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The Crypto Masterbot autotrader and signals provider for Forex and Crypto has been out for a little less than one week now. We have been testing it out for ourselves, and we have to say that we are extremely pleased with the results. We were a bit weary of this Crypto Masterbot app at first, as we are of all new signals providers and autotraders.

However, we were quickly convinced that this signals provision and autotrader app is the real deal. This is mainly because we have now done several live Crypto Masterbot trading sessions, and they all turned out to be very profitable. Today we are here doing this latest Crypto Masterbot review to tell you about the awesome results which this app provided us with.


Crypto Masterbot

Crypto Masterbot App – GREAT ITM RATE!

We wanted to do a massive Crypto Masterbot software test session in order to see how well it would perform. If you read our last update, you know that this software does produce great results. However, for our last Crypto Masterbot live trading session, we only placed something like 7 trades, and yes, they went well. We wanted to increase the amount of trades placed in a single session to see how well it would truly perform under pressure.

Yeah, we usually recommend that beginners, and even more seasoned day traders only place 4 or 5 trades at most at a single time. Placing any more than 5 trades at once, or having more than that number of positions open at a time, can make everything really difficult to keep track of. With that said, we just did a huge 20 trade Crypto Masterbot live session. The purpose here was to put some pressure on the software to see how well the win rate or ITM rate would when many trades were placed.



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So, we placed a total of 20 Forex and cryptocurrency pair trades in our latest Crypto Masterbot live session. Personally, we prefer trading Forex over cryptocurrencies at this time, mainly due to the state of the crypto market, but it is still worth seeing how well this software performs, both for crypto and Forex trading.

Well, out of these 20 trades, a whopping 16 of them turned out to be profitable winners. This is honestly way better than we were expecting. Winning 16 out of 20 trades translates to a solid 80% ITM rate. Winning 80% of trades placed is quite impressive, and nothing to look down your nose at. As you can see, if you need a good day trading autotrader to win trades for you, this Crypto Masterbot autotrader is hands down on the best ways to go about it.



Crypto Masterbot Software – AWESOME PROFITS!

Something else worth mentioning here is that we managed to make some pretty solid profits with this Crypto Masterbot app. Now, what you need to know is that we did not place huge trades here. Yes, we did place 20 trades, both Forex and crypto, so we did place many trades, but we only invested minimal amounts of cash into each trade. Remember folks, the purpose for us in this Crypto Masterbot live session was not necessarily to make as much money as possible, but to test the system out to see how many trades it could win.

Using the Crypto Masterbot signals, we managed to win 80% of our trades. Each of those 16 winning trades we mentioned earlier provided us with $50 in profits. So, 16 x $50 comes to $800. No, the profits are not massive, especially considering that this $800 came from 16 trades. However, what you need to keep in mind here is that if we invested more money into each position, our profits would have been much higher. The bottom line is that if you want to put money in your pocket through cryptocurrency or Forex trading, this Crypto Masterbot autotrader is a great way to go about it.


Crypto Masterbot


The Crypto Masterbot Demo – Take Advantage Of it!

One thing that you definitely need to take note of here is that the Crypto Masterbot system comes with a demo version. Sure, if you are confident that you want to use this autotrader, go ahead and sign up for a full live account. However, you do not have to do so right off the bat. If you choose, you can always take advantage of the totally free Crypto Masterbot demo version. This demo version is fully funded, but of course, it is not real money per say.

Yet, it functions just like the full and live version, and it comes with all of the same platform features. It is designed so you can take a look at the Crypto Masterbot platform, get the hang of it, and find out whether or not you want to use it. In our opinion, before you start trading with real capital, it is absolutely recommended to test out the Crypto Masterbot demo version before anything else. This is especially so if you happen to be a day trading newbie.





Crypto Masterbot Review Update – Final Thoughts

When it comes down to it, at this time, if you want to trade both cryptocurrencies and Forex, we think that this Crypto Masterbot software is indeed the best way to go about it. It comes with many features and benefits which make day trading very fast and simple. We have to say that the Crypto Masterbot autotrader is one of the most user friendly day trading platforms out there.

It is super simple to use and is designed so that anybody, even total novices, can use it with ease in order to win trades and make money. The signals provided here are always accurate and up to date, and they are chosen using only the best algorithms out there. Also, remember that there are different Crypto Masterbot account levels for different people, yet another bonus.



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