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Have you heard of the brand new Crypto Masterbot app? This is a Forex, crypto, stocks, and commodities signals provider and automated trading platform. It was just released the other day, and has already grown greatly in popularity. We did a Crypto Masterbot review yesterday, just as a little introduction. Yes, this software is indeed the real deal, it provides accurate signals, and the platform itself is very user friendly.

However, today, we are here to figure out just how accurate and profitable these Forex signals really are. To be clear, v We personally love trading Forex, so this is the route we went with.

Crypto Masterbot

Today’s Crypto Masterbot review is all about the great success which this app managed to achieve for our first live trading session. This is a one stop shop for our trading needs, because this app is super easy to use and it allows us to trade a wide variety of asset classes. Let’s talk about our first live profit session, and provide you with some other key details too.


Crypto Masterbot App – First Live Trades – SUCCESS!

So, we just used this brand new Crypto Masterbot app to execute some trades. We figured it best if we test this autotrader out for you, just so you can see what the results are like before using it yourself. We were expecting pretty good results, as there has been quite some hype about this new autotrader. Well, in our first Crypto Masterbot live trading test, we managed to make pretty good profits, and the ITM rate was pretty darn good too.

For our first live trading session, we decided to place a total of 7 Forex trades. Yes, placing 7 trades at once is not something we would usually recommend for newbie traders. It can be hard to keep track of so many trades at once. However, we wanted to execute quite a few Forex trades to see how well this Crypto Masterbot software would hold up.

Out of those 7 Forex trades we placed, 5 of them turned out to be winners, with only 2 losers. This is pretty darn good if we do say so ourselves. This translates to a win rate or ITM rate of 71%. Now, it could be a bit better, but anything over a 70% ITM rate is something we can support. It is definitely more than good enough to make profits.

Speaking of profits, this first live Crypto Masterbot trading session provided us with profits of $250. Remember, we only invested minimal amounts in each position, which is why the profits are relatively low. However, the fact of the matter remains the same. In the grand scheme of things, the Crypto Masterbot autotrader has accurate signals, it wins most of the trades placed, and you can indeed use it to put money in your pockets.

Crypto Masterbot Results


Crypto Masterbot Software – “Probability Rating”

Something which you need to be familiar with in relation to this Crypto Masterbot software has to do with the “probability rating”. If you have used other autotraders and signals providers before, you have probably seen the “confidence rating” or the “success ratio”. Well, this is exactly what the Crypto Masterbot’s probability rating is.

It is a little bar which shows you the chances of any given position being a winner or loser. The higher the indicated probability rating is, the better the chances of trades being won. Therefore, when you are using the Crypto Masterbot app for Forex and crypto trading, you always want to pay close attention to this probability rating. You always want to place your trades based on this probability rating. It is definitely not something that you want to ignore.

Crypto Masterbot Probability


Crypto Masterbot Account Level Information

Another Crypto Masterbot platform feature that you need to be aware of here has to do with the various account levels which you can take advantage of. There are 3 account levels you can use, and each one has better features than the other. Let’s talk about the 3 Crypto Masterbot account levels right now.

Crypto Masterbot account levels


  • Multiple brokers
  • 3 Forex currency pairs
  • 3 crypto pairs
  • Leaderboard multiplier x 1
  • 3 open trades
  • ($250 deposit)


  • Multiple brokers
  • 9 Forex currency pairs
  • 5 crypto pairs
  • Leaderboard multiplier x 2
  • Unlimited open trades
  • Partial advanced settings
  • ($500 deposit)


  • Multiple brokers
  • 17 Forex currency pairs
  • 8 crypto pairs
  • Leaderboard multiplier x 3
  • Unlimited open trades
  • All advanced settings
  • VIP customer support
  • (2 x $500 deposit)



Income Mentor Box Day Trading Academy


Crypto Masterbot Platform – Information & Tips

There are a few Crypto Masterbot facts that you should be aware of, so let’s just go over these real quick.

  • The Crypto Masterbot system is automated in the sense that it automatically produces and provides you with trading signals. However, you do have to execute individual trades manually.
  • This software can be used to trade cryptocurrencies, Forex, and more. It’s a really great way to go if you only want to use a single day trading platform.
  • The Crypto Masterbot app features a free demo which you can use to test it out for yourself. No, the demo does not allow you to bank real profits, but it will help you get a feel for the platform.
  • Keep in mind that with all account levels, you can connect and trade with multiple brokers, which is of course really convenient.




Crypto Masterbot Review – Conclusion

As you can see, the Crypto Masterbot system is accurate with its signals provision, and it can definitely put money in your pocket too. If you do not yet want to sign up for a full account, you can always try the Crypto Masterbot demo first. However, the bottom line here is that whether you want to trade cryptocurrencies or Forex, this new Crypto Masterbot platform is hands down one of the best ways to put money in the bank.


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