Eagle Rock Global Scam Review

OFFICIAL SCAM URL: eaglerockglobal.org

The Eagle Rock Global ICO is a multi-faceted cryptocurrency and Forex investment program that claims to provide massive returns on investments. It definitely looks like a good deal, and the site, eaglerockglobal.org, looks like the real deal. However, looks can be deceiving, and that is why we are here today doing this Eagle Rock Global scam review.


Eagle Rock Global Scam

Eagle Rock Global ICO – The Team

One thing which came to our attention right away has to do with the Eagle Rock Global team, or in other words, the owners and leaders of it. If you take a look at the website, you will notice a team of approximately 20 people. Now, it does certainly look like quite the impressive team, but this does not mean that this is legit or true in any way.

The Eagle Rock Global team definitely looks like a whole lot of stock photos. We tried looking up some of the main people, such as William Edwards, the CEO, Barb Dahi, the Blockchain developer, and a few others too. Of course, we came up totally empty. Besides the references to this Eagle Rock Global ICO, we cannot find a single mention of these people online, not so much as a single Facebook profile.

Moreover, the images definitely look like purchased or stolen stock images. The bottom line is that the people we see on the website are not really the leaders or owners here. The point is that whoever is actually behind this cryptocurrency investment venture does not want us knowing who they really are, and this does not inspire confidence in the least.

Eagle Rock Global Scam

Eagle Rock Global Company – ERG Group INC

The next red flag which popped up about this cryptocurrency ICO is that it does not appear to be a legit company at all. Now, the website does display an incorporation certificate from the British Virgin Islands. However, this really does not mean anything at all. Registering a fake business using fake information in the British Virgin Islands is about as easy as can be, which is definitely the case with the ERG Group INC.

Furthermore, this Eagle Rock Global ICO is not licensed with any of the necessary authorities. These crooks claim to take investments from people and use them for a variety of investments to put money in your pockets. This is a financial investment and advising firm, which definitely needs to be licensed. However, it is not licensed anywhere, and therefore is not legally allowed to do anything which it claims to do. This is an illegal business and has no authority to take or make investments on your behalf.

Eagle Rock Global Scam


The Eagle Rock Global Roadmap – How Does It Generate ROIs?

Well, the Eagle Rock Global HYIP claims to engage in a vast array of investment practices to put money in your pocket. This crypto initial coin offering claims to trade cryptocurrencies, stocks, and Forex. It also claims to mine for cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and other altcoins. Next, there is there are the claims of building a social network, providing investors with a profitable game, and engaging in ecommerce too.

Sure, if this were a real business, this might be viable, but even then, a real business doing all of this stuff would be stretched to the limit. In all reality, doing all of these financial activities properly is highly unlikely and super difficult. What we really do not like here is that there is literally absolutely zero proof that any mining, trading, or other investments take place here. There is not a shred of evidence which can confirm that any financial investments or trading goes on here, and that does not sit right with us in the least.

Eagle Rock Global Scam

Eagle Rock Global Investment Plans – Very Unlikely Profits

The next Eagle Rock Global scam factor here is the claim of being able to provide investors with up to 244% in ROI per year. Folks, this is highly unlikely and pretty much impossible. Every seasoned investor knows that investments usually top out at about 15% in returns per year. However, the Eagle Rock Global ICO claims to provide that same amount of returns on a monthly basis.

Guys, for one, once again, there is no evidence that any Bitcoin mining, crypto or Forex trading, or any other investment practices take place here. Next, even if they did take place, generating 244% ROI per year is about as likely as your childhood pet rising from the dead. We have talked to quite a few victims who have invested money in this Eagle Rock Global ICO scam, and nobody has seen any returns yet. Did you know that up to 90% of ecommerce retailers actually lose money?

Eagle Rock Global Scam

Eagle Rock Global ICO HYIP – Absolutely No Social Proof

What really stands out about the Eagle Rock Global HYIP is that there is zero social proof that it actually works to put money into investor’s pockets. The fact of the matter is that we have talked to many people out there, and all investors we have communicated with have totally lost their investments.

Moreover, there is no real talk about the Eagle Rock Global ICO, at least not in a good way. If this was a legit investment opportunity, the internet would be full of positive chatter about it. However, other than those victims who are complaining about having been screwed out of their money, there is no talk about it. This is a very bad sign to say the least, and it’s a huge red flag no doubt.



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Eagle Rock Global Review – Final Thoughts

The bottom line is that this Eagle Rock Global investment program is a total scam and a complete rip off. Literally none of the so called information on the website is true or honest in the least. It’s all just a huge pile of lies designed to scam you out of your money. Please guys, stay away from the Eagle Rock Global ICO, because you will lose all money you invest in it.



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