Ethereum mining. Sure, this would be great if it were true, but there is a reason why we are here doing a Ruver Gold scam review, and it is not because we are impressed by it.


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Ruver Gold Mining App – Leadership

One of the biggest scam factors that came to our attention here is that the Ruver Gold mining app has no clearly defined leadership. In fact, it is not transparent in the least. If you take a look at the website, you will notice that there is not a single mention of ownership or leadership. Of course, when it comes to investing our money in a crypto mining system, we want to know who is in charge.

If we do not know who the leaders and owners of the Ruver Gold HYIP are, how could we possibly trust it with thousands of dollars of our hard earned money? The answer is of course that we cannot trust these guys. There is always a good reason why owners of scams like this choose to remain hidden from sight, and it is not because they are being magnanimous or just don’t like attention. Whoever is behind this Ruver Gold HYIP does not want us knowing who they are because they are operating a shady and illegal business that has the sole purpose of scamming you out of money,


Ruver Gold Company – NOT LICENSED!

The next red flag which popped up in relation to this Ruver Gold crypto mining app is that it does not consist of a real company at all. If you look on the website, you will notice that just like with leadership, there is also absolutely no information about the company itself. We are not informed of where this “company” is based, which country it is registered in, or anything else of the sort.

Heck, we are willing to bet any amount of money that this Ruver Gold company is not legit or registered in any country at all. What we do know is that this company and the miner itself is not registered with the FCA, the FTC, or any other trading oversight group. What this means is that this Ruver Gold system is not licensed to perform any kind of financial activity. This is a totally illegal operation and it has absolutely no business taking investments from anybody at all.



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How Does Ruver Gold Mining Work?

The Ruver Gold HYIP claims to be a highly profitable Bitcoin and Ethereum mining system that can make you filthy rich. To be totally honest, there is no explanation of how the mining works here. There is no information regarding where the mining facilities are, what overhead costs are, commissions, fees, or anything else of the sort.

There is just a total lack of an explanation in regards to how the Ruver Gold system actually puts money in your pocket. On a side note, we highly doubt that this crypto mining system produces any kind of profits for investors at all. After all, there are a whole lot of scam factors here


Ruver Gold HYIP – Ridiculous Profits Promised!

What is truly ridiculous about this Ruver Gold HYIP scam is the amount of profits that we are promised through crypto mining. Let’s just keep in mind here that we have no idea who the owners of this app are, it is not licensed or legal, and there are no details about the Bitcoin or Ethereum mining at all. However, the real kicker here is the insane ROI which is promised by this total scam.

These crooks claim that their best investment plan will produce a whopping 6,500% ROI after 30 days. Guys, do you really think that you can multiply an investment by a factor of 65 in just 30 days. Heck, even doubling an investment in that amount of time is nearly impossible, let alone multiplying it by 65 times in just 30 days.

This would mean that after 30 days, a $1,000 investment would provide you with profits of $65,000. It just does not make sense and it is downright impossible, especially considering everything else that we know about this Ruver Gold HYIP. Folks, you won’t ever make this kind of money with the Ruver Gold miner. In fact, you won’t break even or ever get a single penny back.

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Ruver Gold App – So Called Profits

To make you think that this Ruver Gold investment program is profitable, the website displays a bunch of recent payouts to random people. However, falsifying a chart like this is about as simple as it gets. When it comes down to it, there is simply not a single shred of proof that anybody has ever made a profit here. We have talked to at least 20 different people who have invested money with this mining scam, and they have all said the same thing. They invest money and it simply disappears into thin air.

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Ruver Gold Miner – A Ponzi Scheme

The final thing that we want to not about this Ruver Gold scam is that it is a Ponzi scheme and it features a totally bogus affiliate program too. These crooks claim that if your refer others to invest here, you will get a cool 12% of the action. Folks, this is simply not true in the least. Make no mistake about it, because the Ruver Gold system will gladly take money from whoever you refer, but you are never going to see 12% of it, not even 1%. It’s just a trick to lure in more victims.

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Ruver Gold Review – Conclusion

The bottom line is that this Ruver Gold crypto mining HYIP is a total scam and a complete rip off. Everything about it indicates that it is a scam, especially seeing as how nobody has managed to profit with it yet. Folks, please stay away from this Ruver Gold HYIP, because all you will accomplish is giving yourself a massive headache.


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